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SO colours update! Went for a basic yellowy cream for most of it (not too yellowy tho, tried one of those and it was Too Much). Tried various pinks too on the back wall, just to see, but the one I actually like best - this one - was just too dark (would be nice in a dining room maybe), so might see if they have it, or similar, a few shades paler and see what that looks like!

Also arrived home to 2 'missed delivery' notes. OH NOES MYSTERY POST. One said it'd be delivered again today, the other was at the post office. So picked that up this morning and, thank you [livejournal.com profile] adelpha!
Pocket Ponies! That are NOT scented, thankfully ;p

Will see what the other one is when I get home this evening hopefully...

ION, not much to report, teh mother is still in hospital, thought she might be out tomorrow, but that looks unlikely now, will see this evening maybe.
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It's all very quiet today, what are you all up to?

It's quiet out here in non-LJland too, which does mean I've got quite a bit of work done today, but also means I'm bored now. And there's still hours to go til home time :/ Well, 2, but still. HOURS.

There was however, a final Kitchen Installment! The MisMatched Handle Issue has finally been solved. TBH, I'd forgotten all about it, what with everything else going on, but last night The Kitchen Idiot phone me out of the blue and said he'd send someone up this morning! I was stunned at his initiative and then pleasantly surprised with the fitter guy showed up with the handles on time this morning.
Then said he'd had them in the back of his van for ages but had forgotten til he found them yesterday and told TKI... so not *quite* so much initiative there, but still! He also said they're on 3 day weeks now as there's little work, so he's coming round next week to put in new sockets in teh kitchen (since the old ones look out of place now) and put up new lights for me in the living room. Now all I have to do is get the walls skimmed/painted and it will be entirely finished. Hurrah!
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Ta Da!!!

Finally, I am enshelfinated! Woohoo!

And it only took phoning TKI again yesterday, him asking yet *again* what time I finish work, arranging for them to arrive Before Half 9 this morning, phoning at 9.25 to be told they'd left them at the wrong house (WTF?), them rescuing the shelves from outside the wrong house, bringing them to my house then spending half an hour kyrpton factoring them into the cupboard!

Alas, when describing this tangled procedure to collegues (to explain why I was late), I foolishly mentioned that it was great to finally have them in to display the Nice Glasses and Nice Big Jug I have. So now there are many comments along the lines of how it's always good have your big jugs on display (especially if they are nice ones), rather than hidden away. Etc.

I am especially glad that they have arrived just in time to enable me to display my Nice Big Jugs properly for [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01 when she arrives later this evening.

Now I just have to get the matching handles sorted, and it's all done...

happy friday :)
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Today has been a bit dull, so I decided to liven it up by phoning The Kitchen Idiot to see why I still have no shelves. I have to give him one thing, he is quite inventive with his excuses.

You may recall someone did show up two weeks ago to collect the template to go make the glass shelves. I have heard nothing since, and haven't had the energy to phone and argue. But today, I did. This might be my favourite weak excuse so far -

He claims he sent someone up on "the day of the bad snow" - last Monday - "on the OFFCHANCE" that I might have stayed off work. But OH NOES! I was not it. Yet it did not occur to him then, or at any time since to CALL ME and see if there was a time I COULD be in. Oh no.
So he is going to see when they could come and call me back. I won't be holding my breath. I can't even be bothered getting annoyed about it now, it's actually more amusing.

Must also sort out getting kitchen walls done (skimmed, painted). Sometime.

ION... not a lot. I have purchased myself a pedometer so I can numberchase walking more. I am sure soon I will stop obsessively checking to see how far I've gone NOW. Getting the train to work and walking about at lunchtime seems to rack up about 2.5 miles, which isn't bad; currently aiming for at least 6000 steps a day, which will hopefully increase as the weather gets better and I get fitter.
Of course the minor downside to this is that, working in the city centre, the only place to walk *to* is round the shops, which seems to lead to inadvertant spending. Maybe I should try exercising some will power as well ;p


Jan. 27th, 2009 12:31 pm
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Of a sorts...
This morning AT 9, the guy actually showed up (NOT the Clueless Idiot sadly. I have yet to meet him in person). To pick up the remaining wooden shelf from the Glass Cupboard to take away to the glaziers to use as a template to make the glass ones. Hopefully they won't lose this one.
He did say it should be done by the end of the week. We shall see.

So, WRATH has abated somewhat. For now. Tho it would be useful to have, as it is bloody cold here today and it's a very warming emotion ;p

Today's mission is, I think, to check out flights for febmeet. Or just Get Warm.
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Today, I am mostly Being Annoyed at the Clueless Idiot in the Kitchen place who has taken over from teh Nice Girl I dealt with originally. Partly because he insists on referring to me as 'Mrs', despite that fact that nothing I have ever given them has 'Mrs' on it and the fucking cheques *I* fucking PAID them with very clearly say 'Miss' (must get that changed. I feel I have outgrown 'miss' somewhat now).

Mainly, however, because he seems to think I have nothing to do but sit at home all day waiting for workmen to show up. He phoned me *at work* at 2pm on Friday to say they could send someone round then. I pointed out that I was NOT THERE, which seemed to surprise him, but said I could be home by half 4 if someone was definitely coming out.
Left work early, went home, no-one showed up.
Phoned this morning and had following conversation -

Me - HAI no-one showed up on friday. Why is this?
CI - oh, did no-one come out over the weekend?
Me - (inwardly wtf? weekend?) No...
CI - Ah, they said they'd call sometime over the weekend so I left it at that.
Me - Well. They didn't. At least not while I was in. But then I Did Not Know They Were Supposed To Be Coming, so I might have been out.
CI - Ok, we can send someone round today then, are you in?
Me - (taking Very Deep Breaths). NO. I am in. I am AT WORK. And I will Be ALL DAY.
CI - oh right, when do you finish?
Me - Six. And since I have now taken time off on THREE separate occasions now for this, I am not doing so again.
CI - How about tomorrow morning?
Me - IF they are are there before half 9, I will be in. Otherwise I will be At Work. GOOD DAY SIR.

We Shall See.
If they are not, next time, I will be talking to the manager, not the Clueless Idiot.


ANYWAY. Otherwise, I had a very nice weekend. Sat. started of with blissful lazing, lie-in, pottering about, looong hot bath with lush bubbles, then down to see family.

Sunday, playing with niece and nephew, sorting some house stuff out for the mother, then back home to commence More Clearing out of Crap. Got a shredder, so had much fun shredding old statements etc. Very Slowly am decluttering. Very Very slowly. Baby steps, etc ;p
Then spent the evening idling on the mud, mostly in teh dunking pool. Which was fun!

Today I will be mostly vaguely working and muttering curses at the Clueless Idiot. Actually, if they are not there tomorrow, I will be Writing A Letter.
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Well, practically done, it needs painted, but that's the easy part. Hopefully ;p

So, it has gone from this -

before )

to THIS!

after! )

I like it. I like it VERY MUCH. Especially when I look at the 'before' pics. I hated it ;p

Of course right now I'd like it even MORE if the tilers hadn't fucked up the heating and my feet were warm, but hopefully that'll be easily fixed *crosses cold fingers*

At least it's not actually freezing here just now ;p

but yay, DONE! It rocks ;)

ps Internet up and down like a yo-yo. No idea why. Woe, etc.


Jan. 9th, 2009 08:13 pm
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This was going to be a lovely post about the lovely new tiles and the pretty much finished lovely kitchen, with added lovely fun riding the horse.

Then i got home from riding the lovely horse in the cold, to a cold house (cos they've had the back door open all day). So I to turn the heating on. BUT IT WON'T COME ON because they've fucked up the control panel thingy somehow. And it is REALLY COLD NOW and i can't make it work :/

They did also helpfully leave the water heater on so there is at least hot water. May go sulk in a hot bath with cider. Then take the laptop to bed, where it might be warmer.


Hopefully tomorrow they will come back and fix it then i can be happy about the lovely tiles and post lovely pictures.

For now, shivery sulking. Also cider. Yay cider!
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Shiny shiny black and shiny. They are very lovely! and took no time at all to fit, which was great!

less great is that the kitchen fitters who were meant to be here with the missing door and other bits are Not. And i was hoping to get back into work today too, looking unlikely now. BAH



Now just waiting for the fitter guy to show up with missing door etc. Tho doesn't look like he'll be here in time for me to get to work now :/ *mourns holidays*
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Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] mollydot

Every day for 6 days (is it 6?), post something that made you happy that day.

Not surprisingly, today is the Kitchen Is Almost Done! Which neatly allows me to move to the kitchen progres picspam demanded by [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01

Kitchen progress )

Currently the corgi man and the electrician are in there sorting out the gas hob, the oven and all the lights etc. Then its just waiting for the worktops and tiling...
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The kitchen, it is cleared! Apart from a few essentials (the toaster will be staying til the fitters turn up at the door ;p). The living room is now full of kitchen.
Not cleaned, for while I'm sure my mother would insist on it, I really see no point in scrubbing a kitchen that's about to go into a skip. I might brush the floor...

Also this weekend I have sorted out some long overdue company stuff, and got invoices done. Then redone, when I remembered the bloody VAT change. Also visited family, done some stuff about the house for Mum and played trains etc with the kids. And been a horse.

So for the rest of the evening it will be sofa, telly (I shall be Upset if they boot Austin off Strictly!), and perhaps a long hot bath. I think I've earned it!
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Went to see the kitchen place again last night. They had in the showroom a kitchen with the granite and the formica. The formica is fine, nothing wrong with it or anything. but... SHINY SHINY GRANITE was so much prettier.
So I asked for a quote for the kitchen with granite as well as the one with formica.

She called today and while it is (as she'd said) about 1.7k more, it still comes in under what I had decided the Ultimate Limit of budget was (I had 2 limits - Roughly What Would Be Ok, which the first estimate was just under, then the Ultimate Pay No More Than This No Matter What Shiny Thing You See Limit ;p), while still leaving plenty for tiling and floor stuff.

But of course how can I make a major decision without consulting lj?

[Poll #1301472]

Tho you can probably guess what way I'm leaning ;p

ETA only one lone Voice of Sense and/or Reason out there? Just one?

ETA2 Off to see the Nice Kitchen Lady now, discuss it all with her and decide. Will let you all know later ;p

ETA3 And teh winner is...

Granite !

um, I should add this was based on much more than 'oooh shiny' and 'lj said so'. I'm not quite *that* insane.


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