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Finally had a bit of time last night and decided, since I had an unused flickr account to try it out for the febmeet pics (tho it feels like a Betrayal of fotopic and a terrible break with tradition!). Still haven't quite worked it all out but they are up anyway!

They are here [1]

ION have to give the 2nd training/demo session this afternoon, to about 20 people including Important High-Up types. The IT map guy who did half of it last time might not be able to make it. I still only have half a voice (tho, it's more than I usually have after febmeet).
This could be an Interesting Challenge. Maybe I should have worn a sparkly leotard and just pointed at the screen...

[1] (for any non-mudders curious and wanting an mud/lj correlation, helena=me, gin=[livejournal.com profile] thipe, carino=[livejournal.com profile] malvino, mangabes=[livejournal.com profile] being_here, shambles=[livejournal.com profile] shambellina, tique=[livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque and dasquian is, as always, just himself)
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Gnah everything is BUSY. Busybusybusy. Suddenly have LOTS to do at work, all of which needs done about NOW.
Also plenty to do at Home, between horse, hospital visits and not letting the house descend into chaos (I may be failing on that last part). Mainly now trying to avoid falling into the STRESSY ARRGGGH of last week where I constantly felt that no matter where I was, I should be rushing to get somewhere else.
On the plus side Mum *is* doing better, the infection in her shoulder is apparently responding to the antibiotics, but she'll be in hosptial for at least another week, possibly 2, on the IV thingy.

Another plus, I had a really good and surprisingly relaxing, or at least stress-escaping weekend at febmeet. Partly due to avoiding f'ing Feltham as much possible (beacuse it IS a dreary shithole).
Also, probably because one reason I wasn't looking forward to it so much this year was that a lot of the people I really wanted to see were unlikely to be there. But then most of them actually turned up on saturday, plus a [livejournal.com profile] kelemvor on friday, which was great ;)

Had a lovely afternoon Friday pottering round Windsor, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] malvino's cunning plan, with a boat trip down the river, viparian entertainments and Scientific Discourse. Did you know goose honks sound the same forwards and backwards? Trufax! Except Belgian geese of course (they pronounce the 'h').
And there was certainly NO disturbing nice waiters in Nice Bars by muttering "They're clawing at MY EYES" as he approached (note to self - never visit butterfly house with [livejournal.com profile] thipe).
Arriving in Feltham to discover the bar staff were already pissed off with the group was less good, but allievated by some of their lovely lovely ciders. And singing (in a good cause!). And befriending Locals.

Saturday, had a lovely day lurking in the hotel room with tasty snacks and lots of fizzy cola, and planning The Best Cave Ever. Then bar again, with more cider and SURPRISE people. And presents! Later, more singing and eventually bed. With a Trustee AND Director (or, high lord and lord for us older folk ;p). Tho sadly this consisted more of "shut up or I will STAB YOU IN THE FACE" than hot sex0ring, but still, surely gets me some sort of points? If only for NOT stabbing them...

Sunday was just pain and tiredness and Oh God WHY Am I Still In Feltham?? Tho, farewell HUGS from lovely people were good (except Tique who is just disturbing, as always ;p), also promises to visit. Again ;p
And then eventually going home. Stupid late flights.

In short? Great weekend, had a wonderful time because of the people there, but would be even better if it was Somewhere Else less shite. With a decent hotel.

And now, back to work! Woe.
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home! Tired. So very VERY tired. Weekend good. Lovely day friday wandering about Windsor with [livejournal.com profile] thipe and [livejournal.com profile] malvino, then back to f'ing feltham to meet everyone else. And have cider - some very tasty ciders at that.

Spent rest of weekend there (plans of escaping saturday came to nought), meeting up with people - including some I didn't expect to see, which was lovely, drinking Moar Cider, getting Presents (yay! *mostly* yay) and generally being very refined. And stuff.
Dying now tho. Off for hot bath and bed I think. More tomorrow, if i can brane.

An example of the Lovely Presents I recieved...

A Viking on a WHAT now?? )
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Febmeet time again. Off to f'ing feltham. Tho there will be much katy and refinment and mostly meeting up with lovely people. Etc.

I can't find my lipstick!!! WOE etc. But have everythign else. I think. Probablby. Should go now BAI.
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So, febmeet - looking at flights (finally ;p) - who's going? And what time are you likely to be there? I don't really fancy arriving and being stuck in feltham on my own for ... any length of time really. So possibly arriving late afternoonish.
Or if anyone *is* likely to be about early and free for doing somethign Not In Feltham, early flights are cheaper. Wandering aimlessly about london for a bit? Since there's no way I'll make it in on the saturday ;p

Secondly - beachmeet. Not restricted to mudders!
As much as Malta in March would have been an great Birthday Treat, it looks like most of the people I'd like to spend a birthday treat weekend in Malta with are either skint, or otherwise occupied. Which I may also be myself, depending on when the latest niecephew arrives. So, I shall put Malta on hold for a bit, til sept. or so maybe. But I still want to go *somewhere* before then.

On to Plan B - Cornwall!
Sometime a bit later in the year, may/june? easier to get to, and well stocked with beaches, rugged coast lines and the like. The added advantage of going later is that I will have time off work again, which will help ;)

Plan C. also occurred, what with Miv's pub being near the coast and I am SURE he would love to see us all...

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Am home! had great weekend. Am very very sleep now. Tho not so hungover thankfully.
Quieter than usual febmeet, but fun. Only real downside the usual of not talking to some people as much as I'd wanted and missing those who didn't show up at all. And missing the quiz. Again!

There will be pictures later, when I can be bothered to move. Mostly, they seem to be of teh Evolution of Chopper, who started out as a lovely birthday cake for [livejournal.com profile] dasquian and ended up ... an abomination to man and science. Poor Chopper :/

ETA photos, mainly of nuns and Chopper (tho there are people in there too!) to be found here.
Explanations may or may not follow, depending on when branes recover. You can blame [livejournal.com profile] fabricati_diem for the nun horror tho.

Chopper )


Feb. 20th, 2007 01:57 pm
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Right. So. The weekend in full. Firstly, photos so far are here (mine) and here ([livejournal.com profile] thipe's, conveying a lot more of the HORROR).

It all started off so well too. So unhorrifyingly.
Friday )

saturday )

sunday )

And finally it was over, with just the journey back to the aiport with Thipe and Being here, filled with HORROR EXCEPTIONELLE, more Abba and singing shatner again (WOE).

So, a good weekend. And that got a bit long.
In summary?
Friday = DoublePlusGood then Too Much Alcohol
Saturday = Ill
Sunday = HORROR (as illustrated thusly - )

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Yay it is Friday again, hurrah! That came round quite quickly.

Also this means that in TWO WEEKS TIME it will be FEBMEET [1] and we will be in the pub and there will be cider inside my insides ;) Hardly any time to go now at all - tho it should still be less!

In other mud-related news, just to have a Wallsy moment, 10th best witch in the Osrics, where players vote on their favourite lots-of-things - which reminds me, well done on best T-cre [livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque"!
18 votes and only one of them from me - actually if I'm being Wallsy, *8th* cos 2 of the top 10 were for 'all of them' or similar ;p

In non mud-related news... um. Not much really. Ooh going to the opticians later so possibly shiny new glasses to come.
And thats about it really, another quiet weekend ahead, mostly involving horse, family visiting, sleeping and mudding - with added alcohol (yay SYNCHRODRINK).

[1] like the Apocalypse, but with more cider. Allegedly.
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So much pain. Everything hurts. EVERYTHING.
Including my stomach muscles from laughing so much, not sure about the voice as I haven't tried to speak to anyone today yet, but my throat is also on the List of Pain, along with the huge bump on the back of my head (stupid bloody marble bar) and a few Mystery Bruises.
I don't *think* i fell over at any point tho, which might be a first.

I was going to do a detailed post of the weekend, but then realised I can't remember most of the details, so we will go with

The things I learned this weekend )
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Weekend good.
Feel distincly unwell now.
Voice totally gone.
Sleep would be nice.

Photos here - http://eatin.fotopic.net/c865947.html. Sadly (?) the camara had a bit of fit and refused to take pictures while [livejournal.com profile] malvino was running up and down the corridor with no trousers on.
Luckily tho, it seems gin's camera was working just fine!

Will do captions later when have branes again.
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Seriously, best horrorscope EVAR... (annotated by me)

Personal Daily Horoscope of Saturday, 18 February 2006
for Helen,

A lazy streak

This morning this influence brings about pleasant feelings between you and everyone around you. [1]
It is a good time for being with friends or out having a good time. You enjoy everyone around you and they enjoy you[2].
Similarly you will enjoy good food and drink now, but be careful not to overdo it [3]. During this time you will tend to take things into yourself, so it is easy to overindulge [4]. This is not a good time for getting very much work done, because it often brings out a lazy streak. One exception to this is that you may feel like working to beautify or otherwise improve your home [5]. You need beautiful surroundings, and you will work to get them[6]. This is a good time for love relationships [7]. This influence by itself is too fleeting to start a major relationship, but it certainly is a help[8]

[1]I'm not quite sure about Sat. morning bringing about Pleasant Feelings of any kind.
Unless it's the part of Sat around breakfast time before I go to bed...
[2]Very enjoyable all round. Actually, that bit just sounds rude ;p
[4] I do indeed plan to take a great deal of alcohol into myself. This is almost uncanny!
[5] Lazy streak? Check (sleepign all day saturday, yay!) Beautifying? bit off there...
[6] Ah beauteous Feltham with your... well, there is that pondy thing with the geese. HONK
[7] Is chibi coming after all then?? IT IS DESTINY!
[8] I think it's the alcohol actually, but who am i to argue with THE STARS?
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hehe. Horrorscopes are a great source of amusement. This is tomorrow's...

Personal Daily Horoscope of Friday, 17 February 2006

"Something different"

This morning you feel impulsive and willing to act rashly. Your moods change so quickly that you surprise yourself as well as others. You may be with someone else who is like this, usually a woman. Probably you will be impatient with your normal routine and want to do something completely different. Assuming that the "something different" is within reason, it is probably all right to go ahead. In fact you might as well not bother trying to be disciplined and responsible for the next few hours.

I wonder if I can stretch "...for the next few hours" into next few DAYS?

Yay, this time tomorrow I will be there (most likely in the pub) and, fellow febmeeters, it has occurred to me that we may be the only people EVER to not only be excited about going to Feltham, but to be excited about going there AGAIN.


So weak...

Feb. 9th, 2006 03:48 pm
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Seriously, I have so little will power. I CAVED and bought a years paid thingy for library thing (only 10 dollah!), because I had hit the free limit and I'm not even finished the living room yet. Haven't even been doing them in any particular order, just sticking on ones that were within visual range then adding the rest for that author.

It's just too EASY *clickyclickyclicky* and far too much fun. Tho it'll be interesting to see if the novelty wears off before I get the whole lot done. There's plenty to get through!

On another note, for the DW mudders, since this has popped up a few times today, what time are y'all arriving next week? I'll be there about 3ish, which leaves an almost frightening amount of drinking time, compared to usual arrival at 9/10. Still, I'm sure it will all work out just fine...


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