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Good morning! How are we all today? The sunshine has come back, typically, onna Monday. But still! How was your weekend? Mine went thusly...

Friday - fled work (hurrah) went to stables to ride horse. Spent FORTY-FIVE minutes trying to catch horse. By the time i eventually did, couldn't be bothered riding and we were both soaked anyway. So did stable and phoned D. to see what the story is for the next few weeks. Recieved following bombshell...
Sometime in the next few weeks he is taking her to visit this damn fine horse for breeding! OMG! HORSE BABY! (maybe).
Pure-bred Irish draft too, which is great, orignially he was thinking something lighter... but yay! Classic Vision . It also turns out, as another shock, that Ziggy is *not* purebred ID but is in fact HALF TB. WTF? this is half TB? Wow.
Anyway. I forsee a v. quick and short learning curve in my future on how to cope with pregnant mares and then foals. If he actually goes ahead with it and it all works out...
Rest of Fri. was spent drying out on the sofa with cider, googling Classic Vision and going OMG. And mudding.

Sat.... LIE IN. Yay. Sleeep. Then home to family for family doing stuff (giving presents for older nephew's b'day, going Awwwww at the baby, etc).

Sunday - moar family stuff, then I went on a mission to buy a new kitchen table. After much checking thro shops that only sold big dining tables and finally found this one , which fits v. nicely against the wall and matches the actual kitchen v. well. Tho, it has chrome legs. I am not sure why, but there you go. The rest of Sunday was spent Assembling the table (which was easy), getting it upright afterwards (which really was Not, it weighs a ton) then getting old table out and to garage etc. Then making tasty foods to eat off it.
Rounded off the weekend watching Blade (first time!), which was v. good, despite missing a most of the Exposition part in the middle due to phone calls, then with a long hot bath and catching up on some reading .

So there you have it - horses, family and kitchen tables. The excitement never starts stops round here!
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Meh wednesdays. Slept in, had to drive in, thus ruining goal of getting train in 3 days in row (tho yesterday did have to get a lift home due to rain and ankle sorness. However is much better today. Bah).

Also increasing IRE at collegues overheard discussing latest footballer allegations
*stabs EVERYONE*

HOWEVER! In the category of Things That Brighten Up My Day Immeasurably, I gave you Neil Gaiman's Hands
Well, all of Neil Gaiman really, but most especially his hands Lovely lovely hands. That picture of him holding the kitten from a while back is still one of my favourite images.

I have a bit of Thing about hands ;) What's YOUR favourite body part?

EDIT for clarification. And extra question

What I MEANT was more... what catches your eye about someone. Makes you go OOH? I have in the past found myself just staring at someone's hands ;)
Going OOH...

Also, since Thesme answered this anyway, what's your favourite part of your OWN body? For me, I think probably my eyes.

ooh also! On Other People! The part where neck and shoulder meet (there is a proper term for that I am sure, but I dunno what it is right now, brane not working gud today). There. I like that bit. I like it a lot ;p

NAPE - or, maybe not? )

Do feel free to add Demonstrative Images of your own Favourite Parts in teh comments. This is for SCIENCE after all!
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It is friday. It has been busy busy work day with much Explaining How Things Work (with a little Yelling At IT to make them work on the side) to people, which is always v. draining for some reason.

Anyway. Things that made me happy today included

1. Zig and Zag on the radio with Ray D'arcy this morning on the way to work! It made me giggle a lot, and not JUSt due to lack of sleep ;p Apparently, they have a Best Of dvd coming out! yay!
(can't get stupid Today FM website to load. Also, the vast majority of you will have NO IDEA what any of that means anyway ;p)

2. Winning Thesme's 'black chambers of my heart' challenge. Even if I did sit up til after 2am to do it, it was WORTH it.

3. The Michael Stone verdict is IN!
And the judge didn't believe it was interpretitve dance either.
He might have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids nail bombs, knives and letters to journalists saying he was going to slit throats and blow the place up!
This has a bit of interesting background, notabley this quote from another loyalist paramilitary - "He didn't just want murder to be done, he wanted it to be seen to be done."
So back to jail for Mr Stone. Again.

And now it is time to FLEEEE work. And go to the Big Tescos on the way home to buy delicious cider of joy and tasty snacks and collapse on the sofa. And SLEEEPY

Have a good weekend ;)
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The trial of Michael stone, lunatic, spree killer and Performance Artist, continues, for his attempted attack on Stormont , in which after making his way very slowly up the Very Long Drive (bear in mind he is a well know and Very Recognisable person) to Stormont, daubed graffitti over the walls of Parliament Buildings, he was finally thwarted by a revolving door.
The building was evacuated by the Speaker, trying to shut up the assembled politicions and eventually resorting to "ORDER! Unless you want to sit here and get bombed" (you really couldn't make this up ;p)

Yesterday, he got have his say on teh stand.
His defence - it was Performance Art to enliven the peace process (which, I guess it did), and he was "...a comic parody of my former self" - which he has also managed. So well done there. It actually sounds like he could be serious. Or deranged.

Of course the fact that he had a replica gun, nail bombs, knives and a garotte was also only part of the act. Honest.

My new favourite bit is this tho - he dyed his hair and goatee beard so he would not look "overweight and grey-haired" in front of the world's media and press gathered for the day's events".

(all from here )

We do breed a very special kind of lunatic here.

ETA there is MOAR

The prosecution have described him as "an egocentric killer with a penchant for publicity" , which sounds about right.

Also, he once planned to assassinate Ken Livingstone. Which is nice.
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1. headline from bbcni re cervical cancer jab - "Girls urged to ABSTAIN in jab row"
why? Because its a dirty cancer you can get from SEX and obviously if you've been having sex you deserve it. Or... something.
More from the helpful FAQ here -

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said the way to tackle the problem was not to offer injections, but to tell girls not to have under-age sex.

Ahh. So it's only *underage* sex that causes cancer. Good Girls won't get it, and thus don't need vaccinated. Well that's all clear then!

I know there are Other Issues around the vaccination and which version was chosen etc, but that's not what these people are saying. They're saying girls shouldn't be vaccinated against a potentially TERMINAL DISEASE, because then they might have sex! And we can't have that!!
Would there be the same outcry if it was discovered testicular cancer was also linked to a virus and teenage boys were offered it?

2. This article about date rape is making my head explode with WTF and RAGE. Because obviously if you go drinking with a guy who turns out not to care whether or not you're concious when he gets off on/in you, well that's YOUR fault you silly loose drunken woman. It's not like he's done anything WRONG, or should face any consequences for it! SKIN CRAWLING NOW.


ETA New Mistful Fic! and at lunchtime too. Couldn't have been better timed.

EDIT 2 - just to add, now the original RAGE has calmed slightly, this turned into a thought provoking discussion; a timely reminder the world isn't completley full of morons. Or at least my flist isn't ;) Thanks!

AAAAND if we can keep it civil kids, that would be good. [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_, I still have crutches. And I know where you live. Keep up the ranting tho. Rants Good. CIder better. MOAR CIDER
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So. AAAAGes ago, Michael Stone, that well known local psychopath and murderer tried to STORM Govt. buildings at Stormont, but was foiled by... a revolving door.

Then, sometime later, his lawyers claimed this was not an Acutal Attack, but Performance Art .

They are now apparently holding to this line of defence with - and I quote one of the funniest passages I've read on teh bbc news in a lot time, and I include the Welsh Darth Vader Jedi Attack here -

Performance art experts are helping the defence team of a loyalist killer who raided NI's assembly allegedly carrying explosives and a knife.

To be fair, the phrase "performance art experts" brings enough comedy on it's own but the crack team assembled to prepare an academic study on the whole thing elevates this to a whole new level of beautiful lunacy.

Plus, it's a good excuse to repost my favourite crap mural Cultural Folk Art of all time.

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Morning (ish) all, how were your various weekends?

Mine was v. lazy with much rugby, mudding, listening to the neighbours sing Paul Weller at 5am and hanging out with family.

Finally managed last night to get about 8 straight hours sleep. Sadly this ran from 1.30-9.30am so was still late for work.

On the way in, heard yet another charming example of our politicians acting like children fighting over the playground - the shinners want to hold something to celebrate that IRA woman who got shot by the SAS. For international women's day WTF?
So naturally Donaldson the Weasel now wants to hold an SAS tribute. in the same place
SO. Here follows my message to my elected representatives on this contentious issue.
cut for a touch of ranting )

*takes a deep breath*

A few other things caught my eye while looking for that story.

Dustin for Eurovision! YAY! Dana is not amused Tho mostly apparently cos she's worried he'll WIN.

That footballer guy with the broken leg. Made the mistake of flicking thro one of the red tops this morning in coffee place and AAAIIEEEEEE graphic pictures of the SHATTERING AAARRGHHHH. Do Not Want! Avoid at all costs. Unless perhaps you are [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01. Also. Didn't one of the... scottish? rugby team also break a leg on saturday? Less dramatically, but still, there's no mention of it anywhere.

Finally Graves on sale! snap one up quick! The headline made me laugh at first. Then I realised I actually do have a grave already.
Which is rather a weird thought for a monday morning, and on that note, I'd better get back to work.

ETA more ranting. ARRGGHHH. Why do we have such twisted useless hypocrits eternally stuck in the past as politicians? WHY?
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For [livejournal.com profile] themse_01. and [livejournal.com profile] lazy_hoor and... anyone else who fancies some Hot Twin Doctors (and who wouldn't?)

For the unintiated the Hot Twin Doctors are travelling to Remote Places to try Native Medicines. For... science, or something. In the very Scientifically titled Medicine Men Go Wild.
It is very informative and educational and there is much comparing of Native Practices to Western Medicines and also hot sweaty twin angst.

With Crocodiles!

Oh my... )

So, in conclusion? SCIENCE.

Whack and unwrap indeed ;p
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Watch this! It is as cool as a very cool thing - keep an eye out for the double violining near the end.

And for the older mudders out there, the dude in the white suit and hat is none other than Our Blister ;)

More about them here
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hellooo and how are we all? Other than being tramatised by the Scariest Vibrator Evar of course... (well everyone else is posting it, I figured I might as well join in!)

I am much the same as before really. Little changes ;p Although by next week, I should have a new car! A very shiny new automatic Fabia! Which is NOT a clown car in ANY RESPECT *glares at Miv and Mollow*
I did check out Golfs and a couple of others, but all the salespeople wanted me to bring my current car in first, despite me explaining that if I could do that, I wouldn't be looking for a new car anyway.
The skoda guy, otoh, had the advantage of having sold me the car so basically sorted out the new one over the phone and will deliver it and pick up the old one (despite it being about 50 miles from the showroom currently) for me! Hurrah! I just have to discuss the finance in detail, but from the rough estimates we worked out already, it won't actually cost much more a month than the current one did.

Freedom! and NEW CAR! Can't wait ;)
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So the weekend, in more detail!

Started in central London on friday, meeting [livejournal.com profile] reuss and (after some confusion caused by my crap direction giving) [livejournal.com profile] malvino for lunch, after which headed Covent Garden-wards with Malvino. Wandered about a bit trying to find the Bravissimo shop and failing, so we decided the best thing to do was go to the pub. Which proved to be the Right Thing, because there we found a map. And also pints.

Suitably refreshed and redirected, we set out again for the Bra shop, tho Malvino would go no further than the entrance, preferring instead to find another pub, for some reason.
After that was done, and some housewarming-present buying, we headed off to find the Forbidden Planet the signing was in, and, since we were early, another pub. This one also had cricket on. And pints.
Went back to the shop and wandered round it trying to find the signing. Eventually got directed 'round the back' by a lackey, where the queue actually was.
Queued. Got Rained on.
Queued some more. Ran off to *shudder* irish pub round the corner for Toilet Break.
Queued yet more.
Eventually got inside! And the very Lovely and Patient Mr Gaiman signed things. BOOK THINGS. Not underwear OR body parts. And chatted briefly, despite his lack of voice and the queue of people still waiting behind us.

Then, finally, headed off to meet Reuss again, get trains homewards and even very kindly chauffered back from the station by [livejournal.com profile] daegul with a Fizzy Wines pit stop.
Got back, had tour of lovely new house, drank Fizzy Wines (hmm tasty), ate take away and watched House for the first time, which is very funny. And great.

Then bed. Or *tried* going to bed but the sofa bed objected quite violently and tried to eat me while reverting to sofa-state, so had to summon Daegul and he very manfully applied Tools and beat it into submisson.
Got into bed again. Very Very Carefully. But it held together this time and great sleeping was had. Hurrah!

Saturday dawned bright and early and involved Much Unpacking of Boxes. Got to see the Sights of Maidenhead too, including the Tip (with its slightly overly-friendly staff), Homebase AND Sainsburys. Many many books were unpacked. Also CDs. A pirate chest was built! It was all very exciting.
Then people started Arriving and Partying began, with barbequing and the usual eating, drinking, hanging out in the kitchen, wiping blood on people, much wii-ing and a damn good time was had.

Sunday was... quieter. Large breakfasts were had and more wii-ing was done (why do the baseball guys have NO LIMBS??). Mirrormask was watched - very good, but very surreal - and another DIY masterpiece was created by [livejournal.com profile] reuss, with me as her Lovely Assistant holding bits of wood together and counting screws and so on.

And then, alas, it was time to go and face the horror that is Heathrow with a Hangover. And go home. Woe.

Great weekend tho! The rest of the photos are for anyone interested ;)

hee ;p

Mar. 8th, 2007 02:53 pm
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From [livejournal.com profile] lazy_hoor

The Birth of A New Era for Norn Iron


funniest thing evar ;p


Mar. 5th, 2007 11:21 am
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Just casually browsing through brochure for Belfast Film festival and discovered that on my birthday they are showing Jason and the Argonauts ON A BOAT .

So I think that might be a bit of a Plan there ;p

AND the following week they are showing Dirty Dancing as a DRIVE IN.

ETA WAILY just checked and there is only ONE ticket left for the boat trip. Bah :/

Still, drive-in dirty dancing! Woohoo!


Feb. 20th, 2007 01:57 pm
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Right. So. The weekend in full. Firstly, photos so far are here (mine) and here ([livejournal.com profile] thipe's, conveying a lot more of the HORROR).

It all started off so well too. So unhorrifyingly.
Friday )

saturday )

sunday )

And finally it was over, with just the journey back to the aiport with Thipe and Being here, filled with HORROR EXCEPTIONELLE, more Abba and singing shatner again (WOE).

So, a good weekend. And that got a bit long.
In summary?
Friday = DoublePlusGood then Too Much Alcohol
Saturday = Ill
Sunday = HORROR (as illustrated thusly - )


Jan. 26th, 2007 08:55 pm
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It is done! Our Medea (also known as [livejournal.com profile] hecate_x_jones) has created a wonderful portrait of my character on Discworld mud.

So, I give you Helena X Myrddin (see also icon)


Enjoying a drink at the Assassin's Guild Ball.

The rest of the Disworld portraits are here and worth a look!
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Remember Michael Stone and his crazy crazy attack on Stormont that was foiled only by a dastardly revolving door?

Well. APPARENTLY, it wasn't an attack at all!
It was, quoth his lawyer, in fact, a piece of performance art replicating a terrorist attack"

New slogan for the murals - His Only Crime Was Interpretive Dance ?
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Nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] kryptykfysh, the Lj Randomiser

Because this made me giggle so much I got LOOKS

8pm sat. night to get worried it wouldn't get here on time! Also, so it's all good. The camera doesn't seem too bad either and, apparently, it is well after 1am (aww) Go to bed (because it's a great big echoy auditorium, with a combination of pipe cleaners and green gel. Got bored after about 20 minutes before swallowing it WHOLE. ARR NUM NUM Black market beagles , purveyors of some very shiny firefly related stuff are closing down on friday, so this is very VERY good. Crying-with-laughter funny in parts; well worth seeing if you fancy rounding off the Big Day Out with _unhurt_ and her v. impressive costume, despite freaky FREAKY dead martens with their endless choice and strange jargon, so I can get the chance. It did occur to me at one end of the garden I hastily revised plans for the day and cleaned up downstairs instead (so I don't look like a good night, but it still DOESN'T FIT, and that's my main problem with it. Somewhere else (an industrial estate maybe ;p), it might not be pleased with an array of shiny French Bottoms and Bits on your screen. Busy busy weekend, so much

ETA Can't stop! Best one yet -
Have spent the morning cajoling oddly reluctant collegues into the ether it seems

If only. Oh if only...
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I have an exciting post about new phones and so on to do, but first some cheering news...

Dissident republics are apparently threatening SF leaders.
Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has said his party will not be deflected from "doing the right thing", even if members' lives are under threat.

Mr Adams said party members would continue to work to achieve progress despite the threats.
"I won't allow it, and none of us will allow it, to deflect ourselves from continuing the work we were elected to do," he said.
"This is disturbing for our families and for those who are close to us. But we have a task to do and we will prevail."

Can I just say that obviously this is very wrong and those dissidents are Very Naughty boys, but... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *breathes*

Karma is a bitch sometimes Gerry.
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(ok, and the rest of you)

Remember the naked french rugby players?

Well, they're baaaaaack. And So.Much.Nakeder. than before.

Very VERY Not Suitable for work. Seriously. No clicking if the boss might not be pleased with an array of shiny French Bottoms and Bits on your screen.
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Black market beagles, purveyors of some very shiny firefly related stuff are closing down on friday, so this is your last chance to get something from them.
Their little damn heros designs are great, so if you want some, now would be the time!
Also, an "I'll be in my bunk t-shirt". yay!



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