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So, had quiet and yet somehow still very-lacking-in-sleep weekend. Today has mostly been dull grey Monday, but now brightened considerably by Themse, who wrote me a Speshul Pome

So I made her an icon! *voles thesme*

Also, [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_, it seems your work email has been added to the list of Addresses My Email Shuns, as I just got one from this morning bounced back... Davey's band are playing the Rotterdam Sat. night if you fancy rounding off the Big Day Out there?
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The things you find when you're bored and poking about the computer...

In this case - probably only of interest to mudders - the result of trying to do an Agatean version of the hedgehog song and making the mistake of asking on (cre) for haikus ;p These were the CLEANER ones. I still don't quite think we'd have got it into game tho.
Oddly, I had fogotten all about this til last night, didn't realise I had it saved here at work.

monkeys and hedgehogs )

We should totally put this in. The mud has gotten way too PC ;p
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Something that I noticed last week with all the Pome Memeing - all my poetry books, mostly anthologies, are Old. Some are Really Old, some are quite old, but they're all pretty much old ;p Comes of mostly picking them up at random in 2nd hand book shops I guess. Nothing recent at all.

So, anyone got any good recommendations/favourite they'd like to suggest? Poets, particular poems, collections etc, all suggestions gratefully received.

After all its been almost weeks now since my last Amazon spree, and I'll need more than just the Mike Baillie books to get teh free posting ;p
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Since my previous choice was, apparently, too well known ;p

V. hard to chose one, but this is one I loved so much when I was Young that my Best Friend Lisa stole the book it was in from the school library at, according to the inscription, exactly 11.35pm on Friday 19th Dec 1989 and gave it to me for Christmas. I had completely forgotten she'd done that.

untitled poem, by e.e.cummings )

a bonus )

ION this is very nice champagne.


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