May. 9th, 2012

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It has been a busy couple of weeks since last update, a heady whirlwind of assignments and socialising and assignments. A brief summary -

After london, had week of MUCH ASSIGNMENTING mixed with much Family due to teh mother's 70th birthday. Which she managed to make last most of a week, well played The Mother!
Then MOAR Assignments (final 2!) and last official lectures for course. V sad, and rather sudden, still keep thinking there should be more!
(Ziggy was off at stud for all of this, which was possibly just as well)

And then a flying visit to Dublin, hurrah! went to see art exhibition of the man who paints amazing horses - - even managed to buy one of his paintings at Not Gallery Price through the magic of Facebook. Then pub with Lisa (WINOLJ) for a quick pint before an evening of tasty noms and lots of wine/cider at Castle Thesmington. A Very Fine evening indeed. Next day was mostly hungover watching of THOR (hmmm Thor) before stupid late taxi made us miss train, hang around train station for AGEs til next one and finally home.

Then assingment panic REALLY set in as The last week went something like -
Sunday -studystudystudy
Monday - studystudystudy
Tues/wed 2 day course on Python which turned out to be not v useful as was heavy on theory and background and a bit light on actually how to USE it. Still was an intro to it at least. Stayed in Portrush in hotel tues night and found out Ziggy pregnant! YAY! AFter 2nd day of course had to head to dpk for...
Thurs - up at 7 to get mother to hosptial appt which took 3 hours to get a 2 minute injection. Yay. Then clothes shopping for brother's wedding. Then home, lunch and unplanned dash to school to pick up niece & nephew as niece was being sick (all over classroom assistant apparently). Finally managed to get away, then MOAR STUDY while also trying to pack for SiL-to-be's hen weekend on friday (worst. timing. ever.)
Friday-Sunday Hen weekend. Was more fun than anticipated! Girls all lovely and caught up with friend I have not seen since school (SiL's older sister). And even got some work done while others went out for cooked breakfast sat morning ;p Got back sunday evening v tired, v hungover. But Ziggy was BACK. so went to see her and spent nearly an hour cleaning her; apparently they don't have brushes at stud farms. Or food for that matter, she's lost quite a bit of weight (which is actually a good thing in her case!)

Monday - hand in day. By some MIRACLE had both assignments finished and submitted by lunchtime; spent some time taunting classmates on fb with this ;) Then tried to clean house, get horse sorted and then PUB with some of the kids from school to celebrate. Many Ciders had. Possibly just topping up alcohol levels from weekend.
Yesterday. Slept. Mostly slept.
Today - [ profile] _unhurt_ arrived! Also got to ride for first time in... 6 weeks.
Tomorrow, probably v stiff but! FINALLY get to see AVENGERS. So very excited!!

Ooh and also, to round off the wall of text, my painting arrived and is now in pride of place in livingroom...
My Lovely horse )
Tomorrow. Also Mostly Sleeping. All the Sleeping, then AVENGERS OMG and pub with unhurt. And on Saturday, [ profile] thesme is here. Hurrah! Next week, start research for thesis. Or sleep. MORE SLEEP


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