Jul. 12th, 2013

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Hi! As usual I have *meant* to update on so very many occasions and never actually done it. but here I am! Possibly because I am having a brief phase of woe and aaall byyy myseeelff, because despite it being lovely weather and a long weekend to laze about and sit in the garden, it would be much nicer with company.

The flaw with this being that it is the 12th weekend so roads are shut (or burnt) and the lunatics are off bricking their own politicians and so forth, so travel anywhere local is tricky. The other flaws are that the friend I have been spending fridays with lately has just moved to London, and the other local friends I would normally hang out with this weekend are either -

a. in very final throes of writing up/handing in Phd and thus v. distracted and have family commitments when not
b. haven't spoken to me since february

Obviously have many not quite so local lovely friends i could have gone to see, but am just back from week away, have horses/cats/family etc, and tbh was looking forward to a chilled weekend at home, not having anticipated Sudden Onset Woe. Also the telly is fux0red which is depriving me of the usual distraction.

On the plus side, weather is lovely, family are well, nothing in the immediate vicinity is on fire and I have a very full glass of v tasty cava/cointreau/cranberry cocktail. So, could be worse ;p

How are you all doing out there in LJ land? IS anyone still out there?


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