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Arr me hearties! Where be me pirate icon? magnum!hugh in the sea will have to do instead.

Anyways. The story continues
Previous installments - 1, 2 and 3

Time for the Ritual? )

Who can the Mystery saviour be? How will they save Hugh without the Ritual?
Will this fucking thing EVER END so i can do some work?

answers here )

Now, if you don't mind, I am going to collapse somewhere and do some work. Or something. Is it time for cider yet?
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This, is [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01's work. She will, I am sure, explain in the comments if required. Mr Bucky is a small plastic chicken

Pt 4 - Gathering the Specialists )

ION my work email seems to be going wonky again. Either that or no-one is emailing me :/

But wait, there's More! (by mine own fair hand)

Doom approaches, aboard a Giant Cock )

And tomorrow, The Thrilling CONCLUSION. Honest.
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So, yesterday was an interesting day. It started off dull and grumpy then got somewhat better when I discover [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_ had succumbed to the baffling lure of Twilight.
This somehow led to talk of werelobsters and, obviously, Deadliest Catch cross-overs. Inspiration followed and what was MEANT to be a brief and silly story emerged.
Comments on said story last night had me crying with laughter (seriously. Poor being_here was on teh phone at the time and had to give up trying to talk to me because i could not speak. Or breathe). Further Inspiration followed. Then further comments.

And so, we have more. Feel free to skip on by if overlong, rambling nonsense about werelobsters and in-jokes isn't your cup of tea ;)

The Next Installment )

Thesme is writing the next installment. Be Afraid.
Also. Someday, someone should teach me how to write BRIEFLY. Short things.
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The rest of you might want to just skip on by (mostly as it will make no sense ). Except Kanz ;)
Adventures on the Bering sea. Contains Lobsters

One night, aboard the Northwestern... )

(and now I have to go home. Something is very wrong in my branes.)

I got home. I had no idea where this was going. Then [livejournal.com profile] doccy brought such wrongness I laughed til I cried and now my throat hurts. And then, Inspiration followed.

Pt2 - is there any hope for Hugh? )

how do these things always get so LONG? It was meant to be short and... well not quite sweet ;p


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