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Last one! Discharged again - and this time it didn't make me feel like bursting into tears, so YAY!

In fact, all leg stuff is going well. Joint is more flexible, it doesn't do the seizing up as much and, even better, is nowhere near as painful. Still gets achy, but hasn't been 'arggh get me codine' for a while. Or even just ibuprofen.

Walking any distance also still not great, but improving. More importantly, haven't used the crutch at all now for... 5 days! It might not sound like much, but I think that after 13 months, I may FINALLY be rid of the bloody thing. Just have to gradually build up how far I can go now I think.

MBTs are continuing to be fun and bouncy, am getting the hang of those too. Brought them along and the physio was Impressed by how much better I can walk in them.

For The Future - have to keep up the stretching exercises and see how it goes; if it starts to stiffen up again, i can go back for more physio and if it if keeps being painful then I should go get a referral back to the orthopedic consultants.

So. All in all, it's looking good; certainly a lot better than it did a month or so ago. Still can't run tho, but then I was never very good at that anyway. The world will just have to wait for me ;)

Physio 2:5

Jun. 25th, 2008 03:24 pm
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All going well this time round - after 5 sessions she no longer thinks I'll need more surgery, at least not in the immediate future, which is a BIG relief.

Have lots of calf stretching exercises to do now to work on dorsal flexion (yay i knows big wurds), as well as balancing on one leg stuff. Which i can do on the wii fit ;)

She also suggested I try MBT shoes and gave me the no. of a physio who sells them. So may try that out.

Has anyone ever given them a go? Or even know anyone who's tried them?

Ooh also saw Smallsarah being tortured too, she even flashed her cage at me! So, it could be worse. A LOT worse!

ION pretty much set for [livejournal.com profile] mollow and [livejournal.com profile] leeda's wedding this weekend. Just need a HAT. And a present...

physio 2:4

Jun. 19th, 2008 03:28 pm
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moar physio! )

ION, less shatteringly tired today, after sleeping for 3 hours when I got in yesterday, then being wide awake til 4am. Meh. Hopefully tonight's sleeping pattern will be more normal. Horrible cold has also abated.

Holiday already seems like it never quite happpened, now I mostly need to organise getting to Mollow and Leeda's wedding next weekend!

physio 2:3

Jun. 6th, 2008 01:08 pm
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2:3 ain't bad )

Yay holiday next week! In fact in a few days.
Tho, the whole thing has been cast into some doubt by the Mother, obviously feeling we haven't had enough drama in our lives lately, contracting a nasty stomach bug and managing at the same to to send her blood pressure sky rocketing (I never knew it *could* go over 200. You live and learn).
However she seemed a bit better when I left this morning, tho still v. weak. But determined to be going on holiday anyway. We shall see how it goes over the weekend. Needless to say have done no holiday shopping/packing/money changing etc. Monday could be a busy day.
Mostly now we're hoping she hasn't passed it to the rest of us...

physio 2:2

Jun. 2nd, 2008 03:41 pm
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as ever, mostly so I don't forget, ignore at will

bend it, shake it, just a little bit )

So, painful (as expected) but Positive I think. Back again Friday for more fun.

Decided against going back to work, so instead may write the full tale of How I Knackered Myself Good and Proper, for your delight and edification. Or ignoring ;) Then I will shut up about the whole thing.
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Started second round of physio today, details below the cut for anyone not completely over teh whole leg thing

This time, it's Painful )

In other news, still having fun with the wii fit. Haven't really lost much weight - tho it has dropped a little this week - but I have lost an inch from my waist and over an inch from hips/belleh (BYEBYE BELLEH) which I am much more pleased with, since there is obviously muscle toning/building going on. Plus I FEEL much better for doing some sort of exercise again at last.

Haven't been doing the balance games so much, mostly because I suck that them.
Most days I do about an hour - half an hour of a mix of the yoga and muscle exercises, in which I daily get told my left leg doesn't seem to offer as much support as my right. However in some of the yoga I have great balance and my form is beautiful too! Thanks George! (have taken to calling the instructor man George, as this helps when I need to yell at him ;p).
Then 20 mins/half an hour of the aerobic things. I still have to do the jogging in short bursts, as *both* legs start to give out if I try the longer one. Just about have the hang of the Step one, I rock the hula hoops (tho, knackering), and recently have been trying the 2nd level of the rhythm boxing programme. Which has mostly proved I have very little rhythm and no co-ordination ;p

So far, I've found it a good incentive to keep exercising - with the scoring you can see yourself getting better, and there is a quite a variety of exercises. It also suggests combinations of exercises that go well together. Some of them I still can't manage and the one legged ones are a Challenge, but it's all good practice.
What i don't like so much is the daily weighing, since weight can vary day to day anyway. And I think BMI is a pile of crock, especially as the wii fit does it, based only on height/weight - cf the losing inches but not actual weight. And i haven't bothered with the 'wii fit age' part in weeks. Tho I was down around 32 last time, so go me!

But, on the whole, for me, it's been a Win so far ;)

Right. Now I have to go wiggle my ankle 50 times. Then do some rapid cleaning before I head to work. Yay!
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Last Ever Physio! I thought I'd be overjoyed at this but oddly am not at all. Possibly because she was meant to make it ALL BETTER and it is NOT.

However. Went this morning and she tested for movement, strength etc and said it's coming on well. And that there's not much more she can show me that I'm not doing already - exercises and so on. So, no more physio. Tho i can get referred back at anytime if it stops going well.

I asked about the Fun New Trick the ankle has developed, of getting stuck in one position and refusing to move for a while, she thought it was going into spasm and that since it wears off quickly, it's not much to worry about. And I am going to the fracture clinic on Monday so they can check that too.

Other than that, I'm on my own, to wean self off crutch etc. Which for some reason (i suspect ambush by the PMT EMOPUMA OF DOOM) has left me in a state of GLOOM and woe, in case it never gets better and now I can't even buy an alsation to eat me when I'm dead (because even the cats don't love me enough) because I won't be able to take the bloody thing for walks.
As [livejournal.com profile] being_here helpfully pointed out, I may not be at home to Mr Logic today. I think the EMOPUMA ate him.

On the brighter side, off to London this evening to see [livejournal.com profile] ghost_cre, [livejournal.com profile] thipe, [livejournal.com profile] gnillot and others. Also possibly [livejournal.com profile] malvino at some point, if he ever sorts his timetable out ;p

In the meantime, send bikkits, kicks up the arse and distractions. NO LOBSTER FURRIES tho. Thx. Freaks.
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Quite a long break from it this time round, thanks to Christmas! But all seems to be going well

physio session 8 )

Most importantly tho, she said I can go back to pilates! SUCCESS!
So will start that again thursday, which is great, because my back has been really seizing up of late (and yes, [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01, I will go see the osteopath too!).
Also have been pondering getting an exercise bike type thing in the sales, to build up some leg muscles before I try riding again and provide some form of exercise til I can get out and about more. Or ooh I could get the fake horse thingy! I could even wear my hat and boots like the crazy lady on the website ;p

Physio etc

Dec. 13th, 2007 02:05 pm
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It's a busy day today!

Physio this morning, then home to pack for the weekend (yay!), get changed and come to work in time for the christmas dinner thing this afternoon!

Must TRY and be vaguely sensible as have to leave for the airport at 9 tomorrow...

physio session 7 )

Tomorrow - going to see Mark Thomas with [livejournal.com profile] malvino and [livejournal.com profile] thipe in London! Hurrah (with many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tyrell for the pimping on that one! Are you around central london tomorrow evening at all?)!
Then spending the rest of the weekend in Reading drinking cider and having Refined Conversations about Fine Art and Literature and all the Great Issues of the Day. Or something like that anyway ;)

And now, Christmas Dinner. Early, which means there's a *chance* I might manage an early night...
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Physio time again! Am obviously getting better cos I don't have to go back for two weeks now ;)

physio session 6 )

Of course on the slightly down side, it means I have to work a full week next week - first one in 6 months! However it does mean that this weekend, I can pack the cats up and move back home properly - which has taken slightly longer to get to than I thought it might ;p
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Yep, it's that time of the week again already. Progress is being made - it's all going well apparently, tho that didn't stop her torturing me in yet more fiendish ways!

Physio wk 5 )

For now I'm recovering on teh sofa with jelly babies ;p
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Feel free to skip, a summary of this week's visit - Painful Progress made!

physio, wk4 )
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Back from physio, it was much more positive. Will put details under cut below.

However this week's Random Hellison Fact - apparently I am better at walking backwards than walking forwards!

physio week 3 )

For now, I have ice on it and painkillers and all is well.
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Doctor this morning went well, despite the fact that because of fecking rush hour, it took an HOUR to make whats usually a 15 minute trip to get there.

Got xrayed and the screws still in are really quite big and funky looking, but apparently it's all healed up nicely, which is good to know.
Which means now, it's just lots of phsyio to get walking again, then once that is done, the podiatrist to see about getting the heel lift thingy so I am Level. Which will be weird.

Do have a slight case of RSD (need to remember this for the physio) and apparently the way round that is... lots and lots of physio and walking and things.

I have been doing more walking and putting weight on in the last few days and it seems the more I do, the less painful it is next time. I have a feeling I'm still not putting as much weight on it as the physio wants though, but no doubt will find that out tomorrow. Yay ;p


Oct. 30th, 2007 02:21 pm
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Mostly for my own benefit here as I have things I need to ask the consultant when I go for check up next week and things I need to remember for myself.

Firstly, OW. OW OW OW OUCH. And now, science.

a. my dorsal flexion is Very Bad and the joints & calf muscles are very very tight in that direction meaning I can't get my heel to the ground at all.

b. my left leg is c.2cm shorter than the right one, which is something I have always known but people thought I was making up ;p
I always walked sort of on tiptoe on the left foot and tilted to that side (causing lovely back problems), which is why I can't get it down now. I may need a Heel Lift!

c. i am over-pronated on teh feets. I have no idea what this means (thesme?) but I have to mention it to the doctor and be referred to a podiatrist.

d. the actual walking. I MUST start putting weight on the wonky leg.
Doing so is very scary and I have a BIG mental block here, but she forced me to and there was no disaster (once I stopped grabbing the bed behind me everytime I had to lean on it). Did hurt tho. but I really REALLY have to do it or it won't get better.
Any tips on retraining the brain for this gratefully recieved. Possibly cider may help?

e. Continuing not putting weight on/using foot could lead to RSD which is a risk because the circulation is still not good and it is apparently A Very Unpleasant Thing.

I think that's everything. And now you possibly know more about me than you ever wanted or needed to. Lucky you!
I'll probably do this each week but stick it under a cut or tag so it can be ignored at will.
Foot HURTY now.

ps Remind me next week to take painkillers BEFORE I go. Some of the stuff she was doing to try and loosen the joint was really not fun.


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