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For those who've been following the Wacky Adventures of performance artist, murderer and general total nutbag Michael Stone, the verdict is back and he's been sentenced to 16 years for the attack on stormont and attempted murder. Maybe they'll actually keep him there this time!

ION work stuff mostly sorted, have lovely List of Achievements etc to present. The day is going somewhat better now ;p
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It is friday. It has been busy busy work day with much Explaining How Things Work (with a little Yelling At IT to make them work on the side) to people, which is always v. draining for some reason.

Anyway. Things that made me happy today included

1. Zig and Zag on the radio with Ray D'arcy this morning on the way to work! It made me giggle a lot, and not JUSt due to lack of sleep ;p Apparently, they have a Best Of dvd coming out! yay!
(can't get stupid Today FM website to load. Also, the vast majority of you will have NO IDEA what any of that means anyway ;p)

2. Winning Thesme's 'black chambers of my heart' challenge. Even if I did sit up til after 2am to do it, it was WORTH it.

3. The Michael Stone verdict is IN!
And the judge didn't believe it was interpretitve dance either.
He might have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids nail bombs, knives and letters to journalists saying he was going to slit throats and blow the place up!
This has a bit of interesting background, notabley this quote from another loyalist paramilitary - "He didn't just want murder to be done, he wanted it to be seen to be done."
So back to jail for Mr Stone. Again.

And now it is time to FLEEEE work. And go to the Big Tescos on the way home to buy delicious cider of joy and tasty snacks and collapse on the sofa. And SLEEEPY

Have a good weekend ;)
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The trial of Michael stone, lunatic, spree killer and Performance Artist, continues, for his attempted attack on Stormont , in which after making his way very slowly up the Very Long Drive (bear in mind he is a well know and Very Recognisable person) to Stormont, daubed graffitti over the walls of Parliament Buildings, he was finally thwarted by a revolving door.
The building was evacuated by the Speaker, trying to shut up the assembled politicions and eventually resorting to "ORDER! Unless you want to sit here and get bombed" (you really couldn't make this up ;p)

Yesterday, he got have his say on teh stand.
His defence - it was Performance Art to enliven the peace process (which, I guess it did), and he was "...a comic parody of my former self" - which he has also managed. So well done there. It actually sounds like he could be serious. Or deranged.

Of course the fact that he had a replica gun, nail bombs, knives and a garotte was also only part of the act. Honest.

My new favourite bit is this tho - he dyed his hair and goatee beard so he would not look "overweight and grey-haired" in front of the world's media and press gathered for the day's events".

(all from here )

We do breed a very special kind of lunatic here.

ETA there is MOAR

The prosecution have described him as "an egocentric killer with a penchant for publicity" , which sounds about right.

Also, he once planned to assassinate Ken Livingstone. Which is nice.
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1. headline from bbcni re cervical cancer jab - "Girls urged to ABSTAIN in jab row"
why? Because its a dirty cancer you can get from SEX and obviously if you've been having sex you deserve it. Or... something.
More from the helpful FAQ here -

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said the way to tackle the problem was not to offer injections, but to tell girls not to have under-age sex.

Ahh. So it's only *underage* sex that causes cancer. Good Girls won't get it, and thus don't need vaccinated. Well that's all clear then!

I know there are Other Issues around the vaccination and which version was chosen etc, but that's not what these people are saying. They're saying girls shouldn't be vaccinated against a potentially TERMINAL DISEASE, because then they might have sex! And we can't have that!!
Would there be the same outcry if it was discovered testicular cancer was also linked to a virus and teenage boys were offered it?

2. This article about date rape is making my head explode with WTF and RAGE. Because obviously if you go drinking with a guy who turns out not to care whether or not you're concious when he gets off on/in you, well that's YOUR fault you silly loose drunken woman. It's not like he's done anything WRONG, or should face any consequences for it! SKIN CRAWLING NOW.


ETA New Mistful Fic! and at lunchtime too. Couldn't have been better timed.

EDIT 2 - just to add, now the original RAGE has calmed slightly, this turned into a thought provoking discussion; a timely reminder the world isn't completley full of morons. Or at least my flist isn't ;) Thanks!

AAAAND if we can keep it civil kids, that would be good. [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_, I still have crutches. And I know where you live. Keep up the ranting tho. Rants Good. CIder better. MOAR CIDER


Aug. 13th, 2008 01:30 pm
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Remember our lovely homophobic rabid MP/MLA Iris Robinson - if not, she has her own tag now!

Previously, on Iris Watch, she started off by saying live on radio that she knew a "lovely psychiatrist" who could turn homosexuals back to hetrosexuality.
This was soundly denounced by Royal College of Psychiatrists, as well as most people with a functioning brain.
At the time the Lovely Doctor in question stood by it. But Today?
He has resigned as her aide -

"Dr Paul Miller, a part-time adviser to the Strangford MP and MLA, has decided he can no longer work for her after her controversial comments about gay people."

Tellingly, he's also "taking a break" from his other psychiatric work, which make me think he's not so much walked as been shoved out the door by his collegues/ruling body...

BUT what's bugging me about this (and did before) today, is the BBC's total ignoring of the situation.
When the whole 'Iris compares gays to sex offenders' storm broke, all their website had was a tiny paragraph saying she claimed to have been misquoted. It wasn't mentioned on the tv news at all.

The only time it DID come up on TV was recently when Peter Tatchell, speaking at one of the Pride events, said King Billy was A GAY. TEH HORROR. But even then all they said was "after recent comments by Iris Robinson", with *no mention whatsoever* of what she'd actually said.

So far today, checking the BBC website, there's not only no mention of him resigning, it is completely ignored in the What the Papers Say section, despite it covering the front page of one of the main local papers (the Irish News).

Why so coy BBCNI? Don't we want to offend the First Minister by showing the public what an embarrassingly narrowminded bigot his wife is?

Hmm. This got longer than intended. It always seems to with Iriswatch ;p
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Which amounts to... very little. No mention of it at all on any of the news bulletains I watched last night, nor have most of the papers/new websites picked up on it.
There's a very brief spot on the bbc which basically amounts to -
Iris - I never said that!
Hansard - Um, you so did. We recorded it. look, right Here! (about 2/3rds of the way down).
Where she randomly brings up homosexuality in a debate about how to deal with convicted sex offenders and in the next sentance trawls in the Soham killings and Victoria Climbe who, if I recall, was tortured for weeks and eventually murdered by hetrosexual relatives claiming to be Christians.

According to the Tele, which seems to be the only place its been picked up (apart from the Stephen Nolan show, but we Won't Go There) complaints have been sent in to parliament and the assembly here but, they can do Fuck All -

"A Westminster watchdog last night said that a number of complaints have been made about DUP MP Iris Robinson following her controversial comments on homosexuality, but admitted that no action can be taken.
The Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, the body that monitors MPs’ code of conduct, said that despite the complaints about the Strangford MP nothing can be done as “the commissioner’s remit does not cover an MP’s views or opinions”.
The same exemption extends to Stormont "

Which doesn't leave too many options open to get anything actually done. I'm not how much good writing to her would achieve (possibly none) and I'm pretty sure writing to her party wouldn't make a blind bit of difference either.



Jul. 21st, 2008 12:03 pm
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Yes, our new favourite MLA and MP, Iris Robinson is at it again.

Not content with declaring homosexuality an abomination - and one that can be cured by a lovely psychiatrist she knows - she's gone that little step further and now stated IN PARLIAMENT that homosexuality is more vile than child abuse -
“There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children.”

Tho of course it's not just Teh EVIL GAYS she has it in for, she's pretty keen to keep women back in the their place too, when tackled on why abortion remains illegal in N.Ireland. And why? Because GOD says so and it goverment is there to do what GOD wants. Not, you know, the people who voted for them.
“The government has a responsibility to uphold God’s laws morally.” .

Now, she's welcome to believe whatever the hell she wants in the privacy of her own insane head. But to be spouting such manic vitriol and insanity in her position as a public representive? Or using her beliefs or interpretation of 'morals' to control laws and services that could affect my life? That, not so much.

She does seem to be getting increasingly rabid tho, so maybe she's on her way out; it can't be making life easy for her (equally, but more quietly rabid) husband & First Minister.

She's not hatemongering tho! OH NO! She's saying it OUT OF LOVE.

So. Who DOES one write to these day to get rid of an MP?

ETA And the backpeddling begins"
She MAY have been misrepresented...

ETA 2 An exercise in comparison. Two quotes from the lovely Iris, one to the paper when they first got hold of this, the 2nd from her official press release on it all.
See if you can spot the difference...

1 - "I cannot think of anything more sickening than a child being abused. It is comparable to the act of homosexuality. I think they are all comparable. I feel totally repulsed by both ... I am trying to reach out to people."

2 - "...what I clearly intended to say was that child abuse was worse even than homosexuality and sodomy... At no point have I set out to suggest homosexuality was worse than child sex abuse. There can be no comparison between the two. "

Both taken from here
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So. AAAAGes ago, Michael Stone, that well known local psychopath and murderer tried to STORM Govt. buildings at Stormont, but was foiled by... a revolving door.

Then, sometime later, his lawyers claimed this was not an Acutal Attack, but Performance Art .

They are now apparently holding to this line of defence with - and I quote one of the funniest passages I've read on teh bbc news in a lot time, and I include the Welsh Darth Vader Jedi Attack here -

Performance art experts are helping the defence team of a loyalist killer who raided NI's assembly allegedly carrying explosives and a knife.

To be fair, the phrase "performance art experts" brings enough comedy on it's own but the crack team assembled to prepare an academic study on the whole thing elevates this to a whole new level of beautiful lunacy.

Plus, it's a good excuse to repost my favourite crap mural Cultural Folk Art of all time.

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This may be the best news story I have ever read

Drunk Darth Vader's Jedi assault

"A man posing as Darth Vader attacked a Star Wars fan, who had founded a Jedi Church, a court has heard. "

I can't decide if my favourite part is where he wore a bin bag, where he gave one of them a HEADACHE or this bit -

Earlier, when Hughes failed to arrive on time, District Judge Andrew Shaw issued an arrest warrant, adding: "I hope the force will soon be with him."

On balance, I love the whole thing ;p
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Morning (ish) all, how were your various weekends?

Mine was v. lazy with much rugby, mudding, listening to the neighbours sing Paul Weller at 5am and hanging out with family.

Finally managed last night to get about 8 straight hours sleep. Sadly this ran from 1.30-9.30am so was still late for work.

On the way in, heard yet another charming example of our politicians acting like children fighting over the playground - the shinners want to hold something to celebrate that IRA woman who got shot by the SAS. For international women's day WTF?
So naturally Donaldson the Weasel now wants to hold an SAS tribute. in the same place
SO. Here follows my message to my elected representatives on this contentious issue.
cut for a touch of ranting )

*takes a deep breath*

A few other things caught my eye while looking for that story.

Dustin for Eurovision! YAY! Dana is not amused Tho mostly apparently cos she's worried he'll WIN.

That footballer guy with the broken leg. Made the mistake of flicking thro one of the red tops this morning in coffee place and AAAIIEEEEEE graphic pictures of the SHATTERING AAARRGHHHH. Do Not Want! Avoid at all costs. Unless perhaps you are [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01. Also. Didn't one of the... scottish? rugby team also break a leg on saturday? Less dramatically, but still, there's no mention of it anywhere.

Finally Graves on sale! snap one up quick! The headline made me laugh at first. Then I realised I actually do have a grave already.
Which is rather a weird thought for a monday morning, and on that note, I'd better get back to work.

ETA more ranting. ARRGGHHH. Why do we have such twisted useless hypocrits eternally stuck in the past as politicians? WHY?
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Is there something up with lj, or is it just me? Everything has gone wonky.

Anyway. 'nother interview today, same as last one only for a grade up (in civil service terms) so it was tougher and a lot more on policy and management. Bleh. Hopefully managed not to disgrace self, and I think achieved the main purpose of going which was to hammer home to our useless director (who was on the panel) the relevance of what I actually do now, since my current manager helpfully informed a while back that he doesn't have a clue and didn't think it was anything relevant (barely restrained myself at the time from pointing out Very Strongly and Loudly that surely it was HER JOB to make him aware... but meh).

Anyway tis done now, thank god and the Central Library Book sale is on so YAY.

In news of less yay and more Complete Fucking Outrage -

Rapist jailed for 8 years

Surely this is a good thing? Well no, it's fucking not.
He and a friend caught a young girl with a group of male friends, robbed them and forced them to watch while he raped her twice, then phoned her mother to tell her how much he "enjoyed raping your girl".
He initially denied it but switched his plea to guilty at the last minute (given he was found still with her phone when arrested, not to mention DNA and the eye witnesses...).

Eight years. For rape, theft, false imprisonment...
Except it's NOT. We still have 50% remittence. So it's FOUR years.
Time on remand counts as double and gets taken off. So he could be out of jail before she's out of her teens.

If that's all he gets with that amount of proof - evidence described by the judge as "overwhelming "- AND admitting he did it, is it any wonder so many rapes and attacks go unreported?
The 'friend' who helped, held off *her* friends & robbed them and watched?
Out on probation.

What's the fucking *point*?
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Remember Michael Stone and his crazy crazy attack on Stormont that was foiled only by a dastardly revolving door?

Well. APPARENTLY, it wasn't an attack at all!
It was, quoth his lawyer, in fact, a piece of performance art replicating a terrorist attack"

New slogan for the murals - His Only Crime Was Interpretive Dance ?
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*wipes eyes*

This one is causing us SO much hilarity in the office today.

Michael Stone [1], King Nutter in the Land O' Nutters, goes to Stormont, throws a bag through the doors shouting NO SURRENDER and flees... Or tries to flee.
But gets stuck in the revolving doors on the way out...


(from here)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to laughing til it hurts...


New picture. Apparently he had a gun too. Which is slightly less funny.
calm down, calm down )

Also, this bit - Earlier he had daubed in red paint on one of the pillars outside the main entrance a slogan proclaiming: "Sinn Fein/IRA scum." has led to many "People called Romans, they go the house??" comments. And ponderings on why someone didn't AT THAT POINT think 'hmm. Maybe we should shoo him away'. Unless of course they'd sent him round the back to redo it 100 times...

ETA 2 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA home now, so watched video on bbc site. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Favourite moment? The Speaker getting the self-important pompous useless windbags that pass for our 'politicians' to listen to her by shouting "ORDER! Unless you want to sit here and get bombed"
Classic. Pure Comedy Gold.

[1] His only crime was Loyalty! And looking like a scouser.

Oh. And shooting all those people at a funeral. Alas I cannot find a decent sized picture of this because it was one of the funniest murals ever ;p
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I have an exciting post about new phones and so on to do, but first some cheering news...

Dissident republics are apparently threatening SF leaders.
Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has said his party will not be deflected from "doing the right thing", even if members' lives are under threat.

Mr Adams said party members would continue to work to achieve progress despite the threats.
"I won't allow it, and none of us will allow it, to deflect ourselves from continuing the work we were elected to do," he said.
"This is disturbing for our families and for those who are close to us. But we have a task to do and we will prevail."

Can I just say that obviously this is very wrong and those dissidents are Very Naughty boys, but... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *breathes*

Karma is a bitch sometimes Gerry.
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Chris de Burgh claims to have healing hands

Can you just imagine those sleazy eyebrows and clammy palms coming at you for 'healing'?

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With another supposed 'momentous day' in the farce that is NI politics - Big Ian meets Catholic Archbishop, is it wrong that my first thought was wondering if the Archbishop will be able to restrain himself from blessing Herr Doctor's water on the sly? Or indeed flicking some at him to see if he burns?
This doesn't work on your standard Presbyterian [1], but I've never had a Free P. in close enough proximity to Holy Water to try it.

ION, there isn't really any.
Weekend was quiet as planned - tho Friday evening ended up a later one than intended due to discovery of Horse of the Year Show footage on Sky Sports at about 1am. Til 5ish, when I finally gave in and went to bed. Why people think this is weird I do not know.
Other than that, there was an exciting programme of de-fleaing house and cats, as they had managed to infest everything while I was away - presumably in protest - leaving me delightfully covered in tiny bites now I am home *scratches*; also buying cushions.

Must look into buying Frontline online, can never get to the bloody vets on time to buy it there.

Finally new icon - tis free for the taking [livejournal.com profile] fragglechick, tho I assume with credit to maker ;) Am seriously considering buying more icons now, have run out and had to remove one to get this one on! Woe, etc.

[1] Oh come on, you would too! He doesn't really mind.
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Technically, just now, NI has no real government. We have a pretend assembly who sit around Not Talking to each other and fighting. So for day to day stuff, it's the councils running stuff really.

We're about to get a BIG rates hike - probably about 30%, possibly more. And we're going to get water charges, based on house value *not* what you might actually use. So, I wonder, what is my council doing to earn all of this new extra monies?

Arguing over how many days a year they can fly the Union flag
Money well spent, I think you'll agree. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go *headdesk* for a bit.

Right, now on to matters of actual importance. [livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque DO YOU HAVE BBC? Tents and campfires and songs and people are All Very Well, but DR WHO is on. I hope you have made arrangements for this.
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This was just too funny to pass by...

FURORE erupts over government grant to Orange Order to make Twelfth Parades a tourist attraction. The headline is a work of impressive understatement - or perhaps there were so many they could have gone with they just gave up and went for the simplest -
Orange Grant Gets Mixed Reaction

Full of the usual quotes on either side, but my favourite is the SDLP with - "They are already helping tourism, but it is Donegal that gets the benefit every July...

It's... baffling really. This is an organisation whose members in the past 10 years have spent the days running up to the 12th blocking all the roads in and out of NI, blockading the airports and the ports - but now that there's no fuss they can make over Drumcree or whatever, they want tourists to come here and watch??
Not to mention the fact that Everything, EVERYWHERE shuts down for the 12th. Everything. You can't go anywhere since most of the roads are blocked for parade routes. There's mimimal public transport. None of the shops are open. Most of the pubs shut and the ones that stay open are ones you REALLY don't want to go to. Especially if you're a tourist. I have no idea if cinemas and theatres etc are open because I've never even *tried* going out that night. But I very much doubt it.

This has, I have to say, cheered me up no end; Northern Ireland Politics, you never fail to bring the farce. Don't ever change (not that there's much likelihood of that).
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So, it's the sunniest day yet, it's Friday and the world cup is starting.
And we get sent home at 4.30 because of "security alerts".

Which turn out, surprise surprise, to be hoaxes.

You gotta love it :p
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Is today dragging for anyone else? It's going soooo slowly here!

So, here are links that tickled me today ;p

1. Alice Cooper gets given freedom of a town called Alice (but not one in a desert in Australia alas ;p)

2. Not the story itself this time - Bob Marley's bassist loses case to get royalties - but this summing from the judge - "At this remove of time, his recollection of events was hazy."... yeah. Probably not HALF as hazy as it was at the time tho ;p

3. Go uncle Davey! David Ervine mixes it up at Stormont by joining up with the UUp. Still, it'll give them all something to talk about while they sit there playing Assembly (they get to vote on Issues, but it doesn't count for anything! Hurrah!)

which leads us nicely to...

4. Best Film Idea EVAR? IRA zombies How cool would that film be? And how wrong is it that the first thing I thought of was would Hunger Striker Zombies actually want to eat brains? Or would they just sit about going Riiiiiiiiights Riiiiiiiiiights?

Also am I a bad person because the idea of a Bobby Sands Zombie has had me sniggering all day?

Damnit, now I have 'Would you eat paisley's brains, bobby sands?' stuck in my head (to the tune of "she'll be coming round the mountain").


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