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The Sofa Gender Realignment Man did finally show up on Friday and, in a quick and seemingly painless procedure, Sofa Part A was changed from male to female and soon firmly wedded to Sofa Part B (who remains male), with the aid of steel pins. It was a touching and somewhat bittersweet moment, but they seem happy this way. And there's less chance of losing the remote down the crack, so it's all good really ;)

[livejournal.com profile] layonee requested photos, then expanded this to a photo tour of the house and since it is her birthday tomorrow (and the place is kinda tidy for once ;p) here it is.

The lower half anyway, haven't cleared upstairs yet :p

To start, here is a one my sister very kindly took of me modelling the Leather Seating System

chez Hellison, pt.1 )

Hmm. Also realised while writing this that it would have been Dad's birthday today.
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You're all very quiet today *prods* specially for a Friday!

Tho it's quiet here too. Everyone at work has been very concerned about my Gay Sofa Halves *eyes [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_* and I have phoned the Sofa People to find out why the men did not come out to give one of them the required sex-change yesterday. Apparently 'someone was meant to' but... didn't bother. Or something. So someone is coming today after one. Allegedly.

I managed to be A Bit Cross down the phone, but it was hard to grumble too much at suddenly being given an excuse to go home at lunchtime on a Friday.

How is everyone else doing?

ETA hmm. 3pm and still no sign of Sofa Gender Re-alignment Man, who was supposed to be here 'after 1'. Another phonecall is required.

OTOH, [livejournal.com profile] tiquetoque has, I think, won the 'comedy remarks about gay sofas' award with - Tique MyBreathAway tells you: you're the only person I know who paid for a sofa, but got a poof.
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I have new sofas! It may be quite sad that I am excited by this, but there you go.
Thankfully I was a Good Girl last night and cleared the crap away despite hangover and tiredness, because they arrived at 8 o'clock this morning, which was a bit of a shock to the system.

Then I worried that I'd have to go into work after all, but luckily the join bits for the big sofa aren't right (I have 2 males not a male and a female apparently) so I have to wait for 'someone from the warehouse' to show up and fix it. So yay, guilt-free day off after all!
I may even Do Things. Tho planned gardening is out the window as it is bloody cold and raining out there. I may even go sort out all the crap that I shifted from here to the spare room.

But for now, tea and toast and shooing of cats away from lovely new sofas - so far they haven't attacked them in a frenzy of scratchy claws, but I suspect they are just biding their time.
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Anyone remember back a couple of months ago I bought a sofa 'leather seating system' (the link to which no longer works alas), which was due to arrive mid-July, giving me lots of time to clear the piles of junk and clutter out of the living room and get rid of the old suite?

They just phoned, it's coming on Thursday! Which gives me somewhat *less* time than planned for clearing, but still, NEW SOFAS! The Logue has very kindly offered to help shift the old one out tomorrow and I'll get the council to come take it away. I can chuck the Mouse Graveyard/Rug out with it too.

Maybe the local hoods will take it for their bonfire...

ION that's about it really. Less knackered today, still having fun playing with ArcMap etc, so it's all good really.
This evening will probably mostly involve Shifting of Crap from living room to upstairs, tho I really should sort thro it all at some point. And mudding.
Actually, change of plan! Less of the shifting crap and more of the Pints With [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_, hurrah!

ps Thesme (or indeed anyone else) can you suggest a particularly nice bottle of red wine I could get for teh Logue as recompense for all the cat feeding, corpse removal and sofa shifting?


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