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Went to up to uni today as they wanted a few people to have a chat with the external examiner about the course etc, and to see tutor about the thesis topic.

While there thought 'what the hell' and asked if she had the overall mark for the course. Which she did...

DISTINCTION - 72% Average !!!

I may have actually SQUEE'D. A little. Then done a happy dance ;p YAY!!!!

The only flaw now is that I also have to get a distinction in the thesis to get one overall. But still. YAY TEAM ME! Time for a celebratory cider I think :)
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It has been a busy couple of weeks since last update, a heady whirlwind of assignments and socialising and assignments. A brief summary -

After london, had week of MUCH ASSIGNMENTING mixed with much Family due to teh mother's 70th birthday. Which she managed to make last most of a week, well played The Mother!
Then MOAR Assignments (final 2!) and last official lectures for course. V sad, and rather sudden, still keep thinking there should be more!
(Ziggy was off at stud for all of this, which was possibly just as well)

And then a flying visit to Dublin, hurrah! went to see art exhibition of the man who paints amazing horses - http://www.whitetreestudio.ie/ - even managed to buy one of his paintings at Not Gallery Price through the magic of Facebook. Then pub with Lisa (WINOLJ) for a quick pint before an evening of tasty noms and lots of wine/cider at Castle Thesmington. A Very Fine evening indeed. Next day was mostly hungover watching of THOR (hmmm Thor) before stupid late taxi made us miss train, hang around train station for AGEs til next one and finally home.

Then assingment panic REALLY set in as The last week went something like -
Sunday -studystudystudy
Monday - studystudystudy
Tues/wed 2 day course on Python which turned out to be not v useful as was heavy on theory and background and a bit light on actually how to USE it. Still was an intro to it at least. Stayed in Portrush in hotel tues night and found out Ziggy pregnant! YAY! AFter 2nd day of course had to head to dpk for...
Thurs - up at 7 to get mother to hosptial appt which took 3 hours to get a 2 minute injection. Yay. Then clothes shopping for brother's wedding. Then home, lunch and unplanned dash to school to pick up niece & nephew as niece was being sick (all over classroom assistant apparently). Finally managed to get away, then MOAR STUDY while also trying to pack for SiL-to-be's hen weekend on friday (worst. timing. ever.)
Friday-Sunday Hen weekend. Was more fun than anticipated! Girls all lovely and caught up with friend I have not seen since school (SiL's older sister). And even got some work done while others went out for cooked breakfast sat morning ;p Got back sunday evening v tired, v hungover. But Ziggy was BACK. so went to see her and spent nearly an hour cleaning her; apparently they don't have brushes at stud farms. Or food for that matter, she's lost quite a bit of weight (which is actually a good thing in her case!)

Monday - hand in day. By some MIRACLE had both assignments finished and submitted by lunchtime; spent some time taunting classmates on fb with this ;) Then tried to clean house, get horse sorted and then PUB with some of the kids from school to celebrate. Many Ciders had. Possibly just topping up alcohol levels from weekend.
Yesterday. Slept. Mostly slept.
Today - [livejournal.com profile] _unhurt_ arrived! Also got to ride for first time in... 6 weeks.
Tomorrow, probably v stiff but! FINALLY get to see AVENGERS. So very excited!!

Ooh and also, to round off the wall of text, my painting arrived and is now in pride of place in livingroom...
My Lovely horse )
Tomorrow. Also Mostly Sleeping. All the Sleeping, then AVENGERS OMG and pub with unhurt. And on Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] thesme is here. Hurrah! Next week, start research for thesis. Or sleep. MORE SLEEP
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Got marks for modules done so far today!

Module 1 - intro to gis 71%
Module 2 - remote sensing (the group work one) 66%
Module 3 - database/sql 79% (!)
Module 4 - spatial data (statsHORROR) 72 % (!!) apparently the essay from hell got me 69% v. unexpected!

So, average so far 72%! In distinction land! YAY ME! Tho did get a talk about Not Being Boarderline and Pushing Harder for better marks. I am mostly still in shock i did this well, never mind better!! Apparently am joint top of class too. Boo to group work tho. BOO.

also have v. v. sore head. May enthuse more when can think straight.

Oh and so this isn't just uni stuff, we have a Guest up at the stables. A v impressive one

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I don't know why I ever bother making plans, they never actually work out; today was supposed to go Get Up At Reasonable Hour, study, meet friend for lunch, STUDY.

What actually happened - read new book til after 3am, sleep til after 11, have hasty shower, have lunch with friend, come home, fret about Ziggy being out on her first hunt in 2 years, INTERNETS FOREVER.
Studying will happen soon tho. Really. Exam now on thursday I think.

But, just so this isn't yet another dull What I Didn't Do Today post, remember Some Years Back I regaled you with tales of Relationship Advice from Nuns?

It looks like on at least one point, they might have been on to something!


Where can I get that hat??
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So in the end the 'sod it' vote on the optional essay won - more because I realised I'd left it a bit too late and 2 days wasn't enough to turn out something decent. Decided instead to focus on revising for test which... I'm sure I'll start soon. Have organised my folder! So am all ready to go. Any minute now. Honest.

Yesterday spent mostly with Ziggy (making up a bit for lost time over the last couple of months!); had a lesson with Lucy Adams (local Top Dressage Lady) which was a scary prospect but went really well, so having another next week! Poor Ziggy, she had to move Fast. then Sideways! She was not amused ;p

Today has been considerably brightened by getting results of that statistics assignment that very nearly broke me - scored borderline good pass/distinction (so 68/69 ish?)!! Am v. happy! Especially with the comment that it was "overall, a well implemented, focused and concisely presented piece of research" Woohoo! I thought I'd be lucky to scrape a pass on that one, the stats part had me so confused and I had to cut down a lot of intro/discussion to fit the word count. But obviously I did something right, and now don't feel so bad about not doing the optional one.

The rest of today ... go get horses sorted shortly then retire to sofa and drink cider STUDY for the rest of the evening. And weekend. Honest.

Well, that or take over the world... (Lana is Helping me study)

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Have survived first week of uni! It's gone well so far, am mostly scared now by the thought of writing an essay for the first time in Manymany years. It'll be fine tho. FINE.

The main problem this week has actually been the distance - the uni is 60 miles away and driving up/staring at screens/driving back is leaving me knackered - possibly due to being out of practice at concentrating that much, so I'm sure it'll get better. Going to try the train next week and see how that goes (less concentrating but earlier start and later back...).

Either way what I really need is Music. An hour and half in the car or a couple of hours on the train is a loooong trip to be stuck with crappy radio and the same cds I've had for years. I may even finally invest in an mp3 player!

So, suggestions please ! Music for drivng. music for train, music for studying to... what works for you? Ooh or podcasts! Give me SOUNDS!

ETA on a similar note, what's a good music player wossname these days? Does it have to be ipod?


Sep. 16th, 2011 12:28 pm
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Today, the world is full of rain and meh.

Plans for today had been planting daffodil/tulip bulbs, redoing window boxes and riding horse. Weather thwarting much of that (tho, can probably do window boxes in the garage). May be forced into cleaning kitchen instead. MEH.

Also, slight panic re Uni registration on Monday. For this I need degree cert. Sent off to Queens for this 3 weeks ago, having been assured it would be there in 10 days. Certificate has not arrived.
Phoned yesterday, they have a 'backlog' (understandable at this time of year I guess). V pleasant guy on phone assured me someone would be in touch 'by the end of the week'; he became less confident when I pointed it out it WAS the end of the week. Not sure what to do now. May phone again and see if there is ANY chance I can pick it up by the end of today.

If not... Help? Phone Coleraine admissions people and see if I can register without it maybe? Is that likely?

Alternatively spend weekend frantically hunting thro the mother's house for the original.

(and yes, I DO realise I am an idiot and should have sent off for it at the start of the summer)

ETA CRISIS AVERTED!!! A lovely lady from Queens called at lunchtime to say I could come pick it up, and now I have it!! Hurrah!!
Many thanks for all the v. helpful suggestions! Going to scan it before I do anything else.

So now I can just get back to panicking about actually going back to university wtfamIdoing??? *flails*
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The email with details about registering for the Postgrad course arrived today, have to go on the 19th of September. Which all of a sudden makes it REAL and not just a sort of nice idea for to talk about doing in the future sometime. So now I have TEH FEAR.

HALP HALP HALP Wtf am I doing??? I haven't written an essay or done anything remotely academic for NEARLY TWENTY YEARS. I have no idea how any of this works anymore HALP

(also must start spelling things correctly again. HELP)

At least I don't have to worry about the Masters/Dissertation part of it til next June. If I make it that far...

Also not helping is that in the guides to registration, mostly aimed at first years, they have a sample date of birth which is 1993. NINETEEN NINETY THREE WTF I FINISHED MY DEGREE IN 1992 and these kids WEREN'T EVEN BORN THEN.

Tho, at least with it being a post grad course, any Youngsters on it should be at least 21. But still, born in the '90s. HELP ME.

Luckily, I am getting an Indian Head Massage this evening from lovely Judith (who is doing a course and needs case studies, yay!), which will help with the calming down no end.

It'll all be fine. FINEFINEFINE.



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