Apr. 15th, 2017

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So. Hello dream width! I had not been on LJ in a long time til recently, when it was v useful in going back over the Saga of the Broken Ankle from 10 years ago, so I could fill in new podiatrist with endless background detail.

Original reason for visiting New Podiatrist was back going after xmas and physio saying it was all due to unevenness in leg length and I REALLY needed to see podiatrist for orthotics. After much wrangling with drs to find out where original referral from TWO YEARS ago went, I get appt, but not for months. BUT! handily have work insurance policy that will cover diagnostics if you get stuck on a long NHS waiting list. So get to see private guy!

Trawl lj for history (as had forgotten a lot of it!) and go see Podiatry Greg. He pokes and prods and talks about orthotics and back scans, then sends me for x ray. Come back with xray and Things Have Changed. 'we'll leave the back for now' he says 'mri of ankle ' he says. All misaligned and osteophytes everywhere he says...

Now back in 2009 I saw an orthopedic surgeon who waffled on about ostephyts and misalignment and how painful it would be to fix... at the time I hadn't the xrays so I drew the following handy diagram to illustrate...

normal ankle v my ankle

Now that I have an actual xray? I wasn't far wrong. BEHOLD THE WONK

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Older entries are porting over to DW as we speak, so will be able to link back to them, but wanted to keep up documenting leg progress, because it was helpful previously. And also WTF how is this still going ON? How do i manage to still so broken TEN YEARS later. And why do none of them believe me when I say it ISN'T SORE?


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