hellison: (arse piglets)
2012-01-17 11:42 am

Ultimate Hospitality Fail

So yesterday, I got the kitchen SO CLEAN for Lovely J. coming for dinner. I cleared away the bottle mountain, scrubbed the worktops and even washed the floor! Set table with the Nice Plates and matching cups. Went to tesco (and bottle bank with bottle mountain) to get lovely fresh bread for our refined Beans on Toast repast AND tasty treats for afters. I even scrubbed the bathroom (and made some attempt at the living room, so it didn't look TOO hideous).
Went to stables got everything done and then we headed back here. Got the beans on, the toast on and the kettle on. And that's when It Happened. Oh god the SHAME.
I went to make the tea and. and. and....


Oh I had green tea, herbal tea, redbush tea... EVERYTHING BUT ACTUAL TEA BAGS. And a tired, cold guest who just wanted a cuppa. THE HORROR. UTTER HORROR.

Eventually found some coffee and she had that, but it wasn't the same. Not the same at all.

I can only pray my mother never finds out.