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Moar Mystery Post!

Remember the Interesting and, well, insane Unicorn Book [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01 very kindly bought me for your birthday? With the glowing and the horns and the unicorn humming balls. Good times eh?

Well, in today's Mystery Post some Kind and Thoughtful Soul has sent me... Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards! ANd really, I am not making that name up. They are genuinely called Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

Each one has a lovely picture of a unicorn, often with added cat, and a lovely message to Help You Out and Guide You. We tried them out in work today and they are quite impressive in their accuracy - my favourite was when a coworker asked 'will i get home safely?' and teh cards answered...
"You'll find out in the morning".

Genius eh? SO! Obviously they cards must be put to use! Ask me your question and I will Consult the Cards and report back! Or, just ask for Guidance and the Cards Will Provide!

Oh and there was also a lovely card ;) Thank you Mystery Poster!


I have decide to Consult the Cards myself to see if they can give me a hint as to who sent them...
According to the book, while shuffling one should wait for the unicorns to tell you how many cards to pick. They told me TWO.


Card 1. TRY SOMETHING NEW - "You'll only know that you can do something if you try!"

so. Telling me perhaps it is a NEW mystery poster sending these things? or that is just time to try new things! like using the power of UNICORNS to GUIDE Everyone. This one has a picture of a unicorn swimming/surfing with a killer whale and a dolphin...


Card 2. WISH UPON A STAR - "Make a wish and expect the very best"
I could never have wished for something as great as this! And yet here it is! Hurrah!

I shall consult the Accompanying Book for further revelations I think. No actual name yet tho ;p
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On tuesday (I think) when i got home from work there were 2 'missed delivery' notices. One was from the postman, which is handy enough, because the main office is just round the corner from work. The other was from some courier company less handily located up by the airport. But, they said they'd be back the next day. So, that was fine, since Gardener Interior Decorator George would be there doing the kitchen.

Went to post office, picked up lovely parcel of Pocket Ponies from adelpha. Yay! [livejournal.com profile] being_here had said she was sending stuff from amazon, so I assumed that's what the other package was.

Got home to find yet another failed delivery note, since knocking the door is apparently not part of their delivery technique... WOES!
So yesterday I set off on the arduous trek to find the Courier place (well. not so much arduous as dull getting through traffic after work...). Finally work out where it is from the v. crappy map they gave on the card - I did *try* checking on google AND work maps, but apparently their postcode doesn't exist, and beacuse it's so close to the airport, there's bugger all detail on the maps.

Anyway. Find the place, but it is behind MUCH fencing and a barrier and a security man. Who wants photographic ID to let me through. But, I do not HAVE photographic ID with me! I shall not pass!
He insists it should say on the card that I need it, I show him the card where it says photograhic OR bills. I have bills! He looks dubious.
I point out I am only coming to pick up a parcel and smile plaintively, so he lets me through. HURRAH, VICTORY is almost mine!

Drive down the road a bit and find the place, where a very nice man gets the package from Amazon and I say "do you need ID?" and he says "nah, just the card".
"but" i ask, perplexed, "what was all that fuss at the barrier about ID? I had no id!". He looks *very* surprised I got through at all - apparently it's because they are very close to the runway and normally Barrier Man makes HIM come out to people with no ID, because THEY SHALL NOT PASS. So, plaintive smiling for the win (it got me through 3 police checkpoints with no license last week too. Really MUST find license).

Anyway, having conquered all the obstacles on my quest, I return the car and open the package to find ... gift wrapped books. Being-here had specifically said her's wasn't gift wrapped. Checking the invoice I discover No Name. 'Hmm' I ponder briefly before laying into the wrapped goodies.
Now, I am the proud owner of a pony club book called Blaze and the DARK RIDER which sounds... OMINOUS! also, awesome :p
And the book of the Twilight Movie. YAY.

Returning home from my Epic Quest, I found the package from BH which they'd managed to get thro the letter box. Which is also great. And I call to check she hadn't also sent books. But SHE HAD NOT! So, the mystery DEEPENS...

Thank you MYSTERY SENDER, whoever you are! Birthdays are great ;)
(i suspect [livejournal.com profile] adelpha still ;p)
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SO colours update! Went for a basic yellowy cream for most of it (not too yellowy tho, tried one of those and it was Too Much). Tried various pinks too on the back wall, just to see, but the one I actually like best - this one - was just too dark (would be nice in a dining room maybe), so might see if they have it, or similar, a few shades paler and see what that looks like!

Also arrived home to 2 'missed delivery' notes. OH NOES MYSTERY POST. One said it'd be delivered again today, the other was at the post office. So picked that up this morning and, thank you [livejournal.com profile] adelpha!
Pocket Ponies! That are NOT scented, thankfully ;p

Will see what the other one is when I get home this evening hopefully...

ION, not much to report, teh mother is still in hospital, thought she might be out tomorrow, but that looks unlikely now, will see this evening maybe.
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Well not so much a Mystery as I knew who it was from this time, but not what it was.

Oh dear. [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_, you thought YOU had problems with your cinema attire??

(Why did it have to be PINK??)

and. Um.

this )

Evil doesn't BEGIN to describe it

(and i am not posting anymore today ;p)
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To continue this week's Gaiman theme, I got home last night to discover that [livejournal.com profile] tardington had sent me a copy of "Odd and the Frost Giants" in teh post, which was lovely!

A bit *less* lovely was the Accompanying Art, which was captioned 'David Hasslehoff sexing a squid' while saying 'I'm really thinking of YOU'.

It's a great little story tho ;)

Mostly I am impatient for today to be done so I can get home and pack for teh weekend and finalise the kidnap plans get excited about the Gaiman Talk and seeing everyone and Impending Horror. Hurrah!
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Arrived home yesterday, some what despondant after a day of sad news, dull work, Enraging politicians and general Mondayitis, missing the good mood that had lasted all last week.

Got the post, and amid the usual bills and HAVE SOME not very FREE MONEY crap, was a thicker envelope. Handwritten. Slightly wary (still!), I open in and find ...


Which was... the most awesome thing I have anonymously recieved in the post in quite some time. Tho, thanks to the Power of POST MARKS, not *quite* so anonymous. I have it narrowed down to a VERY SMALL NUMBER. Of probably ONE (it was TWO but one was eliminated last night ;p).

Totally made my day ;)

And now I should probably go to work.


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