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From one of the random horrorscope things on facebook (chinese this time)

You can heave a deep sigh of relief. The grip of fatality will loosen. Your life will become easier, more normal, and more regular. Whatever constituted a frustration, a limitation, or an obstacle to your legitimate desire for realization or expansion will tend to disappear.

So. Either I'll walk again soon (and be able to reach the fridge and/or chip shop much more easily) or... my leg will disappear?

ION Sneezing while trying to negotiate wet pavements on crutches is Not A Good Thing. Stupid weather.

ho hum...

Apr. 26th, 2006 11:44 am
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In order to pass a bit of time and divert my attention somewhat *stares at [livejournal.com profile] littlebluefish* I decided to check the horrorscope, just to see...

Today during the day your rational and logical mind is going to be strongly influenced by your moods, which could be either positive or negative, depending on other factors... This is a good time to talk about your feelings. At other times you may find it difficult to express your emotions, but under this influence it should be relatively easy. Communications with women are usually very good now.

heh. I am not a great believer in astrology, but that one does seem to get it oddly accurate at times ... But then again I do only tend to believe them when they say what I want to hear anyway ;)
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So, since I am mostly just killing time now until I go pick [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01 from the charmingly mis-named Central Station, I decided to check the horrorscopes for the weekend, since they were so encouraging pre-febmeet, and once again, they score!

Today... This day is good for arranging and participating in social get- togethers. Spend time with friends and enjoy yourself. ... Or you might take a trip and spend the day in pleasant surroundings away from home. Whatever you do, this should be a light, pleasant day.

Not bad. Now

Tomorrow This morning you feel quite good, and you enjoy being with congenial people.(yay!) Probably it would be best to be with old friends whom you know well and with whom you have already established strong emotional ties. (good planning on our part then!) ... This influence denotes a time when you and your friends support each other and feel that you belong together (awww, GROUP HUG). This is a good time for any sort of group activity, (go poledancing go!) because by working together you all will feel that it is a group effort from which everyone will benefit equally. And this is true.
So, it'll be a good weekend then. And we will all benefit. IT IS DESTINY!!11!!

ps [livejournal.com profile] tyrell Happy Birthday for tomorrow, and I hope your joss-party is just as mutually beneficial for all concerned :)
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Seriously, best horrorscope EVAR... (annotated by me)

Personal Daily Horoscope of Saturday, 18 February 2006
for Helen,

A lazy streak

This morning this influence brings about pleasant feelings between you and everyone around you. [1]
It is a good time for being with friends or out having a good time. You enjoy everyone around you and they enjoy you[2].
Similarly you will enjoy good food and drink now, but be careful not to overdo it [3]. During this time you will tend to take things into yourself, so it is easy to overindulge [4]. This is not a good time for getting very much work done, because it often brings out a lazy streak. One exception to this is that you may feel like working to beautify or otherwise improve your home [5]. You need beautiful surroundings, and you will work to get them[6]. This is a good time for love relationships [7]. This influence by itself is too fleeting to start a major relationship, but it certainly is a help[8]

[1]I'm not quite sure about Sat. morning bringing about Pleasant Feelings of any kind.
Unless it's the part of Sat around breakfast time before I go to bed...
[2]Very enjoyable all round. Actually, that bit just sounds rude ;p
[4] I do indeed plan to take a great deal of alcohol into myself. This is almost uncanny!
[5] Lazy streak? Check (sleepign all day saturday, yay!) Beautifying? bit off there...
[6] Ah beauteous Feltham with your... well, there is that pondy thing with the geese. HONK
[7] Is chibi coming after all then?? IT IS DESTINY!
[8] I think it's the alcohol actually, but who am i to argue with THE STARS?
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hehe. Horrorscopes are a great source of amusement. This is tomorrow's...

Personal Daily Horoscope of Friday, 17 February 2006

"Something different"

This morning you feel impulsive and willing to act rashly. Your moods change so quickly that you surprise yourself as well as others. You may be with someone else who is like this, usually a woman. Probably you will be impatient with your normal routine and want to do something completely different. Assuming that the "something different" is within reason, it is probably all right to go ahead. In fact you might as well not bother trying to be disciplined and responsible for the next few hours.

I wonder if I can stretch "...for the next few hours" into next few DAYS?

Yay, this time tomorrow I will be there (most likely in the pub) and, fellow febmeeters, it has occurred to me that we may be the only people EVER to not only be excited about going to Feltham, but to be excited about going there AGAIN.



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