Feb. 29th, 2012

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Hola! how we all doing in LJ land? I have mostly eaten by assignments and uni again. Once big one handed in Monday and the dreaded group project now due next week. Had The Group round here this morning for Discussion and Planning etc, which meant getting up Early to TIDY liek the WIND, or at least make downstairs presentable. Plan was to meet for a couple of hours then I would be off to riding lesson at 1.

Lesson was cancelled tho, so we went on til about 2 and I suddenly had A Suprise Free Afternoon. Since I had already done Some Cleaning and, inspired by reading http://unfuckyourhabitat.tumblr.com/ , which is a bit like a very sweary Fly Lady (and not so obsessed with shiny sinks) I thought I Will Tackle The Bedroom! The theory is you clean for 20 mins, break for 10 then go again. And take photos. And thus, I give you, The Great Bedroom Unfucking! It is actually not quite finished, but as you will see, there is PROGRESS...

Before )

So Cleared floor, found many books and a Mountain of washing. 20 mins (or so) later, it looked like this!

stage 1 )

That was Session 1. Followed by taking Washing Mountain down to kitchen, putting on wash then back upstairs to strip bed, change sheets and burrow my way through to my final goal, the bookcase!

once more into the breach )

And finally, the ultimate goal was attained - ACCESS TO THE BOOKCASE

Also have transferred 2 loads of washing to dryer and got another in wash. Also rode horse! Next, dinner I think. Tho do need to get hoover up while there is a brief window of Clean Floor...

But all in all, I am feeling Quite Accomplished with all that!

ETA I have now HOOVERED THE STAIRS AND THE BEDROOM FLOOR! AND put dinner on.. A winner is so very much me!


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