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I did start doing this last week then deleted it by accident half way thro ;p The time since has been occupied by birthday shenannigans and feeling v. groggy and rough which (after a week) turned out to be more due to yet again landing head first off the horse than the b'day shenannigans. Still, nothing vital damaged ;p

Anyway, more b'day funtimes details later, first, MEME, cos it is ages since I did one...

1. People who have been tagged should write their answers in their blogs and replace any questions they dislike with a new, original questions of their own.

2. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you. (is there ANYONE left who hasn't been tagged by this?)

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forgoing tagging as i haven't a clue anymore who has/hasn't done it already. Feel free to MEME if it takes your fancy!


Nov. 29th, 2009 09:12 pm
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Ain't done one of these in a while! Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] tyrell to pass a dull sunday evening...

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I had planned to do a long and exciting post about my weekend, but since the most exciting things that happened this weekend were... buying a new hoover (it is a dyson!) and finding my driving license while cleaning out under the sofa, I figured a meme might be better.

So, nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] failing_angel

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Hellison!

  1. About 100 people choke to death on hellison each year!
  2. Hellison is the sacred animal of Thailand.
  3. Olympic badminton rules say that hellison must have exactly fourteen feathers.
  4. Hellison cannot burp - there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in her stomach!
  5. While performing her duties as queen, Cleopatra sometimes dressed up as hellison!
  6. Two grams of hellison provide enough energy to power a television for over twenty-three hours.
  7. More than one million stray dogs and half a million stray cats live in hellison.
  8. There is actually no danger in swimming right after you eat hellison, though it may feel uncomfortable.
  9. Half a cup of hellison contains only seventeen calories.
  10. Owls cannot move their eyes, because their eyeballs are shaped like hellison!
I am interested in - do tell me about

No. 5 is entirely true. I haven't really tested most of the others, tho 7 seems unlikely...

Tonight, I have a [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01 coming to stay, which will be Great ;)
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x3 meme, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] tyrell, since I am too sleepy to think of something original to write ;p

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Mar. 6th, 2009 04:39 pm
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For a friday afternoon, tagged by [livejournal.com profile] lazy_hoor, 5 random things...

Terry Pratchett
One of my favourite authors for many many years. I love the discworld books, and the whole world he has created within them, especially the characters. Also, through Good Omens, he led to my discovery of Neil Gaiman.

However he has affected my life very strongly indirectly, through discworld mud, an online textbased game based on the books, wherein I have met many very good friends (including most of Flist here), leading to many adventures (often involving cider, oddly) in such diverse places as Reading, llantwit Major, F*ing Feltham, Hereford, Creewood and Sydney, to name but a few.

The fact that such a sharp mind with his cunning and often hilarious way with words is slowly being destroyed by disease is heartbreaking.

Yay horsies! I love horses. Have since I was a tiny little Hellison, galloping round the back garden and setting up show-jumping courses for the dog. My first horse was a mental rocking horse on springs called Gunson. It was great. Every birthday and Christmas I used to hope there'd be a horse in the garden waiting for me. There never was, which is possibly just as well, because I wouldn't have have had the faintest idea what to DO with one then.
These days, I have Ziggy, not owned by me, but I get to play with her and look after her and brush her and hug her and yell GETOFFMYFOOTYOUGREATBIGLUMPOFDOGFOOD and all the other fun things that go with horses. It goes a long way towards keeping me (relatively) sane.

VERMIN. Mice and most especially rats. HATEHATEHATE. Used to also include dentists, but I'm mostly better about that now. Still hate going. The cats have done their best to help, by using dead, almost dead and zombie mice to try and acclimaties me to them, but still. HATEHATEAHTE the beady eyes and the scuttling and the teeth and the TAILS and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I have to stop now.


ahahahaahaha. This could be an entry all of it's own. I am Not Good With Food (not that you'd think it to look at me). Especially new, strange, foreign or slithery foods.
I am a terrible terrible person to cook for because people try so hard to think up lovely things that any normal person would enjoy and to almost all of them I go 'sorry, no' and then I feel awful. Especially when they are used to making tasty vegetarian food and are sure they are on to a winner but there will still be cheese or aubergines or sweetcorn or eggs or pasta or something EVIL involved. So mostly I avoid being cooked for where at all possible, it is easier on everyone! Just make some popcorn. And/or toast ;)

Very random! It's years since we've had enough snow here to actually make a snowman. I don't think I've made once since I was at school! I wonder if I have a photo of that one anywhere, I am sure I do!
Also now I have that bloody walking in the air song in my head.

And it is time to flee homewards and horsewards. Hurrah!
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Bored. So meme, nicked from sleeter, vashti and others...

(someone really doesn't quite understand what 'stupid' means)

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Jan. 29th, 2009 03:38 pm
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memememe nicked from [livejournal.com profile] thipe. May also have nicked several answers from him ;p

44 questions )

Tagging... whoever the hell feels like it.
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Work is even quieter today. Seriously, the 2 people who did come in have both disappeared off somewhere. So I may nip out to the shops myself.
So, since there is v. little of actual note to say, a Meme.

20 questions )
The rules are:

A. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

But sod that. FUCK YOU RULES! I'm not sure there's even 8 people reading today. Slackers! But if you are reading, you should do it, if only to give me something to read when I get back from the shops ;p
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Technically this should have been yesterday, but all that happened yesterday was I got up, went to work, went half blind, wnet OWOW, went home and went back to bed.

So, not much happiness there ;p

Today however!
Ziggy is back! And i got to ride! AND the migraine is GONE! yay ;)

Much rejoincing all round.
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It's early payday. Going to the bank, I spotted Office has a half price sale on. Can't hurt to look, I think

And now, I own THESE!

They are Red and Shiny and HAVE A HEEL. The first heel i've attempted in 18 months ;p I did manage to walk across the shop in them, not sure I could get much further, but will practice at home.

In Other News, the weekend was a quiet one, mostly pottering about new kitchen (only a week til THE WORKTOPS arrive!), and then helping Mum clear out stuff. Throwing other people's stuff away is GREAT. I am not so good at throwing away my own stuff, but I can definitely see where I get it from now.

And thats about as exciting as my weekend got. Tonight, I think tackling throwing out some of the crap I took out of the old kitchen. I can do this!
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Forgot again yesterday evening to do this!

So for Sat
Thing That Made Me Happy - seeing the twilight trailer with added stoned RPattz intro on during the X-Factor. It looks so SO bad. Cannot wait to see it. [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_ is so excited she even has a Special T-Shirt to wear. Maybe I should wear my Team Horror one...

Sunday -
Watching my niece and nephew play on their bikes
Also, have upgraded tv package to Moar Channels, so now have various discovery channels, sky 1, scifi and ukstyle, so now can watch lots of fun/interesting/cool tv and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Tho when I say watch, I usually mean have on as background noise/lights while stabbing things on teh mud. Which is working again! yay!

ION WTF Strictly?!? Is it just me or was the whole semi-final a set up? They had originally planned to have 3 in the final before John Sargent pulled out (WOE!), so I suspect they just stuck with that plan. No austin in sleeveless shirts tho :/
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Forgot to do this last night!

So, what made me happy yesterday? A relaxing evening with tasty cider, tv and dinner cooked in the new oven in the new kitchen (not that I'm at all obsessed or anything ;p).

less happy was no mud. Looks like it's going to stay down all day too. I will have to Do things. For now, putting more stuff back in the kitchen I reckon!
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Cos it's friday, and I'm bored. Via [livejournal.com profile] fragglechick

5 things in my bag
1. Filofax
2. Lush lip balm (lip squeak)
3. Purse
4. keys
5. Gloves

(not very exciting really)

5 things in my room
which room? I have lots? I'll go with where I am now, which is work...
1. Co-workers (more than 5 of them, but we'll make them 1 Thing)
2. Christmas tree
3. Many Many Files
4. A flint scraper from Ballygalley
5. Wood cut of Louis Le Brocqya's Brown Bull of Cooly
- this

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
1. Live By the sea (or, in cornwall, but don't want to steal ALL frag's ideas ;p)
2. Write a book
3. Speak another language fluently
4. Be a top show-jumper (unlikely now ;p)
5. Learn to ... drive? pilot? sail (is it sailing if the boat doenst have sails?) a boat.

5 things that make me very happy
1. Stormy seas
2. My niece & nephews
3. Quality Time with friends (maybe not the best way to phrase it - but not just Hanging Out In Groups, fun as that is, but quieter times to sit and talk with just one or two friends).
4. Cider
5. Snailmail from friends

5 best friends (In no particular order. This one is Hard!)
1. [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01
2. Lisa M.
3. Julie-Ann
4. Paul l.
5. being_here

Gnah, why do i have to stop at 5? there are several others I want to add there! Which, on balance, is a very good thing I guess ;)

5 impressions of the person who I stole this from: Fragglechick
1. Wonderful
2. Scottish (Looove the accent ;p)
3. Twisted
4. Sincere
5. Intellegent

I tag... Anyone who fancies trying it, really...
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Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] mollydot

Every day for 6 days (is it 6?), post something that made you happy that day.

Not surprisingly, today is the Kitchen Is Almost Done! Which neatly allows me to move to the kitchen progres picspam demanded by [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01

Kitchen progress )

Currently the corgi man and the electrician are in there sorting out the gas hob, the oven and all the lights etc. Then its just waiting for the worktops and tiling...


Nov. 30th, 2008 06:47 pm
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Will post more about the weekend later. But in general, I feel SO much better for it. So yay!
In the meantime, photomeme, nicked from bluebrocade, and others ;)

01. Answer each of the questions below the cut using the [Flickr] search engine.
02. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
03. Copy the URL of your favorite photos [here].
04. Then share with the world.

mosaic meme )
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MOAR DISTRACTION! Tho have been better at resisting all the news reports etc today (caught it on the local news last and ... gnah. Horrific.)

So. MEME. Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] jin_shei

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with.


Nov. 13th, 2008 04:17 pm
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Because I haven't had time yet to do the post I had planned ...

Stolen from kelemvor, malvino and thesme ;p

"If you saw ME in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Post this in your own journal after replying and see what crimes are you accused of."


Oct. 7th, 2008 01:54 pm
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Meme, nicked from [livejournal.com profile] reuss. Pretty sure this one has been around before (like most of them), but, what the hell. ANSWER ME my pretties. Or Die.

If you're on my friends list, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine... you're on my list, so I want to know you better!

Comment here and repost a blank one on your own journal.

01) Are you currently in a serious relationship?
02) What was your dream growing up?
03) What talent do you wish you had?
04) If I bought you a drink what would it be?
05) Favorite vegetable?
06) What was the last book you read?
07) What zodiac sign are you?
08) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.
09) Worst Habit?
10) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?
11) What is your favorite sport?
12) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude?
13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?
14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?
15) Tell me one weird fact about you.
16) Do you have any pets?
17) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?
18) What was your first impression of me?
19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?
20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?
22) What color eyes do you have?
23) Ever been arrested?
24) Bottle or can soda?
25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
27) What's your favorite place to hang out at?
28) Do you believe in ghosts?
29) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
30) Do you swear a lot?
31) Biggest pet peeve?
32) In one word, how would you describe yourself?
33) Do you believe/appreciate romance?
34) Favourite and least favourite food?
35) Do you believe in God?
36) Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?
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Yanked from [livejournal.com profile] doccy

Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes. Don’t fix your hair. Just take a picture. Post that picture with no editing. (Except maybe to get the image size down to something reasonable. Don’t go posting an eight megapixel image.) Include these instructions.

There you go, me, just home from a hard day writing werelobster nonsense defending the built heritage!

and now, tea.
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Was going to do another ranty post, but meh, it's Friday! And tentmeet weekend!

So have a meme instead, while I go back to drafting ranty letters to Jeffery Donaldson in my head (tho even the thought of just writing to him gives me the creeps) -

Sum up your LJs in five words or less and do the same for mine


ART PAD works again! Oh happy day!

so. DRAW your journal!

(minimalist due to stupid open plan office with people in).


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