May. 29th, 2012

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What is this great orb in the sky, with the light and the burning? Why is the sky so oddly... blue? where are the clouds and the rain? Not that I am complaining (since am currently typing this while sat out on the patio), but it is ... confusing. Tho am having the most awesome holiday, while still at home!

I really have had a fairly lazy time over the last couple of weeks. Been to see Avengers twice (once 3d once normal. preferred 2d) and LOVED IT VERY MUCH. Have even been reading fic, also addicted to tumblr (ALL THE PRETTY PICTURES). Have had an [ profile] _unhurt_ visit and apart from that, mostly pottering about the garden, so that it now looks like a garden, not an abandonded weed patch. Well. Most of it does... Also, been out for drinks with kids from uni, been out and about on Ziggy (when it's not too hot) and that's about it really. Lots of sleeping, lazing and reading. LOTS of reading. It really is like being on holiday, but without actually going anywhere, or forking out for cattery ;p

Also have all results in from uni now, tho they only give you an idea of grade, not actual mark so it's hard to work out overall, but I *think* I should come out with a Distinction in the diploma part. Hopefully anyway - marks seem to range from high 60s to low 70s's so it just depends how it evens out (if I end up with 69, I will NOT be amused). Now I have to start on the thesis work. But probably not til it actually starts raining which looks to be tomorrow. Ooh and maybe thunder too (Thesme? Any idea?).

Basically have had a couple of really really nice weeks of relaxing, sun and books. Have even managed to even out the farmers tan on my arms; sadly, legs remain stubbornly bluish - but then no-one ever sees them anyway ;p

How you all doing out there?


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