Apr. 30th, 2009 11:07 am
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In work, we are moving, as a whole, to a WONDERFUL new document management system, which is so WONDERFUL that we will no longer be allowed to save documents either locally on our own computers or to shared network drives. Woe Waily, but what can you do?

However. This morning, an email arrived about this. I give you the first paragraph of the email, for I have been staring at it for an hour now going WHAT? See if you can work out why!

The implementation of the NEWSYSTEM for electronic document storage and retrieval will soon move to its second stage. This will entail the removal of the 'local button' option effectively preventing NEWSYSTEM users saving documents to local or shared drives. As the availability of local/ shared drives are restricted there will be an increasing need for staff to have access to scanning facilities - either actual scanners or printers with the capability to scan.

I have been trying to compose a polite and sensible reply to this but am failing because I keep reading and going THIS MAKES NO SENSE! WHAT?!

In other, less ranty news, it turned out the problem with the car leaking petrol was a corroded fuel filter (which the mechanic said he had never seen before), which was still under warranty and thus was all fixed, free of charge, within an hour. YAY!


You'll need to bite your tongue today, instead of just shooting off at the mouth without thinking. If you do respond to someone too quickly, you may say something you later wish you kept to yourself. It's wiser to save the sarcastic retort for another day when the buried tensions aren't so delicately wired. Your rapid-fire reply could turn into a lit match in a pile of dried hay, sending everything up in flames.

yes. Quite. Thankfully haven't replied to the work one yet, but may have replied to a couple of things elsewhere quite... vehemently. Tho, not sure I precisely regret what I've said, but perhaps it could have been more tactfully put. Maybe.


Sep. 7th, 2007 05:03 pm
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So. The saga of the Mystery Button continues, but there has been a Development!

I noticed that a warning light matching the button came on, so checked that. It is a tyre pressure warning. Which... leaves me still baffled, what does a SET Button have to do with tyre pressure? WHEN do you press it? What does it set??



Sep. 5th, 2007 04:00 pm
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The new car is definitely growing on me. After some more driving and working out what a few more of the buttons too, I am liking it more and more.
Still haven't worked out what the Mystery Button that says 'set' on it and isn't mentioned in the Book anywhere does though. Someday soon I will press it and find out...

It is pretty responsive though, despite being automatic; sticking with the fully automatic mode rather than fiddling with the tiptrontic gears thing seems to work better, tho they are fun to play with every now and then.
Overtaking is fun too. VROOOM!

So yes, coming round to it ;p Tho what I really need is to take it for a good long drive somewhere, but that'll have to wait for a while yet I think. Stupid legs.

Also, I wish it would all heal up faster so 'going for a drive' isn't the most exciting thing thats happened to me all week. Someday I will have interesting things to do (and thus write about ;p) again.
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Meh. Again. Having one of those Everything Going Wrong Days. Or indeed Weeks.

New car is lovely, took it for a spin to belfast t'other day and it is quite a lot of fun to drive, even for an automatic. Hurrah! It really does go VROOOOM when you want to ;)

On the downside, it appears that, strangely enough, going from not driving at all for several weeks to making a nearly 4 hour round trip to pay for the car in one go last friday was not such a good idea.
A combination of that and lower back going wonky has left me with sore back, sore hip and a non-broken leg full of achy, spasmy muscles.
Watching them twitch randomly is fun, but trying to find a comfortable way to sit to work (or idle online) or watch tv or sleep or... anything is not.
Walking - or rather hopping - any distance is out too. Getting up off the chair/sofa/bed is particularly challenging.
I even cunningly managed to fall over trying to get up the steps to the bedroom and land on the sore hip, which, although probably better than landing on a broken ankle, didn't help things. Tho thanks to sufficient padding, my dignity was much more hurt than anything else ;p

Internet connection keeps going wonky too, resulting in having to phone bt helpline [ETA because Thesme MADE me] before the laptop got thrown out the window. Although they were actually useful, despite having to explain repeatedly that no, I *couldn't* carry the laptop out to connect it to the wireless thingy with wires, so that was ok. I suppose.

On the plus side, as Mum has gone off to visit her sisters for the weekend, I have the house to myself to be as badtempered and grumpy as a I like, without having to worry about snapping at people or making the effort to be polite. An evening of wine and firefly may be in order. Possibly even popcorn, if I can figure out a way to get it from the kitchen to here.

For now tho, I should get some work done. Happy friday everyone!


Aug. 27th, 2007 06:48 pm
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New car is here finally! All shiny and new and pretty flash for a skoda, they've really improved on the interiors since the last one. Haven't quite decided if i prefer the new body shape to the old, but it looks good ;)

Only had a quick spin so far (thanks to non-broken leg now being all wonky and achy), but it's smooth and seems quite nippy. The tiptronic gearbox seems like fun to play with too, tho a bit slower to react than a manual. It'll take a lot to beat the previous one tbh, because that was so much fun to drive, but will take it for a longer run tomorrow and see how it goes.
Most importantly tho, YAY MOBILE AGAIN!!

Shiny )
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hellooo and how are we all? Other than being tramatised by the Scariest Vibrator Evar of course... (well everyone else is posting it, I figured I might as well join in!)

I am much the same as before really. Little changes ;p Although by next week, I should have a new car! A very shiny new automatic Fabia! Which is NOT a clown car in ANY RESPECT *glares at Miv and Mollow*
I did check out Golfs and a couple of others, but all the salespeople wanted me to bring my current car in first, despite me explaining that if I could do that, I wouldn't be looking for a new car anyway.
The skoda guy, otoh, had the advantage of having sold me the car so basically sorted out the new one over the phone and will deliver it and pick up the old one (despite it being about 50 miles from the showroom currently) for me! Hurrah! I just have to discuss the finance in detail, but from the rough estimates we worked out already, it won't actually cost much more a month than the current one did.

Freedom! and NEW CAR! Can't wait ;)
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It's been quite an eventful week here - well, relatively so, compared to other weeks.

Had a delightful evening with [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01 on monday, with added fizzy wines and very little horror. Which was nice.

Tuesday took the mother's car (which is automatic) out for a short drive which went v. well and the prospect of being mobile again cheered me up no end.
After much thinking and calculating of how long it'll be before I can drive a manual car again, I have decided that my beloved Fabia will have to go and be exchanged for an automoatic car, so have been doing a bit of research online and am contemplating a shiny new Golf. I think I deserve it ;p
There is an auto version of the Fabia too, which I'd like, but apparently they're in short supply and there could be a 12 wk wait, which isn't much good to me alas.

Wednesday, the new bathroom was finished, and very lovely it is too! Drove up to Belfast (go me!) to pay the bathroom man and stayed over to do some preliminary car shopping Thursday. Now have lots of shiny brochures to look through and just the minor problem of how to get *my* car to the dealers to exchange it to ponder.

Got emails from work today to say it's all change and I have a new boss, which is good as none of the previous lot have bothered much to get in touch since I've been off. On the downside, I will actually have to work some once I get back to work, but I'm sure I'll cope.

And that's about it for now. Leg is doing well, and swelling has gone down so much my foot actually looks like a foot again. Hurrah!

Plus, it's Friday ;) Happy weekend everyone!
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Actually you can't. It is for me. ME!!

I love it! I love it so much, it goes very fast and has power steering and is incredibly smooth to drive. The acceleration of the turbo diesel kicks some serious ass ;))

Good weekend all round, baby sitting fri. night, which was rather dull, Hen night sat. night which wasn't - highlights included a rather unluckly combination of paper streamers and indoor sparklers nearly setting the resturant on fire, and dancing round the lounge with the dog going mental back at Trish's.
Collapsed 6ish on ruths sofa. Not a bad night.

Sunday was a day of chilling, lay about Ruths, played with the baby, had big lunch at abuot 3, when the boys got back from the stag, watched Starsky and hutch (v. funny).
Then got Grik out to show off the car, went for a drive to the beach and he drove it home and was muchly impressed. More eating and films finished the day off.

Monday, headed into dublin to meet grik for lunch and get me sunglasses back. Also got a ticket for Motorhead (OMG LEMMY) and some v. strong grass. Then drove home. I love my car.



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