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An old log Drakkos dug up that made me laugh far too much, so I had to share. I can't decide if this is funnier than The Day Rhinehold's Head Asploded or not (less likely to end us in hell tho).
Not Dwmud specific, tho it's from there ...

... FUN? )

Good times.
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Good Morning all! How are we today?
I am, thankfully, warmer now I am at work. And the boiler man is coming at lunchtime to see if he can fix whatever it was the tiling man fucked up. So that's good.

Had a mostly quiet weekend. Apart from getting possibly the best and yet most disturbing text EVER on saturday morning as I was shuffling about making breakfast to thaw out - "Dw. Now. Drakkos needs you." it read.
How could I not answer that summons?
Thankfully it turned out they were just having a reunion of sorts. And freaking out current creators by having most of 2001 log on and go HAI. Then sit in our cliquey club, catch up on gossip and bitch about everything, especially Elera. Good to see nothing much changes ;p

Other than that, weekend was spent largely down with family, cos they have houses with working heating, or curled up on sofa with blanket, electic heater and cats as foot warmers.

I r Ubar

Dec. 5th, 2008 01:44 am
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(This will only be relevant to mudders)

Go me! It's only taken... 9 years! Tho that was partly because of the pointlessness of advancing ring/amulet ;p

skills magic )

Now what?
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So, feel free to ignore if you're not interested, it's way too late to be filtering ;p If anyone is interested enough, I can explain in comments tomorrow.

FINALLY!! Only took, what, seven years? Or, 151 days...

You have 2201 (2201) hit points, 399 (399) guild points, 232 (642) quest points and 500 (500) social points.
Your current experience is 18005 and you are level 300 in the Witches' Guild; your overall rating is 47488.
You have died 24 times and can die 3 times before you are completely dead.
Your wimpy is set to 30%.
You are unburdened (38%) and rather warm.
You are good, worshipping no god.
You are a citizen of the Agatean Empire.
You are 151 days, 7 hours, 17 minutes and 18 seconds old and have logged in 2343 times.

l me
Looking at yourself again? What a narcissist!
You see Aunty Helena X Myrddin the Witch.
She is a strapping young human lass.
She is a fairly warty young hag, staring at you with a firm but kindly gaze from beneath a mass of curly hair barely confined by her hat. You get the feeling however that it might be best to be polite as a stare can turn to a scathe in the blink of an eye.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
You can't help but notice thirty warts upon her face.
A small swarm of whining mosquitoes is orbiting her.
She looks very hot.
Holding : an elegant stiletto (left hand) and an elegant stiletto (right hand).
Wearing : a pair of hobnailed boots, a chainmail miniskirt, a Grflx scale, a chainmail bikini, a stylish black bag, a witch's pointy hat, a rose rhodonite ring, a diamond engagement ring, a wedding ring, a silver spider bracelet, a pair of silver thistle earrings, four club badges, a silver trellis bracelet, two stiletto scabbards, a black satin garter, a silver crocus pendant and a set of shiny gold handcuffs.
Carrying: a medium sized blue bottle and a large glass jar.
Her purse is tinkling with coins.

Also, am only 1 level of ma.po off 400 gp, but I really don't have the energy for any more stabbing tonight ;p Or rather, this morning!

Meh, GOOD? That's not right. Must fry more kids ;p On the plus side, I look very hot!
Need an updated desc. at some point too. One day...
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Yesterday didn't go exactly to plan.
Started off well enough; long lie in, wandering round the mud stabbing everything in sight. Then decided to go bathroom shopping; luckily checked the website of the place I planned to go, only to discover it shut at 12.30. Decide to go to a couple of others, discover they all shut early too. Give up on bathrooms, go buy scarifier for lawn instead.
Get home, phone dubmeeters to check floor space is available (as stupid hostel all booked out); do lightening change & pack, phone taxi to train station.
Wait some more.
Phone taxi company, apparently he is 'on his way'. At 5.45. Train goes at 6.10. Train
station is 20 minutes away.
Five minutes later he shows up, and, to be fair, does his best. Arrive at train station just ONE MINUTE after train has left.
Catch train back home and decided to go to The Big Tescos and buy lovely lovely Katy as consolation. Do so. Get home JUST in time to realised I have yet again missed Dr. Who.
(total seen this season? 1 and a half ;p)
Spend the rest of the evening drinking Katy and stabbing things with [livejournal.com profile] being_here and [livejournal.com profile] malvino, which isn't really a bad way to pass the time ;)
Then WOE mud crashes, there is chaos, limbo and talker loss; spend the next 2 hours helping sort out who owns which talker and returning them all.
Finally bed at c.4ish.

Today has, so far, gone much better.
More lying in (yay), it is a lovely sunny day and have already managed to cut lawn, assemble shiny new scarifier, scarify, water and reseed lawn. Also made a start at tidying inside, but have given up on that for now.
Lazing in garden with book is looking like a tempting option.
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Yay it is Friday again, hurrah! That came round quite quickly.

Also this means that in TWO WEEKS TIME it will be FEBMEET [1] and we will be in the pub and there will be cider inside my insides ;) Hardly any time to go now at all - tho it should still be less!

In other mud-related news, just to have a Wallsy moment, 10th best witch in the Osrics, where players vote on their favourite lots-of-things - which reminds me, well done on best T-cre [livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque"!
18 votes and only one of them from me - actually if I'm being Wallsy, *8th* cos 2 of the top 10 were for 'all of them' or similar ;p

In non mud-related news... um. Not much really. Ooh going to the opticians later so possibly shiny new glasses to come.
And thats about it really, another quiet weekend ahead, mostly involving horse, family visiting, sleeping and mudding - with added alcohol (yay SYNCHRODRINK).

[1] like the Apocalypse, but with more cider. Allegedly.


Jan. 26th, 2007 08:55 pm
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It is done! Our Medea (also known as [livejournal.com profile] hecate_x_jones) has created a wonderful portrait of my character on Discworld mud.

So, I give you Helena X Myrddin (see also icon)


Enjoying a drink at the Assassin's Guild Ball.

The rest of the Disworld portraits are here and worth a look!
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So. You get a perfectly normal stupid spam email at work, titled something about People are more important than Business. From the BEARS FOUNDATION.

Which instantly, of course, makes me think of Nazi Mansex as a dating technique. And Chess of course. Chicks dig chess.

Hee Revol pizza log too.

ETA just got another email, proper work one. Not only is there a 'Willie Cumming' on the distribution list, there is a poor poor woman called MANLOVE.
Am broken AGAIN

ION Just about recovered from the weekend, voice is almost back to normal.
Also Ziggy is back, enormously fat, will probably start posting re her progress again so I can track it. Can't do much til she had shoes tho. Except look at her in despair. Lots and lots of work ahead there.
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But this has. One player posts a log of another player to the Player Killers board, of a Bedroom Scene, in what appears to be a petty attempt to embarass. This fails miserably and instead turns into a thread complimenting the 2nd player on his interior design skills and admiration of his flooring choice.

Which just goes to prove what many of us NPKs have always suspected - you're all a big bunch of nancies :p Even if allegedly [1] hard-assed.

[1] Which reminds me, these allegations of ass-hardness have yet to be satisfactorily proven (or otherwise). Further investigations may be required, with appropriate comparisons; possibly also comparisons with NPKs. Charts may be involved.
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Hmm. In work for 20 minutes and already am bored. Tho I do have an exciting meeting about data cleansing to look foward to in about 10 minutes. Yay.

Finally got hold of the scarifier thingy for the lawn last night, and got to see baby Jim Jnr too, who is very cute and blond and tiny.

The scarifier was great - in fact much more fun than one should really be allowed to have in the garden with anything electrical. Now all the nasty dead moss and grass are gone and I have, well, a rather patchy lawn, but the grass seed should take care of that - and fairly quickly at the rate it's been growing lately.

And... thats about it really. The rest of the evening was spent watching Lost while stabbing things on the mud then trying to figure out what to spend xp on. I need a new goal there I think; maybe I should take up a musical instrument or something. Or learn to steal so I never have to buy scumble again ;)
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Yay bank holiday weekend! This one has all gone very well too.

Champagne with family on Friday night to celebrate baby Rafe's arrival, Karen's new job and Mum buying a house. We had a busy week ;p

The last 3 days have been spent doing various bits and pieces of stuff, with much lazing and mudding in between. Went along to the Assassin's Ball saturday night, armed with my trusty bottle of 0 and managed to win Best Dressed, which was nice. I'd forgotten how much fun some of the social events on the disc can be. Fun, and very very spammy ;p

It has actually stayed dry, so managed to get lots of washing done and dried AND tackle the garden some more!

Cleared the flowerbeds of the worst of grass and weeds sat. and sunday, but they were a bit too far gone for that to do, so today just dug them over again and put down some fresh topsoil and planted flowers (cheap batch o' pansies from homebase) and mystery mixed seeds.
Also reclaimed the little herb bed, thinned out the rampant mint and planted some catnip seeds; it'll be interesting to see what happens if they come up ;p
Now I just need to get hold of Jim's scarifier thingy for the lawn and get my strimmer back off teh Logue and it'll start looking a bit more like a garden and less like a wilderness.

pics )

And now for a long soak in the bath I think ;p
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The things you find when you're bored and poking about the computer...

In this case - probably only of interest to mudders - the result of trying to do an Agatean version of the hedgehog song and making the mistake of asking on (cre) for haikus ;p These were the CLEANER ones. I still don't quite think we'd have got it into game tho.
Oddly, I had fogotten all about this til last night, didn't realise I had it saved here at work.

monkeys and hedgehogs )

We should totally put this in. The mud has gotten way too PC ;p
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Woe is me, a day of ENDLESS MEETINGS. Still it is nearly over now. And they were actually quite productive. I will finally get TRAINING yay. Possibly even extra special supar technical training ,which is quite scary ;p

Also in the Big Room Reshuffle I get to stay where I am, tho with a slightly smaller desk. Hurrah!

In more important news, had a very productive evening on the mud last night - didn't die (always a bonus), much stabbing leading to New Wart - 26 now, go me! Am turning into quite the number chaser :p Also picked up 2 new squints, so will be on the look out for volunteers later to be STRENGTHINATED by Branes. Not entirely sure what the other one does yet (winking, if anyone has a clue), but will be trying that one out too.
Lawks :p
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Because the mud just crashed and I am bored, I give you a nice pictorial representation of Helena, made here - http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/heroMachine2/heromachine2.asp

Just imagine the warts. And that the bristley end of the broom is just out of shot :p
They didn't have any dagger type knives so I had to improvise. I did get a bat tho, and Broom Hair, yay!
Clicky for larger version ;)

Also, when I got home today there was not one, but TWO letters waiting for me ;)
Of course now I have to think of Things to write back.


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