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Forgot to add yesterday that this year's attempt at Nanowrimo has pretty much failed. Managed great the first day, then very little ever since. Couldn't seem to get into it at all - it wasn't even a matter of not having time, I had time and kept actively finding Other Things to fill it with to avoid writing.

Of course having pretty much conceded defeat yesterday, last night my brain finally came up with ways it could have worked (ie scrapping the forced half of what I'd done and going in a totally different direction) but I think 50000 words in 15 days is a bit much to attempt. I may keep the basic idea and try again sometime tho.

ION legs distinctly stiff after yesterday, tho not as bad as I'd expected. However I imagine the true horror won't reveal itself til I get back on the horse tonight. If it stays dry I think a nice lazy hack might be in order, if not, well we can go try out our new improved stride-shortening skillz and see if I can do it without constant instruction ;p
Also, I have to try *rising* trot with no stirrups to keep the legs in place. But not tonight. Way too much OUCH potential.

Tomorrow is Fangirl Heaven, Neil Gaiman reading and signing, yay! Still unsure what to take with me to get signed, apart from Good Omens of course. Neverwhere maybe, or one of the Sandman collections. Or maybe even the Hellblazer with Dream's first appearance. Hmm. Should I bring the camera or is that just a step too far?


Nov. 1st, 2005 03:45 pm
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After much procrastination this morning and wibbling about names and plots and OH NOES the terror, I have started. Chapter 1 is completed, 1450 words! I kinda know where the next chapter is going, after that, I'm adrift ;p

So, who else is mad enough to be at this and how is it going? And are any of you posting it anywhere?

ps am registered on wrimo site as Etain, if you want to stalk find me there ;)
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So I have signed up again, and am quite excited!
So far I have 2 drawbacks

1. When the brother gave me the Windows XP cd to reinstall, he didn't give me an Office one too, and now he's off to Canada (more on this later). I may end up writing this on notepad. Or maybe editplus...

2. NFI what to write about. I did get an inkling of an idea many months ago, when I discovered the worthless word for the day site - http://home.mn.rr.com/wwftd/ - namely, to use as many of those words as possible. Of course this being wrimo I should really be using lots of tiny words where a big one would do, but still. Or bump the count up by having whoever uses the big words have to explain what they mean every time. Hmm...

ANYWAY. That plan may still hold, but I still need something to write *about*. So, I thinks to myself, I have a very creative bunch of weirdos lovely people on my FList, why not ask them? A 'who's line is it anyway' sort of improv novel.
Hey, it could work!
Your mission (if you chose to accept it) is to fire words, phrases or whatever the hell you like at me and I will hopefully somehow manage to turn them into something like a story. Note this will not be a masterpiece of deep thinking. It will, like last year, be ridiculous, badly-written, silly froth, cos that's easy and fun to write ;) Maybe this time I'll even get to the end.

At least it'll *probably* be that, who knows? Tis up to you!
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Read this - http://rebecca.hitherby.com/archives/000675.php (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mirrorshard for the link). It is a delight to read. This is how I wish I could write. Just the ... wordiness of it (see, I can't even find the words to describe the words) and the way it flows - and thats before you get down to the ideas behind the actual story.
I'm almost afraid to look at the archive cos I'll just get lost in there and not resurface til they kick me out of here this evening, and I really do have to do SOME work.

On the subject of writing, is anyone doing the nanowrimo this year? http://www.nanowrimo.com/
I am uncertain. I enjoyed it last year, it was fun to just sit down and babble onto a page and I'm sad I never got it finished (just as the pirates were about to come get the sexelves too!), tho still impresssed I managed over 30,000 words. Even if they weren't particularly good words.
Can't think of anything to write *about* this year tho, and I was hoping to go into it a little more prepared if I did it this time round. Hmm.

Anyway, registration for this year starts Saturday, if anyone else is going to play ;)


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