May. 25th, 2009 03:54 pm
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As requested, photographic evidence of clear bedroom floor. Hideously carpetted clear bedroom floor. Some day I really will have to work out how to get the furntiture out of the bedroom so I can get a less offensive carpet in there!

Obviously I didn't quite get round to putting away all the books I salvaged from the floor. Yet. The flower throw thing is there to keep wet muddy cats off the nice clean bed. Sometimes it even works.

For comparison (tho this was taken a while ago) and to clarify why this is such an achievement, it usually looks more like this !

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I am feeling quite accomplished now! So shall finish watching P&P while eating crisp sandwiches ;)
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Hurrah for bank holiday weekends! It's been a mostly quiet one so far, lazy, mudding, babysitting and even some gardening today.

Friday, got home to find G.G. had finished resealing the seeping kitchen roof, and had made a start on Redoing the Patio, by taking up the existing one. After some discussion, decided he should take away the hedge where it runs along the driveway, so I could have Moar Patio without destroying the herb/flower patch.
Then headed home for a nice relaxing evening of not doing much, to prepare for helping out at newphew's 5th birthday party the next day.

Sat., however, recieved a reprieve an ended up not in a hall full of 5 yr old boys, but babysitting adorable baby new nephew, as we figuted that would probably be better for him than being stuck in the middle of the chaos. So, spent the afternoon peering into the pram to see if he was still asleep, while pottering around doing stuff about the house for Mum.

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Baby D. slept the whole time, best babysitting ever! Then the rest of the family came home from teh party so spent the afternoon running about the garden with older niece & nephew before heading home.

Got back here to discover hedge GONE. All gone. The kitchen gets much more light, but it is v. disconcerting being able to see out onto the street from there now. There is a fence going in to replace it, but it is v. odd!

Today, in between downpours, I finally tackled the lawn - with a strimmer, since it was too long AND wet to use the lawnmower. Hopefully this week will be drier so I can get it cut properly! also did windowboxes with new flowers, repotted some of the plants in the kitchen AND bought a sprouting kit to grow (or try growing) tasty beansprouts all of my own! I feel v. accomplished. The rest of the evening will involved dinner, lovely fizzy wine and sofa. Yay for bank holidays!

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Tomorrow I may tackle some of the mess on the inside of the house. Maybe.

Pic spam

Sep. 13th, 2008 03:07 pm
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There is actually SUNSHINE out there. BLUE SKIES! It's WARM. Quite amazing. So, since I am doing bugger all else today (due to fun with nail surgery yesterday), I decided a spot of pottering about the garden was in order. Deheading roses, mild weeding, that kind of thing.

Back in May, [ profile] adelpha and [ profile] kelemvor came to visit and among other adventures, they helped me plant lots of Lovely Things in the garden and I promised photos of how everything was doing. Then it RAINED for the next three months.

However all the planted things have indeed survived! Except the blue poppy, which sadly fell victim to trampling by the guys who cut the hedge :/ Due to the rainy summer and laziness, there are also a few weeds in there too. And some stuff I know we never planted, but just appeared!

So. gardeny picspam )

Can't get into weed out the midde due to stupid bandages on toes and only being able toe wear sandals. But, I made some inroads ;p And everything we planted is still alive! So, yay ;)
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I cut the grass! All by myself! Hurrah!

tho, not with my own lawnmower, which is mysteriously NOT in the garage. The extension cable is also gone, but the strimmer and scarifier are still there, which leads me to think I may have lent it to someone last summer, but haven't the faintest notion who. Hmm.

It could easily have been nicked (the garage door doesn't lock) but surely feefs would have taken the strimmer etc too? Odd.

Still, borrowed the logue's mower and it is done, with surprisingly little pain or limping. Go me!

Knackered now tho. Have to return lawnmower, get lunch, then head off to see family and enjoy the sunshine. yay for bank holidays!
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Yesterday didn't go exactly to plan.
Started off well enough; long lie in, wandering round the mud stabbing everything in sight. Then decided to go bathroom shopping; luckily checked the website of the place I planned to go, only to discover it shut at 12.30. Decide to go to a couple of others, discover they all shut early too. Give up on bathrooms, go buy scarifier for lawn instead.
Get home, phone dubmeeters to check floor space is available (as stupid hostel all booked out); do lightening change & pack, phone taxi to train station.
Wait some more.
Phone taxi company, apparently he is 'on his way'. At 5.45. Train goes at 6.10. Train
station is 20 minutes away.
Five minutes later he shows up, and, to be fair, does his best. Arrive at train station just ONE MINUTE after train has left.
Catch train back home and decided to go to The Big Tescos and buy lovely lovely Katy as consolation. Do so. Get home JUST in time to realised I have yet again missed Dr. Who.
(total seen this season? 1 and a half ;p)
Spend the rest of the evening drinking Katy and stabbing things with [ profile] being_here and [ profile] malvino, which isn't really a bad way to pass the time ;)
Then WOE mud crashes, there is chaos, limbo and talker loss; spend the next 2 hours helping sort out who owns which talker and returning them all.
Finally bed at c.4ish.

Today has, so far, gone much better.
More lying in (yay), it is a lovely sunny day and have already managed to cut lawn, assemble shiny new scarifier, scarify, water and reseed lawn. Also made a start at tidying inside, but have given up on that for now.
Lazing in garden with book is looking like a tempting option.
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Hmm. In work for 20 minutes and already am bored. Tho I do have an exciting meeting about data cleansing to look foward to in about 10 minutes. Yay.

Finally got hold of the scarifier thingy for the lawn last night, and got to see baby Jim Jnr too, who is very cute and blond and tiny.

The scarifier was great - in fact much more fun than one should really be allowed to have in the garden with anything electrical. Now all the nasty dead moss and grass are gone and I have, well, a rather patchy lawn, but the grass seed should take care of that - and fairly quickly at the rate it's been growing lately.

And... thats about it really. The rest of the evening was spent watching Lost while stabbing things on the mud then trying to figure out what to spend xp on. I need a new goal there I think; maybe I should take up a musical instrument or something. Or learn to steal so I never have to buy scumble again ;)
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Yay bank holiday weekend! This one has all gone very well too.

Champagne with family on Friday night to celebrate baby Rafe's arrival, Karen's new job and Mum buying a house. We had a busy week ;p

The last 3 days have been spent doing various bits and pieces of stuff, with much lazing and mudding in between. Went along to the Assassin's Ball saturday night, armed with my trusty bottle of 0 and managed to win Best Dressed, which was nice. I'd forgotten how much fun some of the social events on the disc can be. Fun, and very very spammy ;p

It has actually stayed dry, so managed to get lots of washing done and dried AND tackle the garden some more!

Cleared the flowerbeds of the worst of grass and weeds sat. and sunday, but they were a bit too far gone for that to do, so today just dug them over again and put down some fresh topsoil and planted flowers (cheap batch o' pansies from homebase) and mystery mixed seeds.
Also reclaimed the little herb bed, thinned out the rampant mint and planted some catnip seeds; it'll be interesting to see what happens if they come up ;p
Now I just need to get hold of Jim's scarifier thingy for the lawn and get my strimmer back off teh Logue and it'll start looking a bit more like a garden and less like a wilderness.

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And now for a long soak in the bath I think ;p
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Yay, council have finally delivered Garden Waste Bins! And the sun has come out which means... why am I in here?

What I have to contend with...

Yes, it's a bit neglected. Two summers ago, a friend and I spent a lot of time making it very lovely, digging out beds and planting and so on, but last year, I just didn't have time and it kinda got away from me. Hopefully this year I can reclaim it again ;)

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May. 1st, 2006 04:01 pm
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The grass is cut, finally! And just in time too *peers out at rain*. Just a rough first cut, but still, it's a start! I was about to begin the reclaimation of the flower beds, but I think I'll leave that til the rain stops.

Tho of course that means I may have to tidy *indoors* instead. Hmm. Lunch first I think ;p

Gig last night was great! Davey played his stuff then got Another Guy up, who was very good in a Radiohead stylee, then a bloke who just played guitar who was also damn good. Then finally Some Other Guy got up and sang and was amazing. Davey rounded off the evening with some more of his songs and a lovely version of Black is the Colour and we all drank and were Merry.
Afterwards, we went back to Declan's were we drank more, smoked some and got even more merry while Davey and Seamie showered [ profile] _unhurt_ and I with ridiculously over the top compliments, which was GREAT.
Apparently , I exude statuesque magnificence. Go me!

There should be more nights like that :p

ETA further accomplishments now include -
leisurely lunch lounging on sofa with mag
letter writing
kitchen cleaned
livingroom floor cleaned

And now, To the stables! To ride off into the sunset - with statuesque magnificence of course ;p


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