Apr. 30th, 2009 11:07 am
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In work, we are moving, as a whole, to a WONDERFUL new document management system, which is so WONDERFUL that we will no longer be allowed to save documents either locally on our own computers or to shared network drives. Woe Waily, but what can you do?

However. This morning, an email arrived about this. I give you the first paragraph of the email, for I have been staring at it for an hour now going WHAT? See if you can work out why!

The implementation of the NEWSYSTEM for electronic document storage and retrieval will soon move to its second stage. This will entail the removal of the 'local button' option effectively preventing NEWSYSTEM users saving documents to local or shared drives. As the availability of local/ shared drives are restricted there will be an increasing need for staff to have access to scanning facilities - either actual scanners or printers with the capability to scan.

I have been trying to compose a polite and sensible reply to this but am failing because I keep reading and going THIS MAKES NO SENSE! WHAT?!

In other, less ranty news, it turned out the problem with the car leaking petrol was a corroded fuel filter (which the mechanic said he had never seen before), which was still under warranty and thus was all fixed, free of charge, within an hour. YAY!


You'll need to bite your tongue today, instead of just shooting off at the mouth without thinking. If you do respond to someone too quickly, you may say something you later wish you kept to yourself. It's wiser to save the sarcastic retort for another day when the buried tensions aren't so delicately wired. Your rapid-fire reply could turn into a lit match in a pile of dried hay, sending everything up in flames.

yes. Quite. Thankfully haven't replied to the work one yet, but may have replied to a couple of things elsewhere quite... vehemently. Tho, not sure I precisely regret what I've said, but perhaps it could have been more tactfully put. Maybe.
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Today did not get off to a good start.
A sleepless night, followed by sleeping in and rushign to get to work.
Get to work just on time, but then mix up with parking and street blocked by lorries meant it took another 20 minutes or so to actually get to the desk.

However. On the plus side, had finally remembered to bring spare glasses so I could leave the proper ones in to get nice new Unscratched lenses. Went to specsavers, which is handily right beside Forbidden Planet.
Acutally made it up the bloody stairs (which are lined with Boxes of Figure and Things so you can't get to the handrails) and now have the next 2 volumes of Preacher AND 1st volume of collected Strontium Dog (Johnny Alpha was my Teenage Hero, even more so than Dredd). They also had Rogue Trooper and many other goodies. May have to return.

Then got back to work, and during chat with a collegue discovered that a large part of the Huge and Ever Growning Pile of excavation reports under the desk have already been read and summarised by him, so I don't have to! Just have to copy his summaries to d/base, get reports filed and look Very Productive. Hurrah!

Tonight, home to read lots and mud, as I have funky new weapons to play with - Agatean Fighting Fans - thanks to Our Medea. Once I actually get a decent misc. bonus for them (200ish already and growing); MOAR STABBING should sort it out. Then I can cry "La, sir! Unhand me, you cad!" as I bash people over the head with a fan. Then slash their necks open with the other. Good Times ;) Plus, bonus agatean culture tms!

And of course, everything looks much clearer through new unscratched lenses ;p

So, what went Right for you today?


Jan. 28th, 2008 01:17 pm
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Going to bed at half 12 and havnig to get up at SIX makes for cranky hellison.

Spending THREE FUCKING HOURS sat in the waiting room of the fracture clinic to see the doctor for FIVE MINUTES makes for Very Cranky Hellison. Seriously, he spent longer out of the room explaining my leg to the medical student with then than anyone ever has explaining it to ME.
Although he did tell me that the reason it still gets so painful is that I also damaged a nerve, which is 'firing excessively'. And to just take painkillers and keep walking. Thanks. At least I know I'm not just a big ole' wuss ;p
He also cunningly spotted that I still have a limp, which I explained was due in part to the shorter leg, as explained in the letter at the front of my notes which he HAD JUST READ. BAH. Still, don't have to go back there!

On the plus side, did manage quite a bit of walking over the weekend, before pain (and whinging) kicked in. Also, watching the guy from Dancing on Ice blub like a baby when he broke his cheered me up immensely, for *I* did not cry, and mine was WORSE. HAH! (ok, I may have hyperventilated for an hour and been in shock for a couple of days, but I didn't CRY).

And now, having got back to work, apparently I have to be 'work shadowed' by the latest work experience child, because as usual, nobody bothered to organise anything for them to do. So they'll have a fun afternoon watching my type as I fume inwardly at not being able to email people or waste time on t'interent.

So all in all, we have EXTREME CRANKINESS ALERT here.
*goes to mutter and sulk inna corner*
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It's been quite an eventful week here - well, relatively so, compared to other weeks.

Had a delightful evening with [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01 on monday, with added fizzy wines and very little horror. Which was nice.

Tuesday took the mother's car (which is automatic) out for a short drive which went v. well and the prospect of being mobile again cheered me up no end.
After much thinking and calculating of how long it'll be before I can drive a manual car again, I have decided that my beloved Fabia will have to go and be exchanged for an automoatic car, so have been doing a bit of research online and am contemplating a shiny new Golf. I think I deserve it ;p
There is an auto version of the Fabia too, which I'd like, but apparently they're in short supply and there could be a 12 wk wait, which isn't much good to me alas.

Wednesday, the new bathroom was finished, and very lovely it is too! Drove up to Belfast (go me!) to pay the bathroom man and stayed over to do some preliminary car shopping Thursday. Now have lots of shiny brochures to look through and just the minor problem of how to get *my* car to the dealers to exchange it to ponder.

Got emails from work today to say it's all change and I have a new boss, which is good as none of the previous lot have bothered much to get in touch since I've been off. On the downside, I will actually have to work some once I get back to work, but I'm sure I'll cope.

And that's about it for now. Leg is doing well, and swelling has gone down so much my foot actually looks like a foot again. Hurrah!

Plus, it's Friday ;) Happy weekend everyone!
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The novelty of working again hasn't quite worn off yet, tho excavation reports are So. Very. Dull to read through. Thankfully most of them are v. short monitoring 'found nothing' ones.
Working from home isnt' bad at all, i can sleep in and take breaks when I want, as long as I reach the daily target I've set myself. Of course keeping that up *next* week when I have visitors to have fun with instead could be trickier.
Also the weather is TAUNTING me by remaining bright and sunny now I can't really just hop out there and read all day. Am sorely tempted tho ;p

On a happy note, the Smells I orderd from BPAL have finally arrived. With no less than seven free testers too (which is I think over 20 dollars worth. Not a bad freebie!). Of course I immediately gave myself a headache by trying to sniff them all in one sitting ;p
Currently wearing the exotically named 'Auntie Caroline's Joy Mojo", which is just... YUMMY. I smell like a sweet shop ;)
Looking forward to trying out the rest of them in the coming days too, if they all smell as good as this one, I can see why people get so addicted!
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I am WORKING. Hurrah!

And there are words I never thought I'd say ;p But, after only a month or so of faffing about, work have finally got it together to send down a great big stack of excavation reports that need summarised. Why it took nearly a month I'm not quite sure, but still - I have something do to AND am earning teh monies again. Which is definitely worth a HURRAH!

Predictably, now that I have to work, the rain has finally stopped and it is a lovely sunny day outside. I did consider decamping to the garden, but the amount of faffing it would take to get me, the laptop and boxes of files out there, then back in again when the battery ran out/rain started again just didn't seem worth it.

ION 6 days til cast comes off!! Also when [livejournal.com profile] being_here and [livejournal.com profile] walklikeacat come to visit and I can go back to my own house for a while. Yet more Hurrahs!

Things do appear to be looking up ;)


Jul. 9th, 2007 11:12 am
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Today, I am mostly being Thoroughly Fed Up with this whole broken leg malarky. It's gone on quite long enough really and there's just no need for it to KEEP being broken. Stupid thing.

I want to be back in my own house with NO TEA and making my OWN toast that's done properly. I want to be able to watch dvds except even if I could reach the fecking dvd player, I couldn't watch them because teh mother has Very Helpfully tidied them all away TO THE BEDROOM. Meaning I can't get at them to watch even on the laptop cos I can't even carry the fecking things down here.
(And yes I KNOW this is a petty and small thing to rant about but it is the little, basic things I can't do that are really getting to me now).

Also work are STILL dragging along over getting me stuff to do at home. We've got as far as sorting out what they want me to do and how. Last I heard was Friday morning when I said if they could sort out getting the actual files to me, I could start today. Still have had no reply. Because it's not like there's any HURRY or that I could do with maybe being PAID or anything.
Useless bunch of fuckwits.

If anyone wants me, I shall be over here, sulking.

PS is anyone else not getting comments emailed to them, or is even lj out to just piss me off today?
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Yay the weekend... not that it makes a big difference really ;p

However tonight Thesme is coming to visit, hurrah! There shall be, i'm sure, deep and meaningful intellectual discussion. And fizzy wine (OMG ALCOHOL). Also Art apparently. You have been warned.

In other news (I have NEWS!) work have finally got back to me with stuff I can do from home and it's only taken 3 weeks of me telling them... Tho it's not exactly what I had planned since apparently it takes over a month to set up remote access to the network... Yeah. Right.
Anyway, instead I shall be doing precis of excavation reports. At least I *assumme* thats what they meant by 'presse'; I'm fairly sure they don't want me to just sit on them til they can fit more on the shelves. Fairly.

Still, it'll be something to do (tho it'll be fun to see how long it takes them to get the files to me ;p) and there will be monies. Hurrah!

Have a good weekend ;)
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Is there something up with lj, or is it just me? Everything has gone wonky.

Anyway. 'nother interview today, same as last one only for a grade up (in civil service terms) so it was tougher and a lot more on policy and management. Bleh. Hopefully managed not to disgrace self, and I think achieved the main purpose of going which was to hammer home to our useless director (who was on the panel) the relevance of what I actually do now, since my current manager helpfully informed a while back that he doesn't have a clue and didn't think it was anything relevant (barely restrained myself at the time from pointing out Very Strongly and Loudly that surely it was HER JOB to make him aware... but meh).

Anyway tis done now, thank god and the Central Library Book sale is on so YAY.

In news of less yay and more Complete Fucking Outrage -

Rapist jailed for 8 years

Surely this is a good thing? Well no, it's fucking not.
He and a friend caught a young girl with a group of male friends, robbed them and forced them to watch while he raped her twice, then phoned her mother to tell her how much he "enjoyed raping your girl".
He initially denied it but switched his plea to guilty at the last minute (given he was found still with her phone when arrested, not to mention DNA and the eye witnesses...).

Eight years. For rape, theft, false imprisonment...
Except it's NOT. We still have 50% remittence. So it's FOUR years.
Time on remand counts as double and gets taken off. So he could be out of jail before she's out of her teens.

If that's all he gets with that amount of proof - evidence described by the judge as "overwhelming "- AND admitting he did it, is it any wonder so many rapes and attacks go unreported?
The 'friend' who helped, held off *her* friends & robbed them and watched?
Out on probation.

What's the fucking *point*?
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Well, its Monday, it must be update time! I do mean to do it during the week too, but I never do!

Anyway, was in a good mood this morning having had quite a packed weekend - drinking with family and many cousins on friday night, manic riding over the beach on sat. which certainly cleared the hangover but left me stiff all over.
Altho i did manage to negotiate up and down steps on a horse I'd never sat on before, as well as the mad gallops along the beach, so am rather proud of myself.

Then Sarah (Thesme to any scene readers) came to visit Sat night. We drink pink champagne, I introduced her to the joys of MST3K and we talked about dead people.

Even the horror of Cemetary Sunday couldn't quite ruin the mood. Tho an hour standing in a packed graveyard in the rain going 'Mumblemumble DIRGE mumblemumble DIRGE mumblemumble holy water mumble EVERYBODY'S DEAD' isn't how I'd recommend rounding off a weekend.

And now work. Well here's a joy. The new overall boss wants to 'restructure' the place. So he had a big meeting today to explain to everyone about it. Well. Everyone except us contract staff. AAs (lowest level of life in the civil service) who will only be here 3 months were invite. I've been working here for 12 years, most of the others - who do the actual core work, the stuff they're legally obliged to do - have been here 8 years. But we're obviously not considered part of the 'team' enough to be told wtf is going on, despite the fact that this will affect how we work and who we work with/for.

I'm not even sure why this has me so pissed off. I should be used to this treatment by now. Whats one more slap in the face after all? I think I will get my lovely dividend cheque today, made up of profit we've gained as working under contract as our own company instead of directly for these fuckers, and go on a spending spree.
After we have our meeting with the bank to discuss how we should invest the rest of the money we've made, so we get even more.

I feel better already actually ;)


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