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I know, everyone's doing it, but we don't get it that often! So, animals in snow...

fun in the snow )

And, as a break from snow, but still illustrating how... Odd the weather has been this year, a photo taken on 28th of October. OCTOBER! Roses! wtf?

There seems to be a bit of a thaw here today, but I think there is More Cold to come. Tho compared to everywhere else in the UK and Ireland, we seem to have gotten off pretty lightly up here!
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I had a plan for today. It was a simple plan. It started with horse then work, then hosptial visiting. What was supposed to happen was -
9ish get to stables, get horse shod
10ish post shoeing, get horse clipped
lunchtime put horse in field (with rug), go to work
5ish leave work, have food
6ish go to hospital visit mother
8ish either back to stables, bring horse in OR leave horse out, sofa
9ish CIDER

Then, got call from yard manager to say clipping lady couldn't come til 12 and could I get sedative from vets. Still, I figured, we'd be done clipping half one ish plan would still work

What Actually Happened -

9ish get to stables, chat to Farrier and Mary's Owner as Mary (another horse) is shod
9.30ish farrier starts shoeing ziggy, decide to try hot shoeing. This goes well!

Oh and another part of the plan had been Take Proper Photos. Did remember camera, forgot to charge camera battery so only had phone camera. On which I kept pressing the wrong button so only got one crappy shot of the hot shoeing, not several of billowing smoke, detail, etc.

Anyway )

Now! Wtf how is it nearly 3?? WHAT? anyway. 4th katy nearly done. Possibly also time for MOAR CODINE so i can actually make it as far as the stairs then bed. Lovely lovely bed.

Tomorrow, I suspect will involve Sleep, hot bath, and MOAR CODINE. And bringing stable rug to horse (tho, if weather still mild, may just leave her out, go up sunday) and, obv,. hospital. Mostly, sleeping.
And, hmm. Also hoping anyone at work i told 'will be in friday afternoon' either didn't need anything today, or didn't notice. Ah well.

how has your weekend started off?
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Still at home feeling sneezy and a bit bleh, tho planning to head to work soon. For I am very dedicated you know. Plus there are big drinks planned after work for friends getting married next week (OMG!) and I can hardly show up for that if i've been at home ill all day, can I ?
Gotta get the priorties right...

To pass the time while sipping lempsip this morning, I decide to hoke out photos from teh 80s to answer queries on just how big my hair was back then ;p Tho, naturally being a teenager, there aren't that many, since obviously i hated photos...
it was acceptable at the time )

I still don't quite know how all that manages to be 20 years ago. Where did it GO? Mostly cider, probably ;p

ETA SO Flist what did YOU look like in the 80s? I feel you should share, now that I have!


May. 25th, 2009 03:54 pm
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As requested, photographic evidence of clear bedroom floor. Hideously carpetted clear bedroom floor. Some day I really will have to work out how to get the furntiture out of the bedroom so I can get a less offensive carpet in there!

Obviously I didn't quite get round to putting away all the books I salvaged from the floor. Yet. The flower throw thing is there to keep wet muddy cats off the nice clean bed. Sometimes it even works.

For comparison (tho this was taken a while ago) and to clarify why this is such an achievement, it usually looks more like this !

more )

I am feeling quite accomplished now! So shall finish watching P&P while eating crisp sandwiches ;)


Mar. 5th, 2009 11:11 am
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Because what's an lj without CATS? Partly to prove to [livejournal.com profile] kanzenhanzai that she isn't the only suffer of Cat Must Always Be On You syndrome, and partly becuase otherwise it'd just be me whinging about having the cold ;p

So, Sunday, had a lovely morning in bed with laptop, snacks and cats

catspam )

I really don't have anything more interesting to add today. Sorry ;p How about you? Someone must be doing something out there!
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I have been having a very lazy weekend, which is great. But today I decided I should probably do something away from the sofa and decided to go for a walk.
It was a lovely sunny day, so I donned my rain coat and, since it's been a while since I've taken photos outside the pub/family stuff, grabbed the camera

Park Pics )

Lovely walk, and according to my trusty pedometer, I did about a mile and a half, almost all on hills, so now I feel quite accomplished. So I am going to make pancakes!

How's your weekend going?
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Finally had a bit of time last night and decided, since I had an unused flickr account to try it out for the febmeet pics (tho it feels like a Betrayal of fotopic and a terrible break with tradition!). Still haven't quite worked it all out but they are up anyway!

They are here [1]

ION have to give the 2nd training/demo session this afternoon, to about 20 people including Important High-Up types. The IT map guy who did half of it last time might not be able to make it. I still only have half a voice (tho, it's more than I usually have after febmeet).
This could be an Interesting Challenge. Maybe I should have worn a sparkly leotard and just pointed at the screen...

[1] (for any non-mudders curious and wanting an mud/lj correlation, helena=me, gin=[livejournal.com profile] thipe, carino=[livejournal.com profile] malvino, mangabes=[livejournal.com profile] being_here, shambles=[livejournal.com profile] shambellina, tique=[livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque and dasquian is, as always, just himself)
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home! Tired. So very VERY tired. Weekend good. Lovely day friday wandering about Windsor with [livejournal.com profile] thipe and [livejournal.com profile] malvino, then back to f'ing feltham to meet everyone else. And have cider - some very tasty ciders at that.

Spent rest of weekend there (plans of escaping saturday came to nought), meeting up with people - including some I didn't expect to see, which was lovely, drinking Moar Cider, getting Presents (yay! *mostly* yay) and generally being very refined. And stuff.
Dying now tho. Off for hot bath and bed I think. More tomorrow, if i can brane.

An example of the Lovely Presents I recieved...

A Viking on a WHAT now?? )
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Well, practically done, it needs painted, but that's the easy part. Hopefully ;p

So, it has gone from this -

before )

to THIS!

after! )

I like it. I like it VERY MUCH. Especially when I look at the 'before' pics. I hated it ;p

Of course right now I'd like it even MORE if the tilers hadn't fucked up the heating and my feet were warm, but hopefully that'll be easily fixed *crosses cold fingers*

At least it's not actually freezing here just now ;p

but yay, DONE! It rocks ;)

ps Internet up and down like a yo-yo. No idea why. Woe, etc.
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Shiny shiny black and shiny. They are very lovely! and took no time at all to fit, which was great!

less great is that the kitchen fitters who were meant to be here with the missing door and other bits are Not. And i was hoping to get back into work today too, looking unlikely now. BAH



Now just waiting for the fitter guy to show up with missing door etc. Tho doesn't look like he'll be here in time for me to get to work now :/ *mourns holidays*
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Turns out an evening of riding/stumbling round uneven stable yard in the dark followed by a day involving much traipsing round shops is not so good for the stupid ankle, as I discovered when I got off the sofa earlier to go to pilates. Ouch. Didn't go ;p

Instead, decided to get a head start on scanning photos for teh brother's christmas/birthday present, which was much more fun.

Have you ever wondered what a baby hellison looked like? Wonder no more! I am the seated child ;p (clicky for larger, as always)

moar )

And one last one, because it is my favourite one of me and my Dad, during the red-leading phase of Building The Shed (which was really a workshop and massive, but he hated us calling it The Shed so it stuck ;p).

He eventually sold it to a lady who turned it into a creche - which my niece and nephew have both gone to, in a nice neat circle of ... family something ;p
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It's been a busy weekend. So busy I am Recovering at home today (with mostly valid cause ;p).

Saturday - wedding of R. from work, which lead to an early start to get Fancy Hair (see below for pics!), then returning home with Lots Of Time to pack and get ready and stuff. Which naturally meant I lay about doing nothing til it was time to go, rushed about in a huge panic and had to Drive Liek teh Wind to get there on time. Which I *just* managed, and after a quick change in the hotel room, got to the ceremony at the same time as the bride ;p Who waited til we got in and sat down before making her own, much more dignifed entrance.

The rest of the day went as weddings are wont to do, good food, lots of wine and much ridiculous dancing. Was quite impressed the Fancy Hair mostly withstood the Ridiculous dancing and even a spot of headbanging ;p

Eventually retired to the room with the other girls (having been ousted from the single room I'd booked by Phil Coulter's ma), to drink fizzy wines and talk about boys and shoes and hair til... about 4am.

wedding pics )

Sunday dawned thankfully an hour later than normal, with much hungoverness. Lovely breakfast tho, then a bit more sleep, before saying Farewell to everyone and taking myself off up the road to Donegal to rendezvous with [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01 & Mr Thesme at Mr Themse's Brother's place.
The weather was Changable, but as we were all hungover Mr T's B. suggested an nice bracing walk along the shore somewhere. He had planned to go surfing but it was a bit *too* changable for that, so walking it was, at Ards Friary.

The hailstones were slightly more bracing than we had anticipated, but as we all had raincoats, wooly jumpers etc, on we went to admire the waves and the landscape, skim stones and all that.
After a while, and a very steep climb in Very Bracing driving rain and wind, we reached the beach. Mr. T. very gracefully helped me down the slope and we played Dodge The Massive Waves for a bit. Thesme lost ;p
Then more walking, this time up increasingly steep and slipperly slopes to cliff edges, at which point I picked discretion over valour and headed back down across the beach and eventually back to the car. Which some how the lads got to before us. Damn them!
We made our (rather damp) way home, got chips and thawed out back at Mr. T's brother's place. At which point I realised my jeans were still far too wet to keep wearing, so ended up driving back home in my pyjamas, leaving Thesme et al to cook and eat venison.

Scenic Picspam )

It was a most excellent walk tho, and certainly blew away the hangover. Also was v. impressed at how much of it I managed with no stupid ankle giving out or being painful, despite some v. steep slopes.
Today, however, it is making up for that in spades and thus I am at home, hobbling slowly about the house. And about to go soak in a looong hot bath.

How is your monday going?
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Once upon a time, not so long ago, and not so very far away (unless you are in Australia, or similar Forn Parts), a Beyoutiful Lady planned to attend the wedding of one of her many many cousins, in the far off region of Pescara, in Italy, to be held in a castle, naturally.

The Breakening )

As a slight aside, during the wedding night disco, someone had apparently swung into the Groom's Mother, sent her flying into a marble shelf/bannister/something, knocking her out and breaking her wrist, so she got packed off to the same hospital in an ambulance - and was put right into the bed I had not long since vacated. She had been in that hospital before (since she lives there ) tho, so when the Shouty Women started up, she picked up herself AND drip and wandered around until she found a bed in a quiet room...

Escape From Italy )

Hmm. Long story is LONG. Some other time I may go into My Adventures In Hospital and How To Get an Operation By Crying at Nurses.
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Finally got round to getting pictures off phone, so here we are. Picture posting!


castle thesmington )

Today, I got let out of the office to go traipsing thro bog. Pictures not great due to not being able to see what I was actually taking. ANd phone being crap

bog! )

Have also many photos of Family from the last week or so. May post some later. Or not. Also cats. Haven't have any cat photos lately, what kind of livejournal IS this???
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So the weekend, in more detail!

Started in central London on friday, meeting [livejournal.com profile] reuss and (after some confusion caused by my crap direction giving) [livejournal.com profile] malvino for lunch, after which headed Covent Garden-wards with Malvino. Wandered about a bit trying to find the Bravissimo shop and failing, so we decided the best thing to do was go to the pub. Which proved to be the Right Thing, because there we found a map. And also pints.

Suitably refreshed and redirected, we set out again for the Bra shop, tho Malvino would go no further than the entrance, preferring instead to find another pub, for some reason.
After that was done, and some housewarming-present buying, we headed off to find the Forbidden Planet the signing was in, and, since we were early, another pub. This one also had cricket on. And pints.
Went back to the shop and wandered round it trying to find the signing. Eventually got directed 'round the back' by a lackey, where the queue actually was.
Queued. Got Rained on.
Queued some more. Ran off to *shudder* irish pub round the corner for Toilet Break.
Queued yet more.
Eventually got inside! And the very Lovely and Patient Mr Gaiman signed things. BOOK THINGS. Not underwear OR body parts. And chatted briefly, despite his lack of voice and the queue of people still waiting behind us.

Then, finally, headed off to meet Reuss again, get trains homewards and even very kindly chauffered back from the station by [livejournal.com profile] daegul with a Fizzy Wines pit stop.
Got back, had tour of lovely new house, drank Fizzy Wines (hmm tasty), ate take away and watched House for the first time, which is very funny. And great.

Then bed. Or *tried* going to bed but the sofa bed objected quite violently and tried to eat me while reverting to sofa-state, so had to summon Daegul and he very manfully applied Tools and beat it into submisson.
Got into bed again. Very Very Carefully. But it held together this time and great sleeping was had. Hurrah!

Saturday dawned bright and early and involved Much Unpacking of Boxes. Got to see the Sights of Maidenhead too, including the Tip (with its slightly overly-friendly staff), Homebase AND Sainsburys. Many many books were unpacked. Also CDs. A pirate chest was built! It was all very exciting.
Then people started Arriving and Partying began, with barbequing and the usual eating, drinking, hanging out in the kitchen, wiping blood on people, much wii-ing and a damn good time was had.

Sunday was... quieter. Large breakfasts were had and more wii-ing was done (why do the baseball guys have NO LIMBS??). Mirrormask was watched - very good, but very surreal - and another DIY masterpiece was created by [livejournal.com profile] reuss, with me as her Lovely Assistant holding bits of wood together and counting screws and so on.

And then, alas, it was time to go and face the horror that is Heathrow with a Hangover. And go home. Woe.

Great weekend tho! The rest of the photos are for anyone interested ;)


Feb. 20th, 2007 01:57 pm
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Right. So. The weekend in full. Firstly, photos so far are here (mine) and here ([livejournal.com profile] thipe's, conveying a lot more of the HORROR).

It all started off so well too. So unhorrifyingly.
Friday )

saturday )

sunday )

And finally it was over, with just the journey back to the aiport with Thipe and Being here, filled with HORROR EXCEPTIONELLE, more Abba and singing shatner again (WOE).

So, a good weekend. And that got a bit long.
In summary?
Friday = DoublePlusGood then Too Much Alcohol
Saturday = Ill
Sunday = HORROR (as illustrated thusly - )

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Here y'all go. Pictures under the cut, clicky for larger, if you wish

photos, as requested by you weirdos )
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Busy busy weekend, so much socialising!

Friday was spent trying to get the house in some sort of order, then out to a friends surprise 40th b'day party, which was much fun with lots of silly dancing about and so on. Tho, mindful of the plans for saturday, I was actually SENSIBLE and left at about half 12 when I could get a lift. Go me!

Saturday involved more cleaning, organising of costume and dressing up box, shopping for Party Food and picking up of [livejournal.com profile] ochthuit and his mate from train. And then dressing up!

I went as Medusa, cos I got a standard 'greek' costume thing and just added lots of green make up and made Hair Snakes with a combination of pipe cleaners and green gel. Got bored after about 20 minutes of fiddling so there weren't quite as many as originally intended, tho people seemed to get the idea!

Highlights included dressing [livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque up as a Laydee, [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_ and her v. impressive costume, despite freaky FREAKY dead martens with their BEADY EYES that stared at me all night (getting them THROWN at me was not a highlight), musical interludes from Tique, Ochthuit and D. (who doesn't have an lj as far as I know), also some fine downloading of bizarre music, the potato lantern complete with FAKE tealight... and other stuff I may well have forgotten but I'm sure I'll remember when I see more photos.

Speaking of which -


The rest of the photos are here - if I can get hold of other peoples' photos, I'll add them in there too!

Good night. Today, mostly very tired.

ETA more photos!

Oh Canada!

Oct. 4th, 2006 10:55 am
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Now the jetlag has passed and I have the day off to get a new boiler in except the boiler man can't come, here is the proper What I Did on My Holidays post.

The short version is - not very much at all really ;) The main point was to go see the family, hang out with the boys and get to know the new baby. The most I did in the way of touristy stuff was a quick train ride to Niagara for the morning. Other than that, time was spent reading, sleeping and best of all, lounging in the hot tub with cold cider.

Lovely. Saw no mounties and, even more disappointingly, didn't manage to hook up with [livejournal.com profile] kearsley this time either :/ or, indeed, [livejournal.com profile] malvino.
Must Try Harder.

Anyway, some pic spam! Full set of pics is here

family )

hot tub! )

niagara )

Le Weekend

Sep. 4th, 2006 10:26 pm
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Friday was a nice quiet evening with a bottle of wine, the mud and a few phonecalls from York. I *may* have been slightly tipsy by then ;)
Sat up later than intended because by chance finally caught some SG1 with Adam Balwin in, yay!

Saturday started later than intended due to this, eventually got vaguely organised and set off for Dublin 4ish and arrived at [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01's in good time for catching up and getting ready for our Nice Civilised and Mature evening out with the ladies of LJ (Fragglechick, Mollydot, Pheyonah, Cosmicdancer, Lazy hoor. Too many for tags ;p). And [livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque and Gweedo (who is on the mud but not lj and that's far too long for an acronym ;p).

We had a very nice meal in a very civilised manner as we are all very Nice and Polite people who wouldn't talk about writing gay porn or composing gay porn haikus involving the Shat and the Hoff or lovely dirty rugby bottoms or anything like that at all. Oh no.

Then we went on a quest for a Not Packed Pub, found one and spent the rest of the evening sipping sherry while engaging in philosophical debate and continuing to be very Mature and Polite and Civilised. No-one mentioned mucus at all.

You can see from the photographs just how mature and civilised we were.

See? We Are Lovely )

Sunday was... mostly painful. And sleepy. Which are not great combinations for driving around dublin then the 100 miles or so back home, but I made it eventually ;)


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