Oh Canada!

Oct. 4th, 2006 10:55 am
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Now the jetlag has passed and I have the day off to get a new boiler in except the boiler man can't come, here is the proper What I Did on My Holidays post.

The short version is - not very much at all really ;) The main point was to go see the family, hang out with the boys and get to know the new baby. The most I did in the way of touristy stuff was a quick train ride to Niagara for the morning. Other than that, time was spent reading, sleeping and best of all, lounging in the hot tub with cold cider.

Lovely. Saw no mounties and, even more disappointingly, didn't manage to hook up with [livejournal.com profile] kearsley this time either :/ or, indeed, [livejournal.com profile] malvino.
Must Try Harder.

Anyway, some pic spam! Full set of pics is here

family )

hot tub! )

niagara )
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Today =

Morning - play with happy baby.

Afternoon - shopping

Evening - hot tub & cider

I Like Holidays.

But - still no mounties :/
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Helo! Am safely arrived in Canada! Haven't done much so far - in fact the only time I've left the house was this morning to walk to school with the boys for Leo's first day at Big School - nursery really, but it's in the same building as Big School so he was very excited.

Mostly so far I have slept, ate & played with the nephews - baby Rafe is very cute and a real smiler. Also has the silliest hair I've ever seen on a baby.

The rest of the time has been spent in the HOT TUB. I like the hot tub. I like it very much.
It is like a great big outdoor bath with JETS and BUBBLES and LIGHTS that you can sit in and look at the sky and drink. I would very much like one, but some how I doubt we'd quite get the weather in Belfast - that, and you'd come out at night to find every spide in west belfast in it. Maybe it could go in the garage...

Anyway, now we are off to have tea and buns and buy post cards! Will keep sharp eye out for mounties and Evil MEECE of doom and report back later.
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It's not often I see 6am on a saturday from this end... usually if I'm awake at this time, I'm trying to get up the co-ordination and energy to make it up the stairs to bed ;p

But I did manage to get up at 4, and make it to the airport with all the necessary bits and pieces, despite having a Bit of Panic last night when, all packed up I decided to make one last check before bed. Case, check. Passport, check. Tickets, check. Money... money. No money. Where is the money?
*cue flapping and searching and checking the car and logging onto the mud to try and Think*.
Eventually gave up, figured it'd show up after I got home and I could get more on teh visa. Went to check cat food etc was all left out for cat feeders and found it - UNDER the box of cat food.
Damn critters are getting sneakier.

Off to peer blearily around shops now, and be baffled at people at the bar. It's SIX AM. Unless you've been up all night, that's just wrong!
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YAY! Not only is it Friday, I only have about an hour left here before I can go and not return til tuesday week! HURRAH!

So, naturally, MEMEAGE, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_

meme me up scotty )

So yes, Canada tomorrow. Have to be at airport at Ungodly Hour (5 I think), then off for a week of playing with small nephews, shopping and testing out new hot tub in the brother's back garden (being installed today apparently).
And, hopefully, trying once more to meet with [livejournal.com profile] kearsley - with a bit more success than last time if all goes well ;p

ETA Richard Hammond out of intensive care. Only to High Dependency ward, but still, a good sign, however slight.
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Last day in Canada! Holiday went very quickly alas.

And not a single Mountie, moose, bear or wolf. I feel cheated! I suspect they may all be myths to lure the unwary and gullible here. To what end, I am not sure, but it is obviously a fiendish plan of some sort. Moospirsacy!

Still, I have had a great time mostly acting like a big kid for a week or so. With added shopping and wine drinking. Best of both worlds really ;)

I shall have to come back again in summer and See stuff, tho the snow has been great too. The only downsides have been not actually seeing very much of the brother, since he got trapped by weather and didn't get back til last night, and the kearsley-meeting failure (sorry about that. Will definitely try harder next time, and bring a sign!).

Even if we'd never left the house, it'd have been worth it to not have to go work and Do Stuff and Sort Stuff Out and Deal with People for a week or so. Can't wait to get back to it all Monday!
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Canada continues to be cold, sunny and blissfully uneventful. In fact the most exciting part of the day is usually discovering which way Leo has chosen to wake me up. We've had the outright bounce on the bed, the announcing 'mummy say don't wake ALLEN', the surruptitious sneak into the en-suite, the howling on the stairs because he's not allowed in...

Today however, he surpassed himself with the Cat Technique - namely creeping in, sitting about an inch from my face then waiting quietly and patiently til I opened my eyes before yelling "ALLO ALLEN".
Thankfully the yelling drowned out my own cry of 'jesus FUCKING christ', since he is very good at repeating everything he hears ;p
We got to go book shopping while he was in nursery tho, which was good, then went on an exciting drive to find Some Woman who knew Emma's Mum Back Home who had free tickets to the CN Tower.
Then we walked round to pick Ollie up from school. -8 is very cold, even when the sun is shining (see, I'm learning stuff!), but hats are great things.
After that there was much after-school small boys related chaos and I even managed to write some postcards. Some left over so if you want one, speak up now!
Once the monsters were finally in bed, Emma & I sat down with popcorn and wine (well, just me with the wine) and watched the Wedding Date, which was better than expected, tho slightly confusing. But it had Jack Davenport, some other Cute Guy Who's Name We Forget and The Very Deep Voiced Guy.
Seriously, steve wright deep. Watchable fluff ;)

Tomorrow, no idea. Maybe Niagara, if it stays sunny. And possibly meeting [livejournal.com profile] kearsley ;)

Or just hanging out playing lego and trains and firemen. It's all good either way ;)

PS on, yet again, a totally unrelated note, 13 votes in the osrics for best witch, and I never even got round to voting for myself! Not bad ;p
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So first full day nearly over. It still feels much much later than it actually is - didn't get any jetlag that I noticed in Sydney but here my poor head is confused. Kept waking up last night and thinking it was morning. Didn't help that I kept reading my watch upside down, so I thought 1:15 was quarter to 7 and 3am was 9 :p
Leo appears to have claimed me as his personal servant and spends most of his time demanding I play/get stuff/dance/watch terrible kids tv and so on. He hates the snow tho - screams like mad if he has to go near it, tho he'll have to get used to it!
Ollie on the other hand loves it and we spent an hour or more this morning having snowball fights and making snow angels, Really Big snowballs and a Really Small snowman (snowdwarf really). I'm not sure who was having more fun, I haven't seen that much snow, well, ever really I think :p Great stuff!
Went on a quick drive round Oakville later on, saw the lake - it is Very Big and did a bit of shopping, tho with the Terrible Toddler (I wanna get OUT, I no like Santa, I wanna cookie, wanna go HOME) in tow, we couldn't stay too long.
Did tho see some woman get her Tiny Little Rat Dog get it's picture taken with Santa. Seriously.
The thing had a jumper on and kept trying to bite Santa, which brought much amusement all round. Except to Santa of course, who looked extremely unimpresed with the whole thing, and I can't really blame him.

Thats about it so far! No Mounties as of yet ;p

PS the new Stompy boots are GREAT in the snow, warm, dry and grippy. STOMP STOMP
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Heathrow is hellish with a hangover. Thank god for solpadine! solpadine plus in fact, tho notquite sure what the plus involves. stll, it works!

Last night was much fun, who knew getting pissed in a train station could be ;)
manny thanks to all who came, despite work, long drives, illness and injuries. hope y'all feel better than i do today!

Have had quite a random moring too.
First, jenny agguter (sp?) signing copies of the railway childern in the newsagents in paddington, which was odd enough without the fact that she didn't even write it!
Then, stumbling trainwards, tripped over a stack of papers and bumped into declan from work who'd just gotten OFF the train. v. bizarre.

I should post on fluff too, but then we didn't have any crazy in jokes or wacky bandwagons to share :p also this stupid metal airport keyboard thingy is a real pain to type on, so i will just shop instea. or try to find a nice quiet dark corner to lurk in...


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