Moar Leg

May. 1st, 2017 12:36 pm
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So much leg ;p ALL LEG, ALL THE TIME (There is more to come ;p And mostly for my own reference, so feel free to skip. If anyone is reading!)

So, cortisone injection - this went much better than I expected! Initially I wasn't sure why they were bothering, because nothing was really *sore*. HOWEVER. Having had it, I have to concede they had a reason. OMG. SUCH MOVEMENT. SO SMOL. MUCH WIGGLE. WOW!

yeah, turns out it has made a BIG difference. Ankle may not have been sore before, but it was also not doing much of anything, including moving like an ankle. Now, it wiggles! It bends! I can walk in bare feet again!

Also, I had not realised how swollen it was til it stop being swole and is now a normal size. All my shoes/boots are loose.

A slight downside is that I was so happy the first week about the barefoot walking, and being off work, I did a fair bit of pottering about with no shoe/no heel lift so back start to spasm again. Also a few days ankle was really quite sore (poss this was all the pain they thought I was having before)? Tho that seems to have died down now.

The biggest and bestest is change now tho is that it no longer siezes up completely of an evening. Previously, it would be grand all day, but at night, after about half an hour or so of sitting, it would stop moving and when I had to get up again, there would be much hobbling/lurching for first 5 mins til it loosened up again. THis has not happened AT ALL since injection and it is GREAT! Plus stairs are much easier. As is just walking about in general. So you win this round DOCTORS.

Went back to see Orth. Surg for follow up, he was happy too. Asked about the whole Still Broken thing, what implications are and wtf happened in the first place. He was also curious about this - and v relieved to say it wasn't him wot did the original op as he reckons he was in australia at the time. Good alibi. Promised to try and track down original xrays from hospital. Must also look into how i can get hold of these myself (if they still have them).

Saw Podiatry Greg while waiting, as he was just leaving and he came over for a chat about how it was going, explained pain and he said orthotics would help with this, and we'd go over in more detail when I saw him again, also stretchy band exercises to help keep things moving. See him next week, and FINALLY see NHS podiatrist 2 days after that. It's all going on leg wise!
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So. Hello dream width! I had not been on LJ in a long time til recently, when it was v useful in going back over the Saga of the Broken Ankle from 10 years ago, so I could fill in new podiatrist with endless background detail.

Original reason for visiting New Podiatrist was back going after xmas and physio saying it was all due to unevenness in leg length and I REALLY needed to see podiatrist for orthotics. After much wrangling with drs to find out where original referral from TWO YEARS ago went, I get appt, but not for months. BUT! handily have work insurance policy that will cover diagnostics if you get stuck on a long NHS waiting list. So get to see private guy!

Trawl lj for history (as had forgotten a lot of it!) and go see Podiatry Greg. He pokes and prods and talks about orthotics and back scans, then sends me for x ray. Come back with xray and Things Have Changed. 'we'll leave the back for now' he says 'mri of ankle ' he says. All misaligned and osteophytes everywhere he says...

Now back in 2009 I saw an orthopedic surgeon who waffled on about ostephyts and misalignment and how painful it would be to fix... at the time I hadn't the xrays so I drew the following handy diagram to illustrate...

normal ankle v my ankle

Now that I have an actual xray? I wasn't far wrong. BEHOLD THE WONK

Read more... )

Older entries are porting over to DW as we speak, so will be able to link back to them, but wanted to keep up documenting leg progress, because it was helpful previously. And also WTF how is this still going ON? How do i manage to still so broken TEN YEARS later. And why do none of them believe me when I say it ISN'T SORE?
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I had a plan for today. It was a simple plan. It started with horse then work, then hosptial visiting. What was supposed to happen was -
9ish get to stables, get horse shod
10ish post shoeing, get horse clipped
lunchtime put horse in field (with rug), go to work
5ish leave work, have food
6ish go to hospital visit mother
8ish either back to stables, bring horse in OR leave horse out, sofa
9ish CIDER

Then, got call from yard manager to say clipping lady couldn't come til 12 and could I get sedative from vets. Still, I figured, we'd be done clipping half one ish plan would still work

What Actually Happened -

9ish get to stables, chat to Farrier and Mary's Owner as Mary (another horse) is shod
9.30ish farrier starts shoeing ziggy, decide to try hot shoeing. This goes well!

Oh and another part of the plan had been Take Proper Photos. Did remember camera, forgot to charge camera battery so only had phone camera. On which I kept pressing the wrong button so only got one crappy shot of the hot shoeing, not several of billowing smoke, detail, etc.

Anyway )

Now! Wtf how is it nearly 3?? WHAT? anyway. 4th katy nearly done. Possibly also time for MOAR CODINE so i can actually make it as far as the stairs then bed. Lovely lovely bed.

Tomorrow, I suspect will involve Sleep, hot bath, and MOAR CODINE. And bringing stable rug to horse (tho, if weather still mild, may just leave her out, go up sunday) and, obv,. hospital. Mostly, sleeping.
And, hmm. Also hoping anyone at work i told 'will be in friday afternoon' either didn't need anything today, or didn't notice. Ah well.

how has your weekend started off?
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Today's adventure - Podiatry!

Since the orthopedic consultation produced no results other than to tell me I was even more mutant than previously realised, I decided to go find myself a podatrist and see if they could level me up (what with one leg begin shorter than the other) and align all the misalignedness etc.

The podiatrist was a nice but ... rather odd man, who mostly fired bizarre questions at my like 'What IS a foot??' What IS a shoe? What are legs FOR? What are WALLS (seriously. They are, I now know, floors turned 90 degrees! the things you learn)', while brandishing various types of shoe at me to show their wrongess. Mainly trainers for some reason. Tho, crocs are Good !

He also ranted a bit about orthopedic surgeons and their habit of resorting to surgery ("the clue is in the name!"), and was, quite rightly, fairly scornful about the consultant telling me he wouldn't do anything til it got REALLY painful ("So, let it get much WORSE, then try to fix it, eh!?!").

He also did some Useful stuff - he seemed much more concerned about the Right leg than the Mutant Short Left, and explained how it had got way out of line trying to compensate for Being Longer and if I didn't get levelled out soon, my knee would be fucked as well as my ankles. Also took a photo to show me just out badly off-line my right leg is. Which was surprising! He is referring me off to a chiropracter to get a Pelvic Xray, to establish just how wonky I am, then he will build me orthotics to even me out.
I have a cunning plan to ask for ankle xray at the same time and make them into a Special Christmas Card fofr Thesme. I am such a good friend ;)

OOh I forgot, he also produced a sort of... scrapbook with articles in and showed me an article printed out form the SKY NEWS website about how david beckham has a short leg. And read it to me. Despite holding it in front of me so I could read it myself. Still, who'd have thought I'd have something in common with David Beckahm? And Tony Blair. And... some other people but I'd kinda stopped listening by then ;p
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Remember how 2 years ago (how is it that long?) I went off to Italy for a short break and came back with two (not my actual leg there)? And how every time I think it's better, it all seems to go WRONGBADOWOWOW again?
Well, today was yet again Going To See About the Ankle day! This time, to an orthopedic consultant to ask about pins and why it is still sore, and can anything be Done About It.

First, got x-rayed yet again, tho standing up this time, which was novel. Then the hanging around waiting to see The Man.
Turns out it is not the pins that were causing the problem at all. Oh no, nothing that simple. Instead, it is because my ankle is now misaligned! What fun! Also there are bony growths at the front (Thesme will have to supply the proper name for them, cos i have forgotten already), which is why i get the pressure and/or pain when walking at times.

To demonstrate my MUTANT ankle, I have prepared a diagram, through the combined powers of google and MSpaint -

Consultant man explained that while it was possible to correct all that with surgery, it would be quite invasive and intensive surgery, involving cutting open and chipping off bits of bone and generally sounded NOT NICE AT ALL. He felt that since it is only sore some of the time, rather than all the time, it wasn't worth going through all that to try to fix it (because it might not even work), but to leave it for now and come back if the pain ever gets more persistant.

So, bascially, live with it, which while not quite what I was hoping for, does seem preferable to bone-chipping-cutting funtimes - for now at any rate. It is good to know WHY it is still so crap at times at least - and does explain things like why it gets sorest after standing about a lot, rather than walking/riding (tho that's not fun either). And why wearing heels is still so difficult (the angle foot would be at would increase pressure on misaligned bits. I think ;p)

Next step is, I think, to chase up the missing podiatry referral, and see if *they* can do anything. And keep stocked up on painkillers for when it does go wrong. Ah well.
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So! I went to see my lovely Dr (in the very lovely clinic - next day appoinments and everything!), who listened to me going OW OW LEG OW WHY? while nodding and prodding notes on the computer. Also asked him about the podiatrist, but he said since there was PAIN he'd prefer to refer me back to the Orthopedic guys and packed me off to the hospital next door (v. handy that) to get xrayed.

Sadly in these days of digital xraying, they do not give you copies but they did let me look at them on the screen. I had forgotten how big the screws were! Also now I know exactly where they are, I can be fairly sure it is them causing a lot of the pain while walking (the pain *after* walking i'm not sure sure about, I guess the Orthopedic guys will...). On the downside, they definitely don't look easily accessible for removal. Will just have to wait for appoinment to come through and see.

Unfortunately, during the prodding of notes Lovely Dr. I. noticed I had been sent reminders to go for a ... Lady Check, which I had been studiously ignoring (well, mostly forgetting about really), so have made appointment for that too. Joy.

This evening, I have mostly been lazing, pottering around the garden and wrestling with stupid wireless which keeps cutting out. Now have laptop connected directly to modem, which seems to defeat the point somehow. May need a new router I guess (since internets working fine otherwise it seems). Or... something. Damn technology!

And now, dinner time! I have a hankering for beans on toast tonight I think.
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Today, I am going to the doctor to See About My Ankle, since there was another major attack of OWowowowow OW OW OW on Monday night to the point where I could barely put any weight on it and couldn't sleep despite painkillers. Stupid thing. Of course today it is much better so I feel like a bit of a fraud going, but I'm fairly sure after TWO YEARS i should be able to at least *walk*.
Also to chase up what happened to the referral to podiatrist. I suspect they may be right about the whole needing a heel lift thing, since Monday's OUCH seem to come after walking around all day in sandals - comfy, but not a lot in the way of support. Bah. I should probably find the one the physio gave me last year and try it out again (I gave up because it also led to OWOWOWOW. Can't win!).

ION... not much. It is raining! So blessedly cooler today. Work is busy, but v. dull without LJ. Reading a lot o CiF in the Guardian, which is entertaining and at times boggling/depressing - tho doesn't quite reach the heights (depths ?) of HYS over on the BBC. Watching Dollhouse too, which is good so far, and seems to be getting better . Other than that... bugger all really!
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Dear Ankle

I thought we had been through this. You are supposed to be BETTER. You have had two years now. TWO FUCKING YEARS. You'd even lulled me into a false sense of security, we've been walking lots (so the pedometer tells me - at least 2 miles most days, best yet is nearly 5), including traipsing through uneven and very muddy fields; there's also been riding and not a peep out of you beyond some stiffness and the occasional mild ache.

So WHY did just standing around for a couple of hours yesterday lead to stabby, burning pain [1] and almost total inability to bear any weight? Why, after the rest of the evening on the sofa AND a long lie-in this morning can I STILL barely walk?

This is not good enough. It may be time to go back to the orthopedic guys and discuss teh whole 'pins stay in' issue.

No love, much codine,


[1] This part is not exaggerated. Seriously, BURNING. WTF?

Meh. Afternoon at the show was fun, got to talk to lots of Public and show off the new website and maps, mostly showing people aerial shots of their farms tho. Also got to wander about a bit AND watch the show jumping, so that was good. Less good was the PAIN afterwards. Stupid fucking leg.
Took this morning off to sleep, rest it and also get invoices done. So now, I should get dressed and go to work I guess. At least it's Friday!


Nov. 11th, 2008 11:24 am
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Yesterday, I decided (since it was a good day) to brave Getting The Train To Work. Last time I tried this, it didn't work out so well , but that was 2 months ago.

This time? So. Much. Better! There was Aching, yes, but less of the actual stabbing pain during the walking and none of the extensive pain afterward! And today? All is well. Last time there was Pain for about 2 days afterwards.

So, YAY! And Hurrah! and so on. This is a Good Sign.

Oh, on a completely different note, I realised at the weekend I forgot to get money for tickets off the Gaiman-Going Folk. So now y'all owe me a couple of pints and/or favours. Tho, I'm not quite sure what £8 worth of favours would amount to - feel free to make suggestions!

Or you could all club together for One Big Favour...

*imagines this*

I think I need a lie down.
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Dear Ankle

You have had 15 months now. I understand being broken then screwed back together was a traumatic and upsetting experience, but I feel, and I say this in your - indeed OUR - best interests, that it is high time you GOT THE FUCK OVER IT and started actually working properly. Or indeed at all.
I don't think it is unreasonable to expect you to cope with walking the entire kilometre [1] from the train station to work AND back again. In fact, if you manage the getting there, the getting back is kind of essential.
True, this time you managed without the stabbing-pains-with-every-step you treated me to last time I attempted this foolhardy trek, however the gain there is somewhat negated by the fact that after getting home and sitting down for half an hour I have to USE THE FUCKING CRUTCH to get to the kitchen from the sofa. To find the Codine (looooovely codine). AND STILL YOU ACHE.
Stupid fucking leg. If it wasn't for the codine, you'd be for the chop.

No love,

If anyone wants me, I'll be sulking on the sofa, alternately staring blankly into space (yay codine!) and reading yet MORE Twilight wank . Probably just as well I didn't buy a weekly ticket.

[1] i measured it on google maps ;p
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Last one! Discharged again - and this time it didn't make me feel like bursting into tears, so YAY!

In fact, all leg stuff is going well. Joint is more flexible, it doesn't do the seizing up as much and, even better, is nowhere near as painful. Still gets achy, but hasn't been 'arggh get me codine' for a while. Or even just ibuprofen.

Walking any distance also still not great, but improving. More importantly, haven't used the crutch at all now for... 5 days! It might not sound like much, but I think that after 13 months, I may FINALLY be rid of the bloody thing. Just have to gradually build up how far I can go now I think.

MBTs are continuing to be fun and bouncy, am getting the hang of those too. Brought them along and the physio was Impressed by how much better I can walk in them.

For The Future - have to keep up the stretching exercises and see how it goes; if it starts to stiffen up again, i can go back for more physio and if it if keeps being painful then I should go get a referral back to the orthopedic consultants.

So. All in all, it's looking good; certainly a lot better than it did a month or so ago. Still can't run tho, but then I was never very good at that anyway. The world will just have to wait for me ;)

Physio 2:5

Jun. 25th, 2008 03:24 pm
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All going well this time round - after 5 sessions she no longer thinks I'll need more surgery, at least not in the immediate future, which is a BIG relief.

Have lots of calf stretching exercises to do now to work on dorsal flexion (yay i knows big wurds), as well as balancing on one leg stuff. Which i can do on the wii fit ;)

She also suggested I try MBT shoes and gave me the no. of a physio who sells them. So may try that out.

Has anyone ever given them a go? Or even know anyone who's tried them?

Ooh also saw Smallsarah being tortured too, she even flashed her cage at me! So, it could be worse. A LOT worse!

ION pretty much set for [ profile] mollow and [ profile] leeda's wedding this weekend. Just need a HAT. And a present...

physio 2:4

Jun. 19th, 2008 03:28 pm
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moar physio! )

ION, less shatteringly tired today, after sleeping for 3 hours when I got in yesterday, then being wide awake til 4am. Meh. Hopefully tonight's sleeping pattern will be more normal. Horrible cold has also abated.

Holiday already seems like it never quite happpened, now I mostly need to organise getting to Mollow and Leeda's wedding next weekend!
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Firstly, holiday is back ON, the Mother is recovered and all is back on track. Of course I have done no finding/washing/packing of clothes at all, so naturally instead of getting that started I am here instead, to fill in the next thrilling installment of the Leg Break Saga.

First Installment is Here .

So, we left Our Intrepid Heroine finally back at home, in a hospital with nurses, drugs and beds that go up and down and up and down and ... Anyway. Yes.
After all the fun of leg setting and casting, I was taken to a ward and a bed, and taken under the wing of the tiny, but terrifying, Nurse Jane (she was wonderfully patient with, well, patients, but woe betide any doctor, orderly or piece of equipment to cross her...), given Painkillers finally and generally made a LOT more comfortable.

The ward was a mixed one, which sent the Mother off the next day into a frenzy of Modest Pyjama and Pant buying. I forgot to say in the Previous Installment, that when bringing a change of clothes to the Hospital of DOOOM, she had apparently decreed my (I thought) respectable M&S knickers Unsuitable For Hospital Wear, due to lacyness, and thus I travelled home in the sister's spare pants.

The fact that my fellow patients were all elderly, doped to the eyeballs and generally had no idea where they were did not matter. There were MEN and thus Modesty was required.

Along with my new attire, the following day (tuesday) also brought the consultant and the man with the whirry cutter to cut open my lovely new cast, check The Leg and draw a big arrow on it, to make sure he operated on the right one. Which was the left one.
After peering at it and happily finding no broken skin, the cast was lashed back together and off he swept muttering something about operating in the next few days.
Thankfully I didn't realise at the time that he *actually* meant 'in about a week', and thus remained hopeful and quite happy with my lot.

I had a note book with me, which I rediscovered recently, in which I had made a list of Things Needing Done, including phoning work people, getting the cats transported to the Mother's, and, seemingly of Great Importance, cancelling attendance at Tentmeet.
Seriously, there is half a page of scribbling on 'How To Get Kiki to Tentmeet now I Can't Drive'. This may be the most organised I have ever tried to be in my entire life.
Which may be, [ profile] tiquetoque, why I was Slightly Surprised to find out some weeks later, that NO-ONE TOLD KIKI. Useless fuckers ;p

This was my first ever stay in hospital and I have to say, it was nowhere near as unpleasant as I had imagined. The staff - nurses and orderlies - were all wonderful, despite being hugely overworked, the food was fine, even for me (pickiest eater ever) and I had lots of lovely visitors, with books to read and, of course, a constant supply of painkillers.

I also had [ profile] thesme_01 come to visit, bringing some very choice literature, highlights of which included teh Marine who timetravelled back to an Island of Viking Nuns who weren't very keen on celibacy. She nearly got thrown out of the ward for reading parts of that one out loud ;p I might actually dig some of those out to bring on holiday...
What also helped was that fact taht since there were no Beeping Machines on the ward, I could use the mobile phone and thus keep in touch by sending people drug induce texts or subjecting them to random phone calls.

Time passed and Friday came with no operation yet. The novelty of hospital was wearing off by this point, particularly since I knew that no op Friday meant nothing til Monday at least and thus no getting home for probably another week.
Not that this stopped me confidently assuring people that I'd be up and about in no time and, of course, back at work by the end of the month. I have since learned that EVERYONE knew this was utter bollocks but no-one had the nerve to break it to me...

One exciting change came on Saturday when I got moved off the ward into a private room (they'd been trying for this all week, since the wards are usually for higher dependancy patients). Tho, not a room on the facture wards. Nope, I got shifted off to the gastric things floor. But still, a room all to myself! I could phone people EVEN MORE! Hurrah!

Even better, on Sunday night they said I was on the reserve list for ops the next day (ie I *might* get done if everyone else got done quick enough). So no food or water from midnight.
Monday may have been the longest day of my life. Nothing to eat or drink, on a bloody hot day, and constantly waiting to hear if I was going to get knocked out and sliced open.
Add to this no painkillers (in case I was to be Swept Off to Surgery) and the advent of Special Lady Time. It may give some indication of my state of mind that I was convinced if anyone found out it was SLT they wouldn't be able to operate; I have no idea *why* I thought this. Or why one of my biggest FEARS was that I would, omgtheshame, bleed on the operating table (yes. I KNOW this makes no sense. I think it was somewhere imbedded with 'you have to wear clean knickers in case you get knocked down and go to hospital or they won't treat you').

So. Not a Good Day. The consultant swept through with lackeys in tow at about 3 oclock and said I still might get on at the end of the day. And swept off again. Leaving a Hellsion now distinctly on edge. Time continued to pass, with no sign of anyone coming to take me away. Finally at about 6pm, I found out from the DINNER LADY they weren't going to operate.
But, at least I got a drink, food and painkillers again.
Then there was the wait for the next day's list to come out to see if I was on it. Which usually came out about 7.30ish. But no list. Time passed, nurses came to check, still no list. Then about 9ish one DID check and said 'hmm, no, you're not on it' Which may have been the point I finally cracked and started crying at them. Not, of course, huge crying, but Noble and Restrained I Am NOT Crying or In Any Way About To Go COMPLETELY INSANE sniffing. Sort of ;p

Eventually the night shift came on and a new nurse came to check. So I asked HER, possibly in a rather Tense and Strained Tone, to go check, and to make sure she'd checked the FRACTURE list, not their gastric stuff list. I'm pretty sure I actually saw a lightbulb come on over her head at that point.
At about 1am she came rushing in waving a bit of paper and said "I got it, you're first on for the morning!".


Tuesday morning dawned and finally, a week after getting to hospital, it was Pinning Time.
Thankfully, I really was first on the list, so I didn't have to sit through another horrendous day of thirsty endless waiting.
The Blue Gown was donned and, at about half 8, They Came to Wheel Me Away. There was something very nervewracking about being wheeled through the hospital. Possibly because I was going backward, but also because it was like SO MANY films/tv shows etc that start with that view of the ceiling passing by from a trolley.
Ended up in a sort of antechamber where needles were applied and drips attached and I wasn't getting AT ALL nervous, oh no. Then into the operating room, parked under the big round lights thinking 'help help, , what if the anesthetic doesn't work, hey that looks like a big glowy dalek think, shouldn't i be out by ...

Now obviously I don't know EXACTLY what happened next, but I'm assuming (mostly for thesme's sake) they got out some hefty Black and Decker power tools, sawed open my leg, while blood GUSHED everywhere, covering the floor and walls and ceiling, then they used a big electric screwdriver to put in the screws. Possibly while trying to read instructions from B&Q. Then they sewed it all back up again and packed me off to recovery.

This all took about an hour and a half. They also put a nerveblock thingy in my leg and attached the WONDERFUL MORPHINE DRIP OF JOY.
Sadly none of this actually took affect before I came round, which I did sort of screaming. And hyperventilating again. So they gave me a shot of morphine and told me to watch the clock and press the BUTTON OF JOY every 5 minutes.
Gradually it all started to take affect, and half an hour later I was back in my room, going ticktockticktockticktock FIVE MINUTES *press* Ahhhhhh.
The morphine drip is a wonderful WONDERFUL invention. And worked so well that, I'm told, by lunchtime (i was back the room about 11ish), I was on the phone to tell people all about operation and the joys of morphine. Or thats what I *thought* I was doing, apparently what I was *actually* doing was talking complete gibberish. This theme continued throughout the day and well into the night.
I do actually remember phoning Australia (HI SYDMUD), because texting was just far too difficult. Not what I said once I phoned tho ;p
I also remember waking up the next morning convinced I was in a hotel in France and being very confused by the maid wearing a nurses uniform and speaking english.

I don't have any of the actual xrays sadly, but thanks to the wonder of the internet and google, I have found one that pretty much matches wot I did and how they patched it up - Totally screwed!.
The horizontal screws are the ones that got taken out again in my surreal Adventure In The Military Hospital.

The rest of the hospital stay is a bit of a morphine-induced blur, but I did eventually get out of there on the Saturday, after one final hospital bed shift, this time all the way to the ear, nose and throat ward, where I met a lovely lady who was there because her eye nearly exploded on a plane. She had a MUCH better holiday disaster story than me.

So, just a fortnight after heading for a weekend break in Italy, I was installed at the Mother's house with 2 breaks, 4 pins, a cast and there I stayed for the next few months. But that's all chronicled already ;)

I'm not sure if the story has a moral, other than TAKE PAINKILLERS WITH YOU, but there you go. And if anyone has actually read this far, woo! COCK.

Now, I shall go start packing for the next holiday. From which I will hopefully return in one piece ;)

physio 2:3

Jun. 6th, 2008 01:08 pm
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2:3 ain't bad )

Yay holiday next week! In fact in a few days.
Tho, the whole thing has been cast into some doubt by the Mother, obviously feeling we haven't had enough drama in our lives lately, contracting a nasty stomach bug and managing at the same to to send her blood pressure sky rocketing (I never knew it *could* go over 200. You live and learn).
However she seemed a bit better when I left this morning, tho still v. weak. But determined to be going on holiday anyway. We shall see how it goes over the weekend. Needless to say have done no holiday shopping/packing/money changing etc. Monday could be a busy day.
Mostly now we're hoping she hasn't passed it to the rest of us...
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Once upon a time, not so long ago, and not so very far away (unless you are in Australia, or similar Forn Parts), a Beyoutiful Lady planned to attend the wedding of one of her many many cousins, in the far off region of Pescara, in Italy, to be held in a castle, naturally.

The Breakening )

As a slight aside, during the wedding night disco, someone had apparently swung into the Groom's Mother, sent her flying into a marble shelf/bannister/something, knocking her out and breaking her wrist, so she got packed off to the same hospital in an ambulance - and was put right into the bed I had not long since vacated. She had been in that hospital before (since she lives there ) tho, so when the Shouty Women started up, she picked up herself AND drip and wandered around until she found a bed in a quiet room...

Escape From Italy )

Hmm. Long story is LONG. Some other time I may go into My Adventures In Hospital and How To Get an Operation By Crying at Nurses.

physio 2:2

Jun. 2nd, 2008 03:41 pm
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as ever, mostly so I don't forget, ignore at will

bend it, shake it, just a little bit )

So, painful (as expected) but Positive I think. Back again Friday for more fun.

Decided against going back to work, so instead may write the full tale of How I Knackered Myself Good and Proper, for your delight and edification. Or ignoring ;) Then I will shut up about the whole thing.
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It's FAR too sunny outside to be stuck in an office. Also leaving at lunchtime for physio is making it very hard to get started on anything now.
I had planned to come back after physio, but am increasingly tempted to... not.

Also, just looked back on entries for last June. hehe. Back at work in a couple of weeks indeed ;p But realised I never actually put down the whole exciting story of How I Went For a Break and Came Home With Two. I may do this, purely for my own record, but, is there anybody left out there who hasn't heard it in all the glorious detail of pumas, minibuses, mean x-ray men, angry italian nurses, The Hospital of Horror and Why Flying With Broken Bones is Bad and would like to? Some of you I'm sure have heard it several times already...

[Poll #1197907]
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Started second round of physio today, details below the cut for anyone not completely over teh whole leg thing

This time, it's Painful )

In other news, still having fun with the wii fit. Haven't really lost much weight - tho it has dropped a little this week - but I have lost an inch from my waist and over an inch from hips/belleh (BYEBYE BELLEH) which I am much more pleased with, since there is obviously muscle toning/building going on. Plus I FEEL much better for doing some sort of exercise again at last.

Haven't been doing the balance games so much, mostly because I suck that them.
Most days I do about an hour - half an hour of a mix of the yoga and muscle exercises, in which I daily get told my left leg doesn't seem to offer as much support as my right. However in some of the yoga I have great balance and my form is beautiful too! Thanks George! (have taken to calling the instructor man George, as this helps when I need to yell at him ;p).
Then 20 mins/half an hour of the aerobic things. I still have to do the jogging in short bursts, as *both* legs start to give out if I try the longer one. Just about have the hang of the Step one, I rock the hula hoops (tho, knackering), and recently have been trying the 2nd level of the rhythm boxing programme. Which has mostly proved I have very little rhythm and no co-ordination ;p

So far, I've found it a good incentive to keep exercising - with the scoring you can see yourself getting better, and there is a quite a variety of exercises. It also suggests combinations of exercises that go well together. Some of them I still can't manage and the one legged ones are a Challenge, but it's all good practice.
What i don't like so much is the daily weighing, since weight can vary day to day anyway. And I think BMI is a pile of crock, especially as the wii fit does it, based only on height/weight - cf the losing inches but not actual weight. And i haven't bothered with the 'wii fit age' part in weeks. Tho I was down around 32 last time, so go me!

But, on the whole, for me, it's been a Win so far ;)

Right. Now I have to go wiggle my ankle 50 times. Then do some rapid cleaning before I head to work. Yay!


May. 2nd, 2008 11:00 am
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Good and bad. Phoned the physio dept. yesterday, waiting list is 3-4 months 'probably 4'. Great.

Then, went to see podiatrist, which all got a bit bizarre as I saw a different one from last time because they were running late, but she kept disappearing to check things with the original one anyway. So it went like this..

Pod. Lady - so, how has it been?
Me - not so good *starts to explain*
Pod lady - oh, hmm. Wait a minute *runs off to check with other pod lady*, comes back, starts again
Me - more explaining
Pod Lady - right, hang on *runs off again*
and so on, for about 20 minutes...

The upshot of this is I now have a heel lift with no actual lift, just the insert, to see how that goes. And they're transferring me to the Pod People in Belfast. Tho realised after I left that in all the running in and out, she never actually got my address here...
She also said that due to the weird mutantness of ankle that 4 months was too long to leave physio, as the seizing up could get more permanent (eek), and to try GP again.
However, the nice lady at the physio place said there was no point doing that since the referrals are assessed there anyway and that probably wouldn't change.

So. Time to go private perhaps. Have to investigate and see how much it costs.
Oh in the middle of the odd Pod People consulting, I also got a parking ticket. BAH.

ANYWAY. The Good. Wii Fit is fun and actually helping to some degree I think - definitely noticed less stiffness all round in Pilates last night, which is good. Will probably do a fuller update on how its working out after another week of using it.
Also remembered I joined civil service healthcare thing many many years ago, so phoned them this morning and they'll chip in £200 towards cost of physio!
Besides it's friday, it's sunny and there's a LONG WEEKEND ahead, with nothing at all planned to do! If it stays sunny, I may try cutting the grass.

Also may go shoe shopping again, see if I can get nice flat (bah) shoes for upcoming wedding.

ETA phoned hospital, got private appointment for 3 weeks today! HURRAH!


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