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Peter Robinson, leader of the DUP, has been defeated in Belfast East. The first major scalp of the contest.



So, assembly collapse immenent? Who knows? But also, makes a tory gov. bolstered by unionists less likely (pack of UCUNFs)

Just... wow. Finally. He's losing.

(edited because in the excitement i forgot he's still a feckin' MLA. still. LOOOOSER)

ETA alas, the Beard of Hyporcisy wins by a landslide again. On the (tiny tiny) plus side, the votes for the rest were so small, i can actually SEE my vote

Name Party Votes % +/-
Gerry Adams Sinn Fein 22,840 71.1 +2.5
Alex Attwood Social Democratic & Labour Party 5,261 16.4 +0.3
William Humphrey Democratic Unionist Party 2,436 7.6 -3.3
Bill Manwaring Ulster Conservatives and Unionists - New Force 1,000 3.1 +0.6
Maire Hendron Alliance Party 596 1.9 +1.8

That, and UCUNF still makes me snigger anytime. ALMOST the most perfect name for a political party ever...
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Well. WEll well well. Now we know why iris 'suddenly' resigned before xmas. And why, out of the blue, Peter Robinson (first minister) announced that she'd had an affair and tried to commit suicide and why he wasn't leaving his job.. why would HE leave his job over that?

Because because because because becaaaaaause, she wasn't just fucking around (with a twenty yr old) she was fucking around with money BIG TIME and journalists were investigating that and found out about the affair... talking loans from developers that were suppposed to be for a church, giving them to the Young Man, then demanding the money back from him when the affair fell apart and All Sorts of Financial Goings On that MPs, assembly ministers and the like should not be at. And our First Minister knew but tried to stay out of it as much as possible...

My my my

* yeah, obvious title i know, but pretty damn apt considering...
Summary here no doubt there will be MUCH more tomorrow.

It's been a good evening really.

ETA MORE - Iris Business Deals Broke the Law
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For those who've been following the Wacky Adventures of performance artist, murderer and general total nutbag Michael Stone, the verdict is back and he's been sentenced to 16 years for the attack on stormont and attempted murder. Maybe they'll actually keep him there this time!

ION work stuff mostly sorted, have lovely List of Achievements etc to present. The day is going somewhat better now ;p
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It is friday. It has been busy busy work day with much Explaining How Things Work (with a little Yelling At IT to make them work on the side) to people, which is always v. draining for some reason.

Anyway. Things that made me happy today included

1. Zig and Zag on the radio with Ray D'arcy this morning on the way to work! It made me giggle a lot, and not JUSt due to lack of sleep ;p Apparently, they have a Best Of dvd coming out! yay!
(can't get stupid Today FM website to load. Also, the vast majority of you will have NO IDEA what any of that means anyway ;p)

2. Winning Thesme's 'black chambers of my heart' challenge. Even if I did sit up til after 2am to do it, it was WORTH it.

3. The Michael Stone verdict is IN!
And the judge didn't believe it was interpretitve dance either.
He might have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids nail bombs, knives and letters to journalists saying he was going to slit throats and blow the place up!
This has a bit of interesting background, notabley this quote from another loyalist paramilitary - "He didn't just want murder to be done, he wanted it to be seen to be done."
So back to jail for Mr Stone. Again.

And now it is time to FLEEEE work. And go to the Big Tescos on the way home to buy delicious cider of joy and tasty snacks and collapse on the sofa. And SLEEEPY

Have a good weekend ;)
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The trial of Michael stone, lunatic, spree killer and Performance Artist, continues, for his attempted attack on Stormont , in which after making his way very slowly up the Very Long Drive (bear in mind he is a well know and Very Recognisable person) to Stormont, daubed graffitti over the walls of Parliament Buildings, he was finally thwarted by a revolving door.
The building was evacuated by the Speaker, trying to shut up the assembled politicions and eventually resorting to "ORDER! Unless you want to sit here and get bombed" (you really couldn't make this up ;p)

Yesterday, he got have his say on teh stand.
His defence - it was Performance Art to enliven the peace process (which, I guess it did), and he was "...a comic parody of my former self" - which he has also managed. So well done there. It actually sounds like he could be serious. Or deranged.

Of course the fact that he had a replica gun, nail bombs, knives and a garotte was also only part of the act. Honest.

My new favourite bit is this tho - he dyed his hair and goatee beard so he would not look "overweight and grey-haired" in front of the world's media and press gathered for the day's events".

(all from here )

We do breed a very special kind of lunatic here.

ETA there is MOAR

The prosecution have described him as "an egocentric killer with a penchant for publicity" , which sounds about right.

Also, he once planned to assassinate Ken Livingstone. Which is nice.
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So. AAAAGes ago, Michael Stone, that well known local psychopath and murderer tried to STORM Govt. buildings at Stormont, but was foiled by... a revolving door.

Then, sometime later, his lawyers claimed this was not an Acutal Attack, but Performance Art .

They are now apparently holding to this line of defence with - and I quote one of the funniest passages I've read on teh bbc news in a lot time, and I include the Welsh Darth Vader Jedi Attack here -

Performance art experts are helping the defence team of a loyalist killer who raided NI's assembly allegedly carrying explosives and a knife.

To be fair, the phrase "performance art experts" brings enough comedy on it's own but the crack team assembled to prepare an academic study on the whole thing elevates this to a whole new level of beautiful lunacy.

Plus, it's a good excuse to repost my favourite crap mural Cultural Folk Art of all time.

hee ;p

Mar. 8th, 2007 02:53 pm
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From [livejournal.com profile] lazy_hoor

The Birth of A New Era for Norn Iron


funniest thing evar ;p
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Remember Michael Stone and his crazy crazy attack on Stormont that was foiled only by a dastardly revolving door?

Well. APPARENTLY, it wasn't an attack at all!
It was, quoth his lawyer, in fact, a piece of performance art replicating a terrorist attack"

New slogan for the murals - His Only Crime Was Interpretive Dance ?
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*wipes eyes*

This one is causing us SO much hilarity in the office today.

Michael Stone [1], King Nutter in the Land O' Nutters, goes to Stormont, throws a bag through the doors shouting NO SURRENDER and flees... Or tries to flee.
But gets stuck in the revolving doors on the way out...


(from here)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to laughing til it hurts...


New picture. Apparently he had a gun too. Which is slightly less funny.
calm down, calm down )

Also, this bit - Earlier he had daubed in red paint on one of the pillars outside the main entrance a slogan proclaiming: "Sinn Fein/IRA scum." has led to many "People called Romans, they go the house??" comments. And ponderings on why someone didn't AT THAT POINT think 'hmm. Maybe we should shoo him away'. Unless of course they'd sent him round the back to redo it 100 times...

ETA 2 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA home now, so watched video on bbc site. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Favourite moment? The Speaker getting the self-important pompous useless windbags that pass for our 'politicians' to listen to her by shouting "ORDER! Unless you want to sit here and get bombed"
Classic. Pure Comedy Gold.

[1] His only crime was Loyalty! And looking like a scouser.

Oh. And shooting all those people at a funeral. Alas I cannot find a decent sized picture of this because it was one of the funniest murals ever ;p


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