Moar Leg

May. 1st, 2017 12:36 pm
hellison: photo of broken leg in open cast with arrow drawn on in marker by surgeon (broken)
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So much leg ;p ALL LEG, ALL THE TIME (There is more to come ;p And mostly for my own reference, so feel free to skip. If anyone is reading!)

So, cortisone injection - this went much better than I expected! Initially I wasn't sure why they were bothering, because nothing was really *sore*. HOWEVER. Having had it, I have to concede they had a reason. OMG. SUCH MOVEMENT. SO SMOL. MUCH WIGGLE. WOW!

yeah, turns out it has made a BIG difference. Ankle may not have been sore before, but it was also not doing much of anything, including moving like an ankle. Now, it wiggles! It bends! I can walk in bare feet again!

Also, I had not realised how swollen it was til it stop being swole and is now a normal size. All my shoes/boots are loose.

A slight downside is that I was so happy the first week about the barefoot walking, and being off work, I did a fair bit of pottering about with no shoe/no heel lift so back start to spasm again. Also a few days ankle was really quite sore (poss this was all the pain they thought I was having before)? Tho that seems to have died down now.

The biggest and bestest is change now tho is that it no longer siezes up completely of an evening. Previously, it would be grand all day, but at night, after about half an hour or so of sitting, it would stop moving and when I had to get up again, there would be much hobbling/lurching for first 5 mins til it loosened up again. THis has not happened AT ALL since injection and it is GREAT! Plus stairs are much easier. As is just walking about in general. So you win this round DOCTORS.

Went back to see Orth. Surg for follow up, he was happy too. Asked about the whole Still Broken thing, what implications are and wtf happened in the first place. He was also curious about this - and v relieved to say it wasn't him wot did the original op as he reckons he was in australia at the time. Good alibi. Promised to try and track down original xrays from hospital. Must also look into how i can get hold of these myself (if they still have them).

Saw Podiatry Greg while waiting, as he was just leaving and he came over for a chat about how it was going, explained pain and he said orthotics would help with this, and we'd go over in more detail when I saw him again, also stretchy band exercises to help keep things moving. See him next week, and FINALLY see NHS podiatrist 2 days after that. It's all going on leg wise!
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