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The very fine people who brought us the impressive Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster have now done a lego Serenity

A lego Serenity that LIGHTS UP

And that's not all, they've also made a smaller version that you can make at home! If you're some kind of lego nut :p but still!
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The evening got much better as it went on. Got home and after lying on the floor - unfortunately on the Mat of Mousely Offerings to The Great Cat Gods, but what can you do? I do hoover it after every one. Probably the most hoovered place in the house.
Anyway. After some lying flat and some stretching, I was no longer hobbling sideways in agony but nicely normal again. Went up to the stables to find no horse. Panicked slightly, til someone said Dessie had 'taken her somewhere'. Turns out he took her off to get clipped, so it's just as well I managed to give her a bath yesterday.
She looks so pretty all nekkid, plus there is no feeling in the world to beat freshly clipped horse, so smooth and soft, but if you brush it the wrong way you can feel all the tiny bristles...

He also got her a new rubber bit, which I got to try out. Yay, freshly clipped horse, new incredibly mild bit (Dessie's theory is that since he can't stop her out in the field anyway, there's no point hauling the mouth off her in a strong bit, might as well stick a mild one in and just hang on) and I got to be crash test dummy ;p
Luckily she seemed to really like it - and was still responding to it. Also was unusually sparky cos of the clip so we managed to do quite a bit, even tho we had to use the Hated indoor arena. Even got her doing canter figure-8s, which I was v. impressed with, tho she's back to stopping dead after a jump if there's only the one up. Still, got all winter to work on that!

Afterwards, went to see Serenity again. Once more, there were only about 20 or so people there, but they seemed to all be getting really into it, laughing and gasping in all the right places. I was a bit worried seeing again so soon would dull my reactions to it a bit but I was right on the edge of my seat again. Noticed more little bits and pieces too, which I may ramble about tomorrow - with full spoiler warnings ;)
For those of you who have seen it, my initial (somewhat incoherent) reactions are here - http://www.livejournal.com/users/hellison/113035.html - BANG full of spoilers.

I'd love to see it in a packed theatre, to really get the atmosphere. Maybe at the weekend...
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Whee new Jayne Icon. OMG JAYNE HAT. All he's missing is Vera.

I will stop squeeing over Serenity & Firefly now for a bit, before I put you all off entirely; this is just to say that it doesn't open this weekend, it's NEXT weekend. Been reading to many US message boards and stuff. D'oh.

However, the sci-fi channel are running a 'firefly weekend' this weekend, showing all episodes back to back on sat & sunday afternoons, starting at lunchtime on saturday, so if you have cable/digital, you have no excuse :p
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Just one more. Honest. (for now)

For those of you wandering what the hell this firefly thing is all about, I found a very nifty lil photo essay/ep guide to give you a taster - http://www.livejournal.com/users/liminalliz/544525.html
Look at all the pretty!

Now go and buy/borrow/steal the dvds. Then go see Serenity when its out. All of you!
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I was just hunting through my pockets and found a leaflet that the cinema peoples were handing out after Serentiy. Didn't look at it at the time cos was still all OMG WTF WOW...

BUT 12th nov. there is a Serenty Event here, with River and Kaylee - talks, photos shoot etc
WOOHOO!! If you go to http://www.utevents.co.uk/ you can win tickets! There's no real detail on it yet tho and no mention of any similar ones across the water, tho they did have the early pre-screening sessions and stuff over there.

Of course my only SLIGHT woe is that we don't get any of the boys. Why can't we have the boys? The boys are teh h0tness. Mind you the girls are too, but ... HOT BOYS.
Since I discovered [livejournal.com profile] firefly_daily yesterday I am developing a huge crush on Jayne (adam baldwin). He has some of the best facial expressions EVER. And his arms and hands... oh my!
Not that this reduces in anyway my deep and abiding lust for Cap'n Mal. In fact all the boys are damn hot, even Simon has his moments tho I'm generally not one for the pretty boys. Throw in all those pretty pretty girls too and well, what more could you ask for?
Apart from a swimming pool full of melted chocolate to chuck 'em all into of course.
*stares into space*
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So, Serenity. Firstly, O.M.G. It blew me away. I expected it to (being already a huge firefly fangirl) but I wasn't expecting THIS.
This is mostly vague rambling because parts of the film stunned me so much. I may get more coherent after I've seen it again.

spoileriffic )

Not sure if most of that made sense, just wanted to get down initial reactions to compare with others later when they've seen it. I may even have a completely different set of reactions after seeing again.
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Saw Serenity. Somewhat shellshocked.

For those of you who aren't Firefly fans yet, go see it!

For those of you who are ([livejournal.com profile] adelpha, not sure who else)... I haven't got the words.
Hurry up and go see it. Tho possibly *not* the same day as going to a funeral. I'm not sure I have any emotions left.

It has occured to me that the disadvantage of going to the advance screening is that I can't say ANYTHING.


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