Jan. 6th, 2012

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So in the end the 'sod it' vote on the optional essay won - more because I realised I'd left it a bit too late and 2 days wasn't enough to turn out something decent. Decided instead to focus on revising for test which... I'm sure I'll start soon. Have organised my folder! So am all ready to go. Any minute now. Honest.

Yesterday spent mostly with Ziggy (making up a bit for lost time over the last couple of months!); had a lesson with Lucy Adams (local Top Dressage Lady) which was a scary prospect but went really well, so having another next week! Poor Ziggy, she had to move Fast. then Sideways! She was not amused ;p

Today has been considerably brightened by getting results of that statistics assignment that very nearly broke me - scored borderline good pass/distinction (so 68/69 ish?)!! Am v. happy! Especially with the comment that it was "overall, a well implemented, focused and concisely presented piece of research" Woohoo! I thought I'd be lucky to scrape a pass on that one, the stats part had me so confused and I had to cut down a lot of intro/discussion to fit the word count. But obviously I did something right, and now don't feel so bad about not doing the optional one.

The rest of today ... go get horses sorted shortly then retire to sofa and drink cider STUDY for the rest of the evening. And weekend. Honest.

Well, that or take over the world... (Lana is Helping me study)


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