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WARNING - this post will make NO sense if you don't play disworld mud [1](tho i'll happily explain in comments if you ask )

So. I have been sucked into playing CTF [2] for the interguild tournament. and So. Much. Fun.
Much flailing, fleeing, vining and a *lot* of getting stabbed.

Tonight, we (witches) played against the thieves in a practice. I managed to not only vine, bee [3] and KILL Carino (after YEARS of trying :p), I had his nose off too! I wish I'd logged it.
But *I* know it happened and has given me a warm fuzzy glow of glee. Tho tho that might be partly the cider...
Also discovered what his backstab is like from the recieving end. Mostly, sudden (FWUMP).

Honestly, the nose thing would almost be worth going PK [4] for. Best friday night in in AAAAGES.
Tomorrow, we take on the Godbotherers in an actual match. But, I hear they suck, so that's ok ;p

[1] a free, text-based rpg-ish/hack n' slash-ish game/community based on the Discworld books
[2] capture the flag, a game within the game! teams compete to find and hoist the flag as often as possible, while slaughtering the other team on the way.
[3] spells available to witches to trap and keeeeeel opponents. Seeing beesaaarggh work on Real people is also much fun
[4] Playerkiller, so you can STAB actual people, not random npcs
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Today did not get off to a good start.
A sleepless night, followed by sleeping in and rushign to get to work.
Get to work just on time, but then mix up with parking and street blocked by lorries meant it took another 20 minutes or so to actually get to the desk.

However. On the plus side, had finally remembered to bring spare glasses so I could leave the proper ones in to get nice new Unscratched lenses. Went to specsavers, which is handily right beside Forbidden Planet.
Acutally made it up the bloody stairs (which are lined with Boxes of Figure and Things so you can't get to the handrails) and now have the next 2 volumes of Preacher AND 1st volume of collected Strontium Dog (Johnny Alpha was my Teenage Hero, even more so than Dredd). They also had Rogue Trooper and many other goodies. May have to return.

Then got back to work, and during chat with a collegue discovered that a large part of the Huge and Ever Growning Pile of excavation reports under the desk have already been read and summarised by him, so I don't have to! Just have to copy his summaries to d/base, get reports filed and look Very Productive. Hurrah!

Tonight, home to read lots and mud, as I have funky new weapons to play with - Agatean Fighting Fans - thanks to Our Medea. Once I actually get a decent misc. bonus for them (200ish already and growing); MOAR STABBING should sort it out. Then I can cry "La, sir! Unhand me, you cad!" as I bash people over the head with a fan. Then slash their necks open with the other. Good Times ;) Plus, bonus agatean culture tms!

And of course, everything looks much clearer through new unscratched lenses ;p

So, what went Right for you today?
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Ok ok. Who has Drakkos' email? I know SOMEONE does.

This has to break some sort of irony barrier

(cre) Elera misses Drakkos
(cre) Loutre snorts. At least he was CREATIVE.
(cre) Elera: true
(cre) Elera: he was intelligently unbelievably perverse :P

Seriously. Someone FIND HIM. Make him come back.

Preferably with KNIVES. Knives wielded by CLOWNS.


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