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I just, ALL BY MYSELF, removed a mouse that was Very Definitely Alive - very freshly caught by the looks of it - moving and even required a couple of tries to get onto the dustpan because it kept wriggling off it - without

Running away
Hiding outside for half an hour
Phoning someone else or
Just leaving the house and hoping it would be Dead/Gone by the time I got back.

So yes Supreme Moment of Bravery for me!

Of course, I got as far as the front door, realised it was very wet and I had no shoes on and had to just fling it onto the grass, so it may not be Entirely Well. Hopefully well enough to get off side before the cat finds it again. I'm not sure I could be THAT brave twice in one day.


Jun. 16th, 2006 11:29 am
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I am packed, just having breakfast before i go and fucking cats brought in another fucking mouse and left it and it is just SITTING there and I don't know if it is alive or dead but it doesn't look very dead and I don't want to touch it in case it moves, but I can't LEAVE it here all weekend OH NOES OH NOES

Thats the 4th one in FOUR DAYS. Last night's one I discovered just as the window cleaner came round and I made him take it away because it wasn't quite dead. Until he stood on it. Which I didn't *quite* approve off and I DEFINITELY need a new rug for the living room now. He did say the empty house across the road is full of them, so it's like fucking take-out heaven for the cats.

ARGGH. I have to leave in 10 minutes, I dont have TIME for zombie mice attackes!
*sits with feet up on chair*

ETA Fuck it. Have phoned the Logue in his capacity as Auxiliary Cat Feeder and he's going to call in after work and get rid of it. I'm going.
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Good Morning my little chickens, have you missed me?
Work has gone all hectic and stuff but because I am GRATE I got all the stuff I had to have done for today finished yesterday, so today, I can relax (and go YAY LONDON a lot).
Anyway, since I know you're dying to know that I've been up to, here are highlights of the last week!

Friday - a 'quiet evening' at Neil's turning into drunken Rocky Horror singalong at 3am
Saturday - hangover day in the sun; being woken at 4am by neighbours playing Johnny Cash at full blast and singing along badly (normally it's crappy dance music, so this was actually quite entertaining).
Sunday - hanging out with Family in the Sun.
Monday - hmm. Nothing much happened monday.
Tuesday - went to see X-Men 3 with [livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque who is in town for a few days. It has everything - laughter, tears, tight rubber suits and (the ultimate hellison movie test) Things Blowing Up in a Ridiculously Over-The-Top Fashion. And general all round silliness. Oddly Tique hated it for pretty much all the same reasons ;p
Got home to find Potentially Dead Mouse waiting on living room rug. Only took 10 mins or so to get up nerve to remove it; I am getting better!
Wednesday - got Stuff finished in work & complimented on my 'technical proficiency' by lead IT guy. Go me! So went to hairdressers, got told off for leaving it too long, but now have pretty hair - go me.2
Got home to another dead mouse, this one v. definitely dead, so removed it with hardly a twitch - Go me.3! Time for yet another new sacrifical mouse altar rug for the living room tho I think.
Did some weeding, the roses are blooming, flowers planted doing well and all the Mystery Seeds scattered are now coming up as Mystery Seedlings, yay ;)
Today - got Russian Postcard from [livejournal.com profile] unhurt! And thats about it so far. Have to pack tonight and then tomorrow, LONDON and on Saturday PINTS with several f-list folks, hurrah!

How have you all been?

ETA I totally forgot, the entire BEST thing about Tuesday - in fact possibly the whole WEEK - was the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2. O.M.F.G KRAKEN !! and Cthulu-head guy!! WTF?
And OMG Cap'n Jack Sparrow. CAN'T WAIT.
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Another day, another mouse. Thankfully completely dead, tho if it had been auditioning for the part of Z0BMIE MOUES it would have won hands down. Ragged, tattered fur and most of the skin gone off the head.
Oddly relieved that it doesn't seem to be the half-dead one from last week, tho that poor little bugger probably just died out on the front lawn where I flung him.

I'm not sure either why she always leaves them on the mat, but at least it makes them easier to find. I like this mat tho. I don't want to have to throw it out like the last one (it was cream and got bled on).

Just don't, you know, sit on it if you come to visit, ok?
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Yep, they did it AGAIN.

This morning the cats - including Cat Who Is Not My Cat - were all sniffing round behind one of the chairs, but as I was late for work (as usual) I just fired him out, fed the others and left.

This evening, after bringing ziggy in and stopping via the chippy, I notice Lana poking around the hoover, and that she's dragged a top off the heater onto the floor beside it, a sure sign she's hiding something. Could be that she's thown up (not sure why she hides that, perhaps so I won't notice), but why sniff around? I decide not to deal til AFTER I've eaten and changed.
Eventually I get up the courage and lift the top and sure enough, there is teh leetle vermin, legs pointed skywards. So I grab the Dustpan and Brush of Removal and prepare to remove.

Discretion being the better part of valour I screech 'ITS ALIVE!11!!!' and flee. Well I was running late, and stuff, I HAD to go. Honest...
After riding I very bravely decide to go straight to Pilates in the hope that teh Z0BM1E M0UES will have been dealt with by the time I get home. I have no idea quite HOW this is going to happen, but I am an optimistic soul.

Alas, my hopes are dashed. I creep back into the house (in case the Z0BM1E M0UES leaps at my throat, or something) and there the little bugger is on the mat. No longer on its back either so I have no idea if it's alive or dead. Doesn't look particularly alive, but not entirely dead either.
So I fetch a cat (I know I know, I will burn in hell or come back as a mouse) who pokes it a bit, but I still can't tell if it's alive or not.
So I fetched the Dustpan of Removal again and, after some dithering and screwing up of my courage, running away and back again, I eventually reached the sticking point and tried to nudge teh moues onto the pan. At which point of course it REANIMATED and made horrible HORRIBLE scrabbling noises on teh pan while I fled to the front door and flung it out into the grass.
Still, at least it didn't go for the jugular or try to eat my brains. This time.

Sometimes, I wish I'd gotten a dog.


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