May. 1st, 2006 04:01 pm
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The grass is cut, finally! And just in time too *peers out at rain*. Just a rough first cut, but still, it's a start! I was about to begin the reclaimation of the flower beds, but I think I'll leave that til the rain stops.

Tho of course that means I may have to tidy *indoors* instead. Hmm. Lunch first I think ;p

Gig last night was great! Davey played his stuff then got Another Guy up, who was very good in a Radiohead stylee, then a bloke who just played guitar who was also damn good. Then finally Some Other Guy got up and sang and was amazing. Davey rounded off the evening with some more of his songs and a lovely version of Black is the Colour and we all drank and were Merry.
Afterwards, we went back to Declan's were we drank more, smoked some and got even more merry while Davey and Seamie showered [ profile] _unhurt_ and I with ridiculously over the top compliments, which was GREAT.
Apparently , I exude statuesque magnificence. Go me!

There should be more nights like that :p

ETA further accomplishments now include -
leisurely lunch lounging on sofa with mag
letter writing
kitchen cleaned
livingroom floor cleaned

And now, To the stables! To ride off into the sunset - with statuesque magnificence of course ;p
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So. At least 4 weeks to clear the backlog. But they could be BACK ON STRIKE within 3.



ION this really is nice champagne (even without added vodka ;p). Must buy more next time am thro heathrow.
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Not that I'm trying to cheer myself up or anything...

but, we have POST again!

Tho of course there's now nearly a month of backlogged stuff to be sorted as well as whatever is coming in, so it'll take a while yet, but YAY POST. I can get letters again. And SEND letters again!


Although I have now totally forgotten where I was with the letter writing thing, so I'll probably just start again

Except for [ profile] thesme_01 YOUR TURN NOW!
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Because the mud just crashed and I am bored, I give you a nice pictorial representation of Helena, made here -

Just imagine the warts. And that the bristley end of the broom is just out of shot :p
They didn't have any dagger type knives so I had to improvise. I did get a bat tho, and Broom Hair, yay!
Clicky for larger version ;)

Also, when I got home today there was not one, but TWO letters waiting for me ;)
Of course now I have to think of Things to write back.


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