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May. 1st, 2017 12:36 pm
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So much leg ;p ALL LEG, ALL THE TIME (There is more to come ;p And mostly for my own reference, so feel free to skip. If anyone is reading!)

So, cortisone injection - this went much better than I expected! Initially I wasn't sure why they were bothering, because nothing was really *sore*. HOWEVER. Having had it, I have to concede they had a reason. OMG. SUCH MOVEMENT. SO SMOL. MUCH WIGGLE. WOW!

yeah, turns out it has made a BIG difference. Ankle may not have been sore before, but it was also not doing much of anything, including moving like an ankle. Now, it wiggles! It bends! I can walk in bare feet again!

Also, I had not realised how swollen it was til it stop being swole and is now a normal size. All my shoes/boots are loose.

A slight downside is that I was so happy the first week about the barefoot walking, and being off work, I did a fair bit of pottering about with no shoe/no heel lift so back start to spasm again. Also a few days ankle was really quite sore (poss this was all the pain they thought I was having before)? Tho that seems to have died down now.

The biggest and bestest is change now tho is that it no longer siezes up completely of an evening. Previously, it would be grand all day, but at night, after about half an hour or so of sitting, it would stop moving and when I had to get up again, there would be much hobbling/lurching for first 5 mins til it loosened up again. THis has not happened AT ALL since injection and it is GREAT! Plus stairs are much easier. As is just walking about in general. So you win this round DOCTORS.

Went back to see Orth. Surg for follow up, he was happy too. Asked about the whole Still Broken thing, what implications are and wtf happened in the first place. He was also curious about this - and v relieved to say it wasn't him wot did the original op as he reckons he was in australia at the time. Good alibi. Promised to try and track down original xrays from hospital. Must also look into how i can get hold of these myself (if they still have them).

Saw Podiatry Greg while waiting, as he was just leaving and he came over for a chat about how it was going, explained pain and he said orthotics would help with this, and we'd go over in more detail when I saw him again, also stretchy band exercises to help keep things moving. See him next week, and FINALLY see NHS podiatrist 2 days after that. It's all going on leg wise!
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So. Hello dream width! I had not been on LJ in a long time til recently, when it was v useful in going back over the Saga of the Broken Ankle from 10 years ago, so I could fill in new podiatrist with endless background detail.

Original reason for visiting New Podiatrist was back going after xmas and physio saying it was all due to unevenness in leg length and I REALLY needed to see podiatrist for orthotics. After much wrangling with drs to find out where original referral from TWO YEARS ago went, I get appt, but not for months. BUT! handily have work insurance policy that will cover diagnostics if you get stuck on a long NHS waiting list. So get to see private guy!

Trawl lj for history (as had forgotten a lot of it!) and go see Podiatry Greg. He pokes and prods and talks about orthotics and back scans, then sends me for x ray. Come back with xray and Things Have Changed. 'we'll leave the back for now' he says 'mri of ankle ' he says. All misaligned and osteophytes everywhere he says...

Now back in 2009 I saw an orthopedic surgeon who waffled on about ostephyts and misalignment and how painful it would be to fix... at the time I hadn't the xrays so I drew the following handy diagram to illustrate...

normal ankle v my ankle

Now that I have an actual xray? I wasn't far wrong. BEHOLD THE WONK

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Older entries are porting over to DW as we speak, so will be able to link back to them, but wanted to keep up documenting leg progress, because it was helpful previously. And also WTF how is this still going ON? How do i manage to still so broken TEN YEARS later. And why do none of them believe me when I say it ISN'T SORE?
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ooking back, most of my posts this year have been about what's been going wrong (I do seem to be giving off some sort of pheromone that is driving people crazy, and definitely NOT in a good way...). So I figured I'd do one about one of the things that has been going very right -


(with apologies in advance to those of you who have suffered the deluge of Roxy Pics on fb ;p)

So! Last year we introduced Ms Ziggy to one Mr Oke Boy . Things obviously went well, because after a Full YEAR of waiting, she produced...

roxy1 Ms Roxy! A creature of much prettiness, fluffiness and legs. Mostly Legs.

we brought her home and she grew and grew and we have had a LOT of fun teaching her stuff and playing around....

MOAR BB horse  )

20130718_192533 Best Thing Ever.
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Hi! As usual I have *meant* to update on so very many occasions and never actually done it. but here I am! Possibly because I am having a brief phase of woe and aaall byyy myseeelff, because despite it being lovely weather and a long weekend to laze about and sit in the garden, it would be much nicer with company.

The flaw with this being that it is the 12th weekend so roads are shut (or burnt) and the lunatics are off bricking their own politicians and so forth, so travel anywhere local is tricky. The other flaws are that the friend I have been spending fridays with lately has just moved to London, and the other local friends I would normally hang out with this weekend are either -

a. in very final throes of writing up/handing in Phd and thus v. distracted and have family commitments when not
b. haven't spoken to me since february

Obviously have many not quite so local lovely friends i could have gone to see, but am just back from week away, have horses/cats/family etc, and tbh was looking forward to a chilled weekend at home, not having anticipated Sudden Onset Woe. Also the telly is fux0red which is depriving me of the usual distraction.

On the plus side, weather is lovely, family are well, nothing in the immediate vicinity is on fire and I have a very full glass of v tasty cava/cointreau/cranberry cocktail. So, could be worse ;p

How are you all doing out there in LJ land? IS anyone still out there?
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Apparently, some* men have Period Envy and are OPPRESSED by the bleeding wombs that surround them, because they don't have one and thus are unfairly excluded

* One Wanker
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Went to up to uni today as they wanted a few people to have a chat with the external examiner about the course etc, and to see tutor about the thesis topic.

While there thought 'what the hell' and asked if she had the overall mark for the course. Which she did...

DISTINCTION - 72% Average !!!

I may have actually SQUEE'D. A little. Then done a happy dance ;p YAY!!!!

The only flaw now is that I also have to get a distinction in the thesis to get one overall. But still. YAY TEAM ME! Time for a celebratory cider I think :)
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What is this great orb in the sky, with the light and the burning? Why is the sky so oddly... blue? where are the clouds and the rain? Not that I am complaining (since am currently typing this while sat out on the patio), but it is ... confusing. Tho am having the most awesome holiday, while still at home!

I really have had a fairly lazy time over the last couple of weeks. Been to see Avengers twice (once 3d once normal. preferred 2d) and LOVED IT VERY MUCH. Have even been reading fic, also addicted to tumblr (ALL THE PRETTY PICTURES). Have had an [ profile] _unhurt_ visit and apart from that, mostly pottering about the garden, so that it now looks like a garden, not an abandonded weed patch. Well. Most of it does... Also, been out for drinks with kids from uni, been out and about on Ziggy (when it's not too hot) and that's about it really. Lots of sleeping, lazing and reading. LOTS of reading. It really is like being on holiday, but without actually going anywhere, or forking out for cattery ;p

Also have all results in from uni now, tho they only give you an idea of grade, not actual mark so it's hard to work out overall, but I *think* I should come out with a Distinction in the diploma part. Hopefully anyway - marks seem to range from high 60s to low 70s's so it just depends how it evens out (if I end up with 69, I will NOT be amused). Now I have to start on the thesis work. But probably not til it actually starts raining which looks to be tomorrow. Ooh and maybe thunder too (Thesme? Any idea?).

Basically have had a couple of really really nice weeks of relaxing, sun and books. Have even managed to even out the farmers tan on my arms; sadly, legs remain stubbornly bluish - but then no-one ever sees them anyway ;p

How you all doing out there?
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It has been a busy couple of weeks since last update, a heady whirlwind of assignments and socialising and assignments. A brief summary -

After london, had week of MUCH ASSIGNMENTING mixed with much Family due to teh mother's 70th birthday. Which she managed to make last most of a week, well played The Mother!
Then MOAR Assignments (final 2!) and last official lectures for course. V sad, and rather sudden, still keep thinking there should be more!
(Ziggy was off at stud for all of this, which was possibly just as well)

And then a flying visit to Dublin, hurrah! went to see art exhibition of the man who paints amazing horses - - even managed to buy one of his paintings at Not Gallery Price through the magic of Facebook. Then pub with Lisa (WINOLJ) for a quick pint before an evening of tasty noms and lots of wine/cider at Castle Thesmington. A Very Fine evening indeed. Next day was mostly hungover watching of THOR (hmmm Thor) before stupid late taxi made us miss train, hang around train station for AGEs til next one and finally home.

Then assingment panic REALLY set in as The last week went something like -
Sunday -studystudystudy
Monday - studystudystudy
Tues/wed 2 day course on Python which turned out to be not v useful as was heavy on theory and background and a bit light on actually how to USE it. Still was an intro to it at least. Stayed in Portrush in hotel tues night and found out Ziggy pregnant! YAY! AFter 2nd day of course had to head to dpk for...
Thurs - up at 7 to get mother to hosptial appt which took 3 hours to get a 2 minute injection. Yay. Then clothes shopping for brother's wedding. Then home, lunch and unplanned dash to school to pick up niece & nephew as niece was being sick (all over classroom assistant apparently). Finally managed to get away, then MOAR STUDY while also trying to pack for SiL-to-be's hen weekend on friday (worst. timing. ever.)
Friday-Sunday Hen weekend. Was more fun than anticipated! Girls all lovely and caught up with friend I have not seen since school (SiL's older sister). And even got some work done while others went out for cooked breakfast sat morning ;p Got back sunday evening v tired, v hungover. But Ziggy was BACK. so went to see her and spent nearly an hour cleaning her; apparently they don't have brushes at stud farms. Or food for that matter, she's lost quite a bit of weight (which is actually a good thing in her case!)

Monday - hand in day. By some MIRACLE had both assignments finished and submitted by lunchtime; spent some time taunting classmates on fb with this ;) Then tried to clean house, get horse sorted and then PUB with some of the kids from school to celebrate. Many Ciders had. Possibly just topping up alcohol levels from weekend.
Yesterday. Slept. Mostly slept.
Today - [ profile] _unhurt_ arrived! Also got to ride for first time in... 6 weeks.
Tomorrow, probably v stiff but! FINALLY get to see AVENGERS. So very excited!!

Ooh and also, to round off the wall of text, my painting arrived and is now in pride of place in livingroom...
My Lovely horse )
Tomorrow. Also Mostly Sleeping. All the Sleeping, then AVENGERS OMG and pub with unhurt. And on Saturday, [ profile] thesme is here. Hurrah! Next week, start research for thesis. Or sleep. MORE SLEEP
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Plans for today mostly involve horse, getting Mother's Day Present then watching rugby

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Hola! how we all doing in LJ land? I have mostly eaten by assignments and uni again. Once big one handed in Monday and the dreaded group project now due next week. Had The Group round here this morning for Discussion and Planning etc, which meant getting up Early to TIDY liek the WIND, or at least make downstairs presentable. Plan was to meet for a couple of hours then I would be off to riding lesson at 1.

Lesson was cancelled tho, so we went on til about 2 and I suddenly had A Suprise Free Afternoon. Since I had already done Some Cleaning and, inspired by reading , which is a bit like a very sweary Fly Lady (and not so obsessed with shiny sinks) I thought I Will Tackle The Bedroom! The theory is you clean for 20 mins, break for 10 then go again. And take photos. And thus, I give you, The Great Bedroom Unfucking! It is actually not quite finished, but as you will see, there is PROGRESS...

Before )

So Cleared floor, found many books and a Mountain of washing. 20 mins (or so) later, it looked like this!

stage 1 )

That was Session 1. Followed by taking Washing Mountain down to kitchen, putting on wash then back upstairs to strip bed, change sheets and burrow my way through to my final goal, the bookcase!

once more into the breach )

And finally, the ultimate goal was attained - ACCESS TO THE BOOKCASE

Also have transferred 2 loads of washing to dryer and got another in wash. Also rode horse! Next, dinner I think. Tho do need to get hoover up while there is a brief window of Clean Floor...

But all in all, I am feeling Quite Accomplished with all that!

ETA I have now HOOVERED THE STAIRS AND THE BEDROOM FLOOR! AND put dinner on.. A winner is so very much me!
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On a less wrathful note, while I was cleaning out the horses' turnout paddock this evening, I discovered why Ziggy is SO freaked out by the stag - he snuck along the fence (which backs onto trees) and started eating out of her hay net! If he's been doing that while she's in there, it would definitely explain why she really doesn't like him.
Emptied out the haynet over the fence and Lurked to see if he would come back for more. Sadly was too dark for really good pictures but managed a couple. He's also acquired a very fabulous scarf somewhere...

LaserStag! )

Not sure how long he can safely stay, M. was talking of phoning some of the country parks to see if they could take him. For now it's amazing just to get so close to him.
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Got marks for modules done so far today!

Module 1 - intro to gis 71%
Module 2 - remote sensing (the group work one) 66%
Module 3 - database/sql 79% (!)
Module 4 - spatial data (statsHORROR) 72 % (!!) apparently the essay from hell got me 69% v. unexpected!

So, average so far 72%! In distinction land! YAY ME! Tho did get a talk about Not Being Boarderline and Pushing Harder for better marks. I am mostly still in shock i did this well, never mind better!! Apparently am joint top of class too. Boo to group work tho. BOO.

also have v. v. sore head. May enthuse more when can think straight.

Oh and so this isn't just uni stuff, we have a Guest up at the stables. A v impressive one

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Because I am v. tired and possibly a bit hungover after having ALL THE WINES with [ profile] _unhurt_ and her lovely family. And [ profile] tardington ;) A meme!

If you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ username. Then repost so I can leave a word for you.

via [ profile] mollydot!
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I had quite a few things to write about but they have all been driven out of my head by the fact that I have a riding lesson in just over 2 hours that may involve jumps and I am already feeling sick at the thought. This whole Conquering Fears lark seemed like a GREAT idea last week; now, I am less sure. Lucy is a v. good instructor and I am sure it will all be nice and simple and certainly nothing I haven't done before but... why am I so SCARED? Bah.

ION back to uni yesterday, to discover latest modules involve more statistics and more 'group work', possibly in groups of 4, which could be fun seeing as how half the class lives in far flung corners of Ireland. That'll be great to organise! Yay!
Also stats. bleh. Tho right now I'd rather have WEEKS of spss and so on than do this lesson. At least with stats the only way i'm going to get concussed is bashing my head off the table...

How are you all doing?

ETA There was no jumping after all! Hurrah. Lots of going round in shortshort stirrups which IS getting less painful but is v. tiring on the legs! Did lots of canter poles, then Lucy got on Ziggy and ... oh my. Poor horse didn't know WHAT had hit her (literally a few times!). None of her usual tricks (cutting corners, humping, refusing to canter, snatching the reins etc) worked at all and she didn't know what to do! So ended up doing what she was told for once, with very bad grace. Was hilarious to watch! but also confirmation that I am Too Soft with her and give in far too easily ;p
Then had to get back on (woe) and trot round and round again, this time with stick held across my hands to Keep The Contact and stop my hands moving. For next week apparently i should be able to do it while holding a tennis racket with a ball on... Help? Legs so achy now. Poor poor thigh muscles ;p
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Watched Serenity (pilot, not film) again. Firefly is still awesome. So awesome.

That's it for tonight really ;) Last week of holiday now before uni starts again. May watch More Firefly.
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While wandering VERY VERY hungoverly through local branch of Dobbies with a friend yesterday, we spotted the following book - Boobela and Worm

Within seconds we realised that Boobela should OBVIOUSLY be my Superhero Alterego, moral crusader and Righter of Wrongs. Or, drunkenly objecting to sexist crap at least ;p

Costume, naturally, is this -

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Most of the time, living in Belfast is pretty good these days. Much less people trying to kill each other, more good times, places to go, things to see and do...

Of course on the other hand, we still have fucking bollocks like this shower of reactionary twisted moronic wastes of air with their lovely conference on how to cure Teh Gay, senstively titled 'the lepers among us'. What the FUCK even is this shit? Tho, pagans, addicts and Other Sinners get a look in too, so it's not totally bigotted, HONEST. He's going to london too, if anyone fancies a real treat...

Wankers. Fucking Wankers.
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So yesterday, I got the kitchen SO CLEAN for Lovely J. coming for dinner. I cleared away the bottle mountain, scrubbed the worktops and even washed the floor! Set table with the Nice Plates and matching cups. Went to tesco (and bottle bank with bottle mountain) to get lovely fresh bread for our refined Beans on Toast repast AND tasty treats for afters. I even scrubbed the bathroom (and made some attempt at the living room, so it didn't look TOO hideous).
Went to stables got everything done and then we headed back here. Got the beans on, the toast on and the kettle on. And that's when It Happened. Oh god the SHAME.
I went to make the tea and. and. and....


Oh I had green tea, herbal tea, redbush tea... EVERYTHING BUT ACTUAL TEA BAGS. And a tired, cold guest who just wanted a cuppa. THE HORROR. UTTER HORROR.

Eventually found some coffee and she had that, but it wasn't the same. Not the same at all.

I can only pray my mother never finds out.
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Today I should be mostly CLEANING ALL THE THINGS because lovely (and very very tidy) Judith is coming for tea before we go to the 2nd stage of horse ownership course.

Instead, naturally, I am being hugely amused by the #thegoveboat tag on twitter over the suggestion that we get the Queen a yacht as a pressie Some of the comments on that are also comedy gold. Current favourite being getting it and tipping Thatcher over the side.

But why stop there? Think of the fun we could have lining up the fuckers and chucking them off. It could be like x factor/big broter. Vote 'em off and PLANK!
Who would you send over the edge? I'd like to send Nadine Dorries off to start with. And... pretty much the entire NI Assembly now I think of it.
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who deserves all the nice things...

(um. might be considered sherlock spoiler? Maybe?)

just like dallas )

no need to thank me!


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