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Morning all! Today, very excitingly, I am getting a new roof on the kitchen. So far we have discovered that the existing roof was quite a bit more fucked than it looked, with the thrilling
find of a large puddle of water having leaked in right above the electricity box! Which was nice.

Going to leave them to it shortly and go play with Ziggy and test out her fancy new shoes - she got used in a farrier's competition at the weekend which means she now has a lovely new set of handmade, made to measure shoes. For free!
It was fascinating to watch them work, making the shoes from scratch and fitting them on - and it never ceases to amaze me how the noise, the heat and the smoke don't bother the horses one bit - the same creatures who can be terrified by a plastic bag, or a white rock on the roadside...

Anyway, some photos!

New Shoes! )

and now I must be off to test out the shoes, and hopefully have a lovely new roof when I get back (even more hopefully it doesn't rain in the meantime...)
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I know, everyone's doing it, but we don't get it that often! So, animals in snow...

fun in the snow )

And, as a break from snow, but still illustrating how... Odd the weather has been this year, a photo taken on 28th of October. OCTOBER! Roses! wtf?

There seems to be a bit of a thaw here today, but I think there is More Cold to come. Tho compared to everywhere else in the UK and Ireland, we seem to have gotten off pretty lightly up here!
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Forgot to add yesterday that this year's attempt at Nanowrimo has pretty much failed. Managed great the first day, then very little ever since. Couldn't seem to get into it at all - it wasn't even a matter of not having time, I had time and kept actively finding Other Things to fill it with to avoid writing.

Of course having pretty much conceded defeat yesterday, last night my brain finally came up with ways it could have worked (ie scrapping the forced half of what I'd done and going in a totally different direction) but I think 50000 words in 15 days is a bit much to attempt. I may keep the basic idea and try again sometime tho.

ION legs distinctly stiff after yesterday, tho not as bad as I'd expected. However I imagine the true horror won't reveal itself til I get back on the horse tonight. If it stays dry I think a nice lazy hack might be in order, if not, well we can go try out our new improved stride-shortening skillz and see if I can do it without constant instruction ;p
Also, I have to try *rising* trot with no stirrups to keep the legs in place. But not tonight. Way too much OUCH potential.

Tomorrow is Fangirl Heaven, Neil Gaiman reading and signing, yay! Still unsure what to take with me to get signed, apart from Good Omens of course. Neverwhere maybe, or one of the Sandman collections. Or maybe even the Hellblazer with Dream's first appearance. Hmm. Should I bring the camera or is that just a step too far?
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The evening got much better as it went on. Got home and after lying on the floor - unfortunately on the Mat of Mousely Offerings to The Great Cat Gods, but what can you do? I do hoover it after every one. Probably the most hoovered place in the house.
Anyway. After some lying flat and some stretching, I was no longer hobbling sideways in agony but nicely normal again. Went up to the stables to find no horse. Panicked slightly, til someone said Dessie had 'taken her somewhere'. Turns out he took her off to get clipped, so it's just as well I managed to give her a bath yesterday.
She looks so pretty all nekkid, plus there is no feeling in the world to beat freshly clipped horse, so smooth and soft, but if you brush it the wrong way you can feel all the tiny bristles...

He also got her a new rubber bit, which I got to try out. Yay, freshly clipped horse, new incredibly mild bit (Dessie's theory is that since he can't stop her out in the field anyway, there's no point hauling the mouth off her in a strong bit, might as well stick a mild one in and just hang on) and I got to be crash test dummy ;p
Luckily she seemed to really like it - and was still responding to it. Also was unusually sparky cos of the clip so we managed to do quite a bit, even tho we had to use the Hated indoor arena. Even got her doing canter figure-8s, which I was v. impressed with, tho she's back to stopping dead after a jump if there's only the one up. Still, got all winter to work on that!

Afterwards, went to see Serenity again. Once more, there were only about 20 or so people there, but they seemed to all be getting really into it, laughing and gasping in all the right places. I was a bit worried seeing again so soon would dull my reactions to it a bit but I was right on the edge of my seat again. Noticed more little bits and pieces too, which I may ramble about tomorrow - with full spoiler warnings ;)
For those of you who have seen it, my initial (somewhat incoherent) reactions are here - http://www.livejournal.com/users/hellison/113035.html - BANG full of spoilers.

I'd love to see it in a packed theatre, to really get the atmosphere. Maybe at the weekend...
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Today has been vaguely productive. Paid the electricity bill (on time for once too), renewed the company insurance, got paid too (yay) and got to the bank. Went to forbidden planet to see if they'd got any more of the Firefly comics in, but they're still all sold out. They did have Neil Gaiman's 1602 tho, which was a nice bonus. They had Anansi Boys too, which threw me into a bit of a quandry. Naturally I want it NOW but I'm also thinking of going to the dublin signing so I should probably wait til then.
Maybe. I might go buy Thud instead to keep myself happy.

Also ordered 2 more Sandman and the serenity novelisation & companion off Amazon. No joy with the comics there either, Ebay may be the last resort. Of course then there's the whole cover issue. I don't *think* I'm obsessed quite enough to buy the 3 versions of each, but Mal or Jayne cover? Decisions are so hard. Not sure who the other cover of the 1st one is, but if it's Wash I'm really going to be stuck. Damn these cunning marketing ploys!

Ziggy is still going well, rode indoors last night for the first time and she behaved much better than I expected. She went into the corners (mostly) and even cantered a full lap on each rein, tho that did take a bit of working up to. No bucks either, which was a surprise! Had a few jumps too, but my timing is so off, I really need to sort out a lesson with Suzie to work on that before I tackle anything over about 2ft. Confidence may also be an issue there ;p
Looking back to this time last year (thanks to memes of all things), we're much further along with her than I'd realised. This time last year we'd only *started* canter work and hadn't even got to jumping, so I'm well pleased and can even relax a bit. Hmm we? I mean me, since it has been just me this time round. Yay for me *pats self on back*. I reckon I've earned that!
She comes in from the field at the weekend, which means no more trekking round the field and through the stream every night to find her, but on the downside means mucking out. Still, it tones the upper arms nicely. Silver linings and all that ;)

ps the mood icon thingy (what DO you call those things) for accomplished just cracked me up. You go murderous goth icon girl!
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Livejournal has already eaten this on me once, but I shall try again!

As promised (or threatened), photos of teh Zigs from this weekend

won't someone think of the friends pages? )

So there you go! There are more at http://eatin.fotopic.net/c697562.html including some very flattering shots of her mid-roll ;)

And now, since the headboard has arrived and is attached, the form is filled and the sun is shining, I am off to play with Ziggy some more.
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So went to see Ziggy, took the camera and decided to post some before and afters, for comparison. OH. MY. GOD.

Luckily it doesn't look like she's lost all her muscle so hopefully now she's out of the really rich grass and back to work (once the farrier shows) she'll shape up nicely.

Lunged her briefly tonight just to check her over and see how she was moving, and it all looks good. She didn't get too puffed either, which is a good sign (tho we stopped after about 10 mins cos it rained).

before! )

Time passed and then...

after )
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For my own reference really, the course I jumped yesterday (very roughly), but also on the off chance anyone was wondering what I meant by 'doglegs'. A dogleg is basically an angled turn, so you have to go
. \ to get to the next jump. This course was a bit odd in that it had 2 doglegs right at the start, which basically meant you had to be jumping for no. 3 right from the first jump, its fairly technical for a low level course.
It was tricky in parts, particularly the turn to no. 3. I missed it the first time because I jumped too far to the left of 2 and couldn't get back on track.
Other people had the problem that if you jumped 2 square, the horse sees no. 6 as the next fence. Got the angle right 2nd time round tho ;)
The treble combo was quite odd too, in that it was 3 strides between each, normally its 1 stride then 2 or 2 then 3.
In the 60cm round, we stopped after 5, didn't have to do 6 and 7, tho in later classes a few people had the problem again that after 6 the horses naturally took 2 to be the next jump.

So a tricky one. We didn't do too awfully (apart from falling off) got the line to no. 3 right 2nd time round, but were too slow going into the treble, got a bad take off to the 1st, stumbled over the 2nd taking it down and leapt hugely over the last - all because I couldn't get a good rhythm going into it. Still, its all learning and it was fun - plus good to know that I did actually have the nerve to get on a completely strange horse at a strange arena and jump a course. And that I didn't fall off over the jumps ;p

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