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Summer is here, the choppers are out!

Nothing quite says Summer in Belfast like the drone of hovering helicopters ;p

ION I may live to regret the willy words post.
Not only have I now earned the title 'the penis lady' *stares at [livejournal.com profile] littlebluefish*, but thanks to the Forn Language entries, I may never be able to have sex again without shouting "Here comes Bod! at inappropriate moments :/

OTOH,(also from Forn Languange entries), 'Thumper' may be the new best willy name ever ;p

In work terms still busy and actually enjoying it, tho have ominous meeting this afternoon where apparently they're finally going to tell us wtf is going on re. management restructuring, so this may not last.
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Hello! Work has taken a turn for the Busy, but in a good way.
Spent the morning with a Nice Man from ESRI going over how to do data cleansing and edit our crappy polygons and such, and now have to spend the afternoon showing other people how to do this. And then start actually doing it. HURRAH!

ION, As the Boob-words question proved so popular and also produced such a range of fascinating new words, I think we should continue this trend.

Today, we shall look at the gentlemen and words for what Thesme so delicately terms the "manpinkie".

So, willy words plz!

To start you off, I give you this, one from uni days - the Purple-crested Womb Ferret

PS Any Pet Names the gentlemen among us care to share will also be welcome ;)

ETA oh dear. 18 comments in and already I cannot stop sniggering. I fear this one will be the death of me.

ETA 2 You are all very strange people and I love you ;p Also, new icon, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] littlebluefish
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Ok, I have very diligently collated all your answers and created a Poll!
There were a few too many for ticky boxes, so you'll just have to select a favourite ;)

The Boob List )

[Poll #742986]
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Since I am in a somewhat frivolous mood today and [livejournal.com profile] thesme_01 is in need of cheering up, the question for today is -
how many words do you know for breasts and what is your favourite [1]?

So far, thanks in part to [livejournal.com profile] fragglechick, we have
boobs, baps, norks (which makes me giggle every time ;p), breasty-dumplings and, from a rather inventive mate at work, jubblies and bobblers (my personal favourite, so... evocative!)

What are yours?

ETA Woo, we are doing well. I am Learning lots of new words!
But lets not leave the boys out! So far we've only had man-baps and MOOBS for them ;p

[1] We may well broaden out into other Parts later ;p


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