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So, it snowed. In Other News, AFV seems to have completely cleared up. The shattering exhaustion has gone too, which is nice!

This week I have mostly gone to work. Expect for Wed evening/thurs. morning which I spent with the young chap in the icon (First Nephew), who is over from Canada for a week or so with his mum. He is now 7 and Cool tho did very politely humour his Nana by mostly enjoying the trip to Santa. We spent the rest of the time fighing with remote control helicopters, playing LoTR top trumps (I even got to explain why some of the orcs had pointy ears like elves!), building lego spaceships and watching some Lord of the Rings. OOH and reading Roald Dahl.

And the...SNOWCOPOLYSE HIT!! OMG!!! etc!!!

Made it to work, actually got some xmas shopping done v. easily cos shops were all empty then, got sent home at half 2! Yay!
Except then I had to go sort the horses out, which meant returning to Narnia )

Got home, changed out of wet boots/jeans into cosy jammies, got snacks and ONLY THEN thought to check the fridge for cider. and oh. OH.

But I was sure i could cope. I COULD COPE it would be FINE... til the internet STOPPED WORKING.

So. I donned Warm Clothes, Riding boots (long enough to forge through INCHES of snow) and not-quite-Yaktrax grippy things and womanfully forged a path down the Hill of Doom, the Ski Slopes of the Train Station (which you have to navigate to get through the Tunnel, or chance being mowed down by cars under the bridge) to make it to the Off Licence for precious cider and lovely fizzy wine. Then made it back UP same obstacles (grippy things quite good!) while carrying bag full of precious alcohol. JOY!!!
Have since enjoyed Wines, Popcorn and extended phone call with [livejournal.com profile] being_here while watching David Tennant... and now cider.

And one final snow picture, purely because the contrast between Fittingly Snow-covered Fir Tree with Less Fittingly snow covered Palm Trees amused me hugely this morning ;p

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Hurrah for bank holiday weekends! It's been a mostly quiet one so far, lazy, mudding, babysitting and even some gardening today.

Friday, got home to find G.G. had finished resealing the seeping kitchen roof, and had made a start on Redoing the Patio, by taking up the existing one. After some discussion, decided he should take away the hedge where it runs along the driveway, so I could have Moar Patio without destroying the herb/flower patch.
Then headed home for a nice relaxing evening of not doing much, to prepare for helping out at newphew's 5th birthday party the next day.

Sat., however, recieved a reprieve an ended up not in a hall full of 5 yr old boys, but babysitting adorable baby new nephew, as we figuted that would probably be better for him than being stuck in the middle of the chaos. So, spent the afternoon peering into the pram to see if he was still asleep, while pottering around doing stuff about the house for Mum.

how cute is he? )

Baby D. slept the whole time, best babysitting ever! Then the rest of the family came home from teh party so spent the afternoon running about the garden with older niece & nephew before heading home.

Got back here to discover hedge GONE. All gone. The kitchen gets much more light, but it is v. disconcerting being able to see out onto the street from there now. There is a fence going in to replace it, but it is v. odd!

Today, in between downpours, I finally tackled the lawn - with a strimmer, since it was too long AND wet to use the lawnmower. Hopefully this week will be drier so I can get it cut properly! also did windowboxes with new flowers, repotted some of the plants in the kitchen AND bought a sprouting kit to grow (or try growing) tasty beansprouts all of my own! I feel v. accomplished. The rest of the evening will involved dinner, lovely fizzy wine and sofa. Yay for bank holidays!

pics plz )

Tomorrow I may tackle some of the mess on the inside of the house. Maybe.
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Turns out an evening of riding/stumbling round uneven stable yard in the dark followed by a day involving much traipsing round shops is not so good for the stupid ankle, as I discovered when I got off the sofa earlier to go to pilates. Ouch. Didn't go ;p

Instead, decided to get a head start on scanning photos for teh brother's christmas/birthday present, which was much more fun.

Have you ever wondered what a baby hellison looked like? Wonder no more! I am the seated child ;p (clicky for larger, as always)

moar )

And one last one, because it is my favourite one of me and my Dad, during the red-leading phase of Building The Shed (which was really a workshop and massive, but he hated us calling it The Shed so it stuck ;p).

He eventually sold it to a lady who turned it into a creche - which my niece and nephew have both gone to, in a nice neat circle of ... family something ;p
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I do love lazy weekends of lazing.

A 'quick pint' with [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_ after work on friday somehow turned into a pint and wine in the pub then Chips and Moar Cider and LOTS of youtube til 2am in her kitchen. Much fun ;)

Tho led to saturday mostly involving the sofa and snacks and not moving very much at all.

Today I have been slightly more active and have been to met BFF Lisa's new babby
So Cute )

and done the Family Dinner thing. Even done work invoicey things! Soon, a long hot bath then bed.

The holiday seems like it never happened at all, so here, just to prove it did, are a couple of pics!

holiday pics )
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Wow, it has been a week. Well, last week was VERY quiet. And lazy. Mostly spent either at work or at home, on the sofa, mudding. Even playing with wizard spells (oh the shame!).

Then, friday! Pub! Ended up at a pub quiz somehow, with folks from work and [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_, which was much fun and we even did quite well, with occasional help from [livejournal.com profile] malvino. There was a disco after, which led to Dancing, which in turn led to not being able to walk saturday. There was also a trip to Unhurt's house after, for wine, cider and youtubely goodness. Yay for the muppets!

Saturday was spent going OW everytime I stood up and reading [Bad username or site: mistful£ @ livejournal.com]'s HP fics. Highly recommended, but very addictive.

Sunday, home and family stuff for Mother's Day. Did shopping (leading to more Foot Ow) and even cooked food. Which was tasty! Go me. I rock at roast potatoes apparently.

This morning, in the Continuing Foot Saga, it was finally Podiatrist Time. She was v. nice and I now have an Insert in my shoe. Which is apparently, lower than it should be, because if she raised it up fully, I would seize up and keel over. It feels very odd and all off kilter.
However, my sister says I look much straighter already, so it must be good. Have to go back in a couple of weeks to see how it's gone and get another, presumably higher one.
Also being sent to nail surgery for ingrowing toenail. That is FINE thankyou thesme. JUST FINE.
So far, walking feels very weird, but less limpy, which is a good start. Still bloody sore tho. Stupid ankle.

This week, the plan is to be slightly more active (not hard!) and get back to doing some sort of exercise. Also go visit Ziggy. May even try getting on...
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Yay for bank holiday weekends. And even better, yay for holidays meaning I only have 2 days at work this week, then day to pack and get spray painted, then WEEKEND IN SORENTO. HURRAH!

The weekend just passed tho went very well. A great mix of productivity and lazing and sleeping.
Things done included shopping (for VITAL holiday items like... shoes), cutting grass, epic Tackling Of the Bedroom which means I now have 2 huge bags worth of clothes for charity, rediscovered some things I forgot I had and DRAWER SPACE. Also, bedroom floor is now visible! Tho as the carpet is hideous this is not necessarily a good thing ;p

Yesterday was spent delivering Mother to Aunts, so they could head off on their Italian Adventure this morning, via various cousins' houses, which mostly involved drinking tea and feeding babies.
Finally saw the Teeny Twins - cousin Ciara's babies who were premature and SO TINY - 3lb each I think; now 4 months old and still only 10lbs each. So Cute! and surprisingly ginger and not AT ALL looking like Podge and Rodge. much... . But Cute!
Also saw cousin Elaine's baby, who is a bit younger than the Teeny Twins but about the size of the 2 of them together and also incredibly cute. Other sights of note included Aunt's New Kitchen, various cousins coming to see Aunt's New Kitchen; another cousin's house (hadn't been in before) and, of most interest to me, cousin Ciara's horses. And various aunts, uncles and sundry relations.
Most of the talk (when not revolving round babies, kitchens and horses) was of course about the Wedding in Sorento, mostly concerned with Who is wearing What. Wedding Outfits are big news in our family, particularly among the Aunts who go to great lengths to outdo and especially out-hat each other; they have great fun being cryptic about what they're wearing while trying to find out what everyone *else* has picked.
Plus they finally seemed to have stopped saying "You'll be next!" to me now, while thankfully not going to the extreme of the aunt on Dad's side who pronounced "Of course, you'll never marry now." a few years ago. So yay for that too!

Right, given I'm only here for 2 days this week, I should do some work!

PS on previous post, will reply to comments there later today. I wanted to wait to til the Knee-Jerk Fury reactions had died down a little so I could comment rationally!
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In response to various proddings, I shall update with details of my very exciting life
*flees from Thesme's poking*.

The weekend was a bit hectic and consisted mostly of driving between The Mother's current house and packing/wrapping/taking down curtains and The Mother's New House and cleaning/moving large items of furniture/putting up curtains, then driving back to Belfast to take care of the Livestock in the fucking FREEZING rain and wind, then back down home to repeat as above.

Sunday was a particularly fun day.

Having sat up with Sister, Mother and wine til Too Late Sat. night, was awakened at 7 by Small Nephew, then after shuffling about zombiefied for a bit with tea, went round to New House to clear up the building site left by the Uncle (who, to be fair, was there til 8pm sat. night to finish the new kitchen).
This mostly involved shifting left-over cupboards and random bits of wood to the garage, and the all important Gathering Up of Spare Nails/Screws/Random Bits That Look Like Nothing But Turn Out To Be Vital If You Throw Them Out, all amid an inch thick layer of sawdust. Then brushing most of said sawdust up, cleaning cupboards, wiping work tops, discovering more sawdust settling, wiping work tops again etc.
Also figuring out logistics of moving large new table from livingroom to kitchen through 2 doorways that were a bit too close together, with Sister who is even more challenged in the Spacial Awareness Department than me. That was fun, but we got there in the end. And wiped down the work tops again.

After that, took sawdust-covered self off to the stables where, handily, the copious rain ensured the dust stuck to me, along with mud and shavings from stables and hay. Trying to catch horse while getting rained on and almost blown over by very strong winds was actually quite invigorating and possibly the best part of the day.

Eventually got home, cold, tired, wet and plastered in dust and mud.
Figured Long Hot Bath was the way forward.
Ran bath. Bath not hot enough (woe)
So decided to let some of water out and put immersion on to heat water and traipsed down stairs to do so. While in kitchen, noticed Ominous Dripping Sound. With sinking heart, grabbed bucket from under sink (since it works now) and fled to living room to discover that, once more, the bathroom had decided the best route to release water was through the living room ceiling.
Muttered resignedly and then decided that since it didn't seem a huge leak, and the bath was nearly full anyway, I might as well go have one. That part was very nice, hot, relaxing and dust/mud removing.
Then, eventually, I had to Abandon Bath and let the water out. As I headed back downstairs the Ominous Dripping had been replaced by what sounded more like a Waterfall of Disaster. In the livingroom, thankfully flowing freely into the bucket proved, there is indeed a very pretty Waterful.
As I congratulated myself on Cunning Bucket Placement Technique when I realised there was also a background dripping going on. For quite a few feet back along the ceiling from the waterfall.
Hastily deploy Towels of (hopeful) Water Soakage and even more hastily, check water reaching floor is not seeping towards anything electrical.
Ponder wisdom of phoning plumber on a sunday night, but then waterfall slowly ceases as bath water runs out so decide it's not worth it.
Find small amount of Illegal Substance discovered stashed away while clearing out at home (possibly the brother's, but who knows now?). Collapse on sofa, skin up and adopt very Mature and Grown-up Attitude of Fuck It All Anyway.
Now have number of that most rare thing - a reliable plumber - so am off to phone him and beg for early visit, so I don't stink out entire office by the weekend.

Also, thanks in part to the ever lovely Thesme, I have been humming Christmas Carols for Zombies all morning. So lets all sing along!

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Yay the zigs is back. Fat and with sore feet (due to lack of shoes) so we can't actually do much of anything til she's shod. Whether D. has fully grasped yet that this means there is no way she'll be fit to hunt in 6 weeks or so I have no idea. It's unlikely though.

Anyway, as before, pics so I can do Before and After shots when she finally does start working properly again!

horse )

Also took shiny new camera with me at the weekend while babysitting, since I don't have many recent pics of the munchkins. Aoife loves having her photo taking, Shea hates it ;p

babies )

And because this IS livejournal and there ARE rules,

Baby day!

May. 26th, 2006 10:27 am
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The Sister in Law in Canada is having baby no. 3 today, sometime after lunch I think (caesarians do take a lot of the element of surprise out of things ;p).
So, as usual, have the pre-baby jitters and can't concentrate on anything! Probably made worse by the fact that I can't just pop up to the hospital and see them later as before. Obviously it's much worse for Emma who's way over there with no family; they have friends helping out tho, so thats good.

Must get on to sorting out flights there later in the summer.

Anyway. Need distractions people! Make it so!

ETA 2pm. Still no news. Have done Irish times xword & half of cryptic (gave up because it was taunting me with clues like "What is so round is so twitchy" and "In the family way? That'd be telling.") and 2 and half sudukos. Now have to look like I'm working again.

ETA 2 BABYBABYBABYBABYBABY YAY Baby boy, Rafe Anthony (poor child. Still, i'm sure he'll grow into it...) 8lb 14oz - and that at 2 weeks early.
All doing well - except the brother who is, as ever, totally useless and mostly trying not to faint. Wuss.


Feb. 13th, 2006 10:32 am
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Ah Mondays. So far - forgot traintimes changed, missed train because it is now earlier while *next* train is now later, and thus too late to get me to work on time. Took car.
Got to work to find workmen dismantling metal bookshelves with hammers in Big Echoey Room. It actually used to be a warehouse so basically, it's a big high-ceilinged barn. It gets noisey, cold and very echoey. It's going to be a LOT of fun when there's 12 of us in here...

the weekend )

ION Still. No. Post. How the hoards of impressionable teenagers will cope tomorrow without being able to compare who got the most cards I have no idea. I JUST WANT MY LETTERS. Also those little things, like the visa bill and so on...
The Paul Berry thing continues to cause hilarity, with peole now insisting that since DUP no.s are down, they would be entitled to less seats in the Assembly. If the Assembly was running of course. Or likely to run at anytime in the near future. Or... ah sod it, just sit back and enjoy the farce that is NI politics ;p


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